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So with Just Like Heaven, A Night Like This, The Sum of All Kisses, and The Quinn Julia - Smythe-Smith Quartet 2 - A Night Like This ( Avon).epub. Julia Quinn started writing her first book one month after finishing college and cover image of Ten Things I Love About You cover image of A Night Like This. Julia Quinn Author Rosalyn Landor Narrator (). cover image of Just Quartet (Series). Book 1. Julia Quinn Author (). cover image of A Night Like This.

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Nora Roberts calls Julia Quinn's novels, “Delightful.” The #1 New York Times bestselling creator of the irresistible Bridgerton family, Quinn offers historical. A Night Like This book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Anne Wynter might not be who she says she is But she's man. A Night Like This ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Julia Quinn · A Night Like This. Julia Quinn. Avon, May ISBN: Format: ePub.

A Night Like This Author: Julia Quinn Publication Info: Avon ISBN: I read this book looking for a warm and happy escape into historical land. Nothing tragically wrenching was going to happen. No one was going to go after my heart, rip it out of my chest and flip it around a few times before wrapping it up in a happy ending that would make me half-cry with relief.

Anne's story was quite sad and I felt bad for her. Daniel also had a tough time, running for his life for three years. They were a good mach: BTW, Hugh appeared in this one He sounds so intriguing, and a possible excellent character Can't wait to read his book View all 22 comments.

Is this really the same author I enjoyed reading all of her 28 books in a month after her Bridgerton series? She introduced me to the world of Historical romance and I didn't find a more witty author till date.

But what went wrong with this one? So, was the book funny? Were the characters endearing? No with the exception of Frances and Harriet Were there solid supporting characters? All that thing about Hugh making the gentlemanly! Was the heroine gutsy, bright and enchanting?? I have not seen!! Was the hero smart, witty, funny n strong?? Well, may be! But strong? Was there a past that had a great bearing on the story? Was there an evil villain??

I don't think so And what was that about the great revelation she had about him not consummating his marriage????

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Where did that come from and what did it lead to?? The book in short can claim to be a dish which has all the ingredients mentioned in a recipe JQ has the gift of being a great pick me up storyteller, her stories are always smart and alot of fun. The focus on the Smythe-Smith and their crazy family and well known ear bleeding musicals bring a smile to anyone's face if they'll read JQ's books.

A Night Like This follows in the same vein as the book before it Just Like Heaven with it's at times very simple plot. At the sane time reminded me of an older novel On the Way to the Wedding, but lacked the spark I found in On the Way to the We JQ has the gift of being a great pick me up storyteller, her stories are always smart and alot of fun.

Daniel Smythe-Smith was a charming hero, but sometimes really lacked the common sense that he seem to have lost by being on the run for three years once he lays eyes on Anne. Anne seem to show alot of common sense from her own troubles from her past and knew their stations would hinder anything between them. Daniel seem to turn a blind eye to this even when he knew the dangers. JQ is known from her wicked batter between characters, but it felt dragged out and very stilled.

It only seem to brighten when another character would join the fray. Still the ending did pick up the pace and gained a extra star in my overall rating.

Plus the character Hugh Prentice made me curious about his own story. JQ's books are like a cozy blanket, familiar and fun to snuggle up with and to just pass the time away with. June will just take forever to come around: Thoughts after reading: Daniel Smythe-Smith returns home to England after a 3 year exile at the continent on the night of a Smythe-Smith musicale. Soon enough he takes notice of the beautiful stranger amidst his sisters and cousins and suffers an instant pang of attraction which may only lead to 5.

Soon enough he takes notice of the beautiful stranger amidst his sisters and cousins and suffers an instant pang of attraction which may only lead to love in future. Similarly, Anne, the beautiful governess with a secret and a past of her own, suddenly finds herself in very much attention of the very elusive and handsome Earl of Winstead.

But there are secrets to reveal, enemies to overcome, fear to defeat, hope to arise and love to bloom to get a story begin only to reach an eventual happy ending.

Daniel in my eyes: This one is another winner of JQ. This one was no different. A Night Like This , which have one Daniel Smythe-Smith as a wonderful protagonist accompanying one brilliant compatible heroine linked with one marvelous storyline alongside some contagious humor with loveable secondaries, is definitely another keeper! View all 20 comments. Oct 29, Sharon rated it liked it Shelves: Some of my thoughts in no particular order: And hearing her story about how she lost everything and was shunned by her family made me feel for her.

She really did well for herself by maturing and finding jobs to survive after that. The romance is sweet and slow-going. I was skeptical at first because it s Some of my thoughts in no particular order: I was skeptical at first because it seemed like it would be a shallow relationship but by midpoint, I can appreciate the way Anne and Daniel interact with each other. I always appreciate strong family theme. It is a solid read. Not the best, but enjoyable. Angst level?

When Daniel bump into Anne in town and takes her to his carriage.

Books By Series | Julia Quinn

When Anne and Daniel are in town again, but when Daniel is purposely trying to spend time with her. Explicit details on sex. Mentions of sexual assault. View 2 comments. Feb 24, Jess the Romanceaholic rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.

Expected Release Date: May 29, Publisher: HarperCollins Imprint: Edelweiss Part of a Series: Worked well as a standalone Steam Level: It was lighthearted without This is a Quickie Review. It was lighthearted without being frivolous, full of chemistry and heat without being smutty, exciting without being overwhelming, and most importantly, incredibly romantic without being sappy. I loved the back and forth between Anne and Daniel, and how both characters grew over the course of the novel.

View all 5 comments. Oct 02, Sha Mslvoe rated it it was amazing Shelves: Love love love the cover art. Bright blue dress and sweet pink heels. I love the way Julia Quinn makes me laugh, cry and sigh with satisfaction. It was so good to finally wrapped with a good romance. The epilogue make me continue my reading till evening.

I was glued and I can't take my eyes of this wonderful story. I wasn't supposed to finish it today, but I guess it was inevitable. There was no way I was going to be able to read it in small chunks over a period of a week, especially when I wasn't planning to anything especially exciting today. We already sorta met Daniel and Anne in book 1. Daniel had just returned from his exile while the beautiful Anne seems to be serving her own exile as the governess for 3 of the Symthe-Smith girls.

This book starts with some details about how Daniel got kicked o Oops. This book starts with some details about how Daniel got kicked out of England and his return back to civilization. Daniel sorta attends the Smythe-Smith musicale and manages to see Anne Wynter playing the piano as the replacement Smythe-Smith.

Immediately intrigued, he tries to pursue her. Lucky for him, Anne likes him back. Trouble is, she's already made a mistake of loving above her station once and she's not planning to make it again. Daniel pursues, Anne kindly tries to dissuade him and herself , but of course, they have great chemistry so it's no surprise that they're meant for each other.

Unfortunately, Anne's past still exist and it's trying to kill her, so if she can trust Daniel with that truth and allow him to save her, they can finally get their Happily Ever After.

Anne is a great HR heroine. She made a mistake when she was younger sleeping with a man she believed loved her and would marry her and has been paying for it for 8 years.

She's tough, but not unnaturally so she still knows her limitations.

She's just all around awesome. Daniel was also a treat. He's a total cutie and more socially adept than his BFF, Marcus. I liked that he pursued Anne, but was respected her ability to say 'No'. It was refreshing to have a nicely balanced hero. Daniel's other friend, the one he accidentally shot, Hugh, looks to be the next hero.

I wonder who he's going to fall for. So far, I like him.

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D Anyway, it was a great read. I could have done without the madman plot, but considering there was a generous amount of humor and family in the mix, I can forgive.

Anne dares to go out with only her cloak on over her nightgown. Excellent narration by the always versatile and elegant Rosalyn Landor , who certainly kicked this up a notch. I will admit that I had to increase the speed from 1X to 1.

Landor manages to keep them all sounding differe Anne dares to go out with only her cloak on over her nightgown. Landor manages to keep them all sounding different. Still, I gobbled up this second in the Smythe-Smith Quartet in one sitting. How can I miss with Ms. Landor delivering Ms. When does the next one come out?

View all 6 comments. Oh be Yemin ediyorum, oh be, yani. O ne Oh be Seni yerim. Mar 28, ilknur a. Bu, kendini koruma. Her gece. Daniel Smythe-Smith, the Earl of Winstead, returns from his three year absence from England, arriving home on the evening of the yearly Smythe-Smith musicale. Their little encounter is brought to an abrupt end by the incident that many of you may remember from 'J Daniel Smythe-Smith, the Earl of Winstead, returns from his three year absence from England, arriving home on the evening of the yearly Smythe-Smith musicale.

Their little encounter is brought to an abrupt end by the incident that many of you may remember from 'Just Like Heaven', regarding Honoria and Marcus I loved how this tied the two books together. But who is the woman that Daniel kissed? As it turns out, her name is Anne Wynter, governess to the three Pleinsworth girls, except, she's not really Anne Wynter at all, she's Mary Philpott This is a 'love at first sight' story, where our hero Daniel decides that he really doesn't give a damn about the fact that he's an earl while Anne is a governess even though she is actually gentry - but he doesn't know that.

He falls hard for her and is determined to make her his. As is always the case with Julia Quinn, the tone throughout the book was light and humorous with just the right amount of intrigue, the characters well drawn, though I must admit that Hugh a secondary character - the man behind Daniel's three year absence was my favorite. She looked up. Time stopped. It simply stopped. But this. Sorry, but this is just too uninspired.

I used to love Julia Quinn's books but lately: And boring. Dec 26, Alexa rated it did not like it Shelves: I don't. Let's just chalk it up to the old "it's not you, it's me" I just can't seem to stay interested and life's too short to read a full book knowing at best I'll give it 2 "I didn't really like it but I guess it was okay" stars. Sincerely, Me. I'll be quick, just a little note. Possibly more later.

I spent the entire time reading this book, at least if you look at my status updates, noting to myself and others that I wanted to DNF the book after every page or every other page. Then I end up rating this book 3 stars. Am I overly generous? Do I never give ratings worse than 3 stars? Of course not. No, the things I despised were relatively minor, but seen in both main characters the man, Daniel, was overly pushing and demandi I'll be quick, just a little note.

I had issues with both main characters. I had issues with Daniel in the prior book, and had issues with him here. He is a full on Earl, not heir, or in line, but an Earl. He spent 3 years in exile because of a series of stupid events likely to not have occurred if he wasn't drunk, and he injured his friend in a duel. At least he seemed that way to me. That's another reason I was having trouble continuing to read this book. Still, I saw these things and the made it harder to read the book, but not impossible.

Basically, what I'm saying, is that neither main character were characters I really wanted to spend time with. Yet I did. Then the final section of the book was this mad dash action type thing that was thrilling and edge of the seat type stuff, so.

And so. Segundo libro de la saga , una lectura adorable sin grandes sobresaltos. La verdad es que Daniel no me ha defraudado Es un amor. This book has a few common elements such as love-at-first-sigh, and a governess with a big secret! It has a consistent pacing to a much darker turn of events. I was expecting a different conclusion to the story, not as predictable as it turned to be.

A Night Like This has great pacing and one of the kindest heroes I've ever read about in romance novels! Daniel was absolutely fantastic! I still don't feel like I'm a part of the Smythe-Smith family, but it was a believable romance, with clever and This book has a few common elements such as love-at-first-sigh, and a governess with a big secret!

I still don't feel like I'm a part of the Smythe-Smith family, but it was a believable romance, with clever and sweet characters that I adored. I believe this novel to be inferior to it's precedent, Just Like Heaven. Not as funny, not as creative with the plot and more predictable than she usually is. Some times I didn't feel like I was reading a Julia Quinn novel, something that makes her books so magical was missing from it.

Not as light and fun as I expected it to be. Not a typical Julia Quinn novel, A Night Like This has its charm in simple moments but, unfortunately, disappoints the most loyal readers towards the end.

But the joy of reading her books is always there. All JQ fans This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book Absolutely amazing; fun, witty and much much more!

Both Daniel and Anne were excellent as characters; Daniel, the sweet JQ hero with a penchant for humor and Anne My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book Both Daniel and Anne were excellent as characters; Daniel, the sweet JQ hero with a penchant for humor and Anne, the smart, beautiful and adorable governess to the Pleinsworth girls.

Their dialogues with or without Harriet, Elizabeth and Frances were superbly funny, with a healthy dose of good-natured sarcasm. Utterly delicious for words! I found myself chuckling, laughing out loud, snickering There was a darker undertone as well, with a madman bend on doing harm but that was something I thought a bit overblown.

This book starts with a prologue of the past and how Daniel came to be exiled in the first place. He dueled we knew it but I thought I read it was over some woman, apparently it was over a so-called cheating at cards with one of his best friends, Hugh. The whole thing, including the debacle of a duel that leaves both Hugh and Daniel wounded, was all a big misunderstanding, and a bit of drunken delusion from both sides.

And Daniel feels bad that how a simple nothing and a little impetuous action led to this disaster. So Daniel returns to London, just the day when the infamous Smythe-Smith musicale was taking place, that was held at the end of Just Like Heaven. This book has a bit of an intertwined plot. Her beauty just gets him tongue-tied. After that, Daniel is resolute to sought Anne out. Anne knows her place in the world, and she learned it in the hardest of ways possible.

She lived far away from London, in a small town. She was aware that she was beautiful and maybe a vain in that regard. Anne leaves her family forever, along with a threat from Chervill, who promises to come after her someday and have revenge for his disfigurement.

Afterwards, Anne took a new name and spent her time being a companion and a governess. But this obsession from Lord Winstead and her own obsession over him might ruin everything for her.

And there are , wherever Frances, the youngest is. She just loves them and Oh yes, those plays are practiced and umm God, you just have to read it to believe it all! Daniel is also happy to have her here.

So, as you can see, I had fun, plain and simple. There were kisses and all that. It just lights up her day, as much as her presence does for Daniel.

I could feel the connection, it was SO there and JQ did such a splendid job of showing me that these two SO belonged together. They just communicated on such a level Now, someone was trying to harm Daniel too. He was already attacked once when in London. Hugh, in his crazy way, assured Daniel that his father has nothing to do with this.

On the other hand, on her off day, as Anne was about to post a secret correspondent none of her employers knew of her past obviously to her sister Charlotte, she thinks she saw Chervill in town.

Daniel, kinda conveniently, was in the shop where she bursts in, scared and shaking, and saves the day for her. God, it was just too adorable for words! They spend a great day together, chatting and touring the town. But on the way back, a terrible accident happens. Someone did something with the landau, it was raining Anne was injured, so was Daniel. Somehow he carries her to his estate, walking miles.

This forbidden attraction has already gone too far. She has some fun time with Frances and Harriet. But at dawn, Daniel just bursts into her room to have a look at her. They talk and kiss and then things go a little out of hand Nothing is resolved though and Daniel leaves. In London, Daniel finds no clue. The interaction between the father and son Hugh went with him even creeped Daniel out! Anne comes back but her past keeps haunting her. She is soon aware that it was indeed Chervill whom she saw and that this crazy bastard is up for revenge.

Anne is scared for Daniel and the Pleinsworth girls, whom she already loves and cares for a lot. This is where the nail-biting part of the story starts. I read these last chapters in one sitting, since they totally absorbed my attentions. Soon, Anne leaves, without telling anyone anything. Chervill finds her when she was out buying something to eat with her very meager funds. You can guess the terror that strikes him and he, as desperate as he was, tells everyone that he loves Anne and needs help.

But clever Anne, when Chervill attacks her, does something to free herself and escapes. No one but Daniel comes to her mind and to him, she runs finally. She also confides in him about her past. There was just nothing else to do.

I mean, not what he did to Anne, which was atrocious but somehow, I wanted to know his side of the story too. We met his wife when Daniel goes to pay a call to him. She was quite a nice woman and it was very much apparent, totally besotted with her husband. I felt the whole thing a bit unfair on her part. I also had a notion that Hugh might have his own book fingers crossed because I dig him big time! Who knows. Yah, I have a big grin even as I write this review, all thanks to JQ.

And yes, I have to wait till May, 13 for that one unfortunately. Thanks Avon, I appreciate it much. I completely fell for Daniel's charm and wicked sense of humour. It was good to be home. Even with the cacophony. Especially with the cacophony.

Sadly, I do know a bit about facial disfigurement at present. Do not mention the … Anne is a delightful heroine. She never takes anything for granted but appreciates the stability, position and self-respect she has working as a governess for the Pleinsworths. If Anne was going to be saved, she would have to do it herself. I enjoyed watching the relationship between Daniel and Anne unfold; hearing their thoughts and feeling their emotions: His skin was warm, and now hers was hot where he touched her.

Something strange and vaguely familiar bubbled within her, and with a prickle of shock she realized it was excitement. I want things you cannot even know about. The friendly bickering between the Pleinsworth sisters, Harriet, Elizabeth and Frances always made me smile.

I am definitely looking forward to the next performance by the Smythe-Smith Quartet. View all 10 comments. One thing I enjoyed about Quinn's previous books are that they are highly character-driven; there is often little plot, and little world-building these being wallpaper historicals , but the books are still engaging purely because of the character development, and the development of the relationship between hero and heroine. My reading preferences are such that I take this development of the characters and their relationship to be THE key element in a romance.

The reason why I think Quinn's newer One thing I enjoyed about Quinn's previous books are that they are highly character-driven; there is often little plot, and little world-building these being wallpaper historicals , but the books are still engaging purely because of the character development, and the development of the relationship between hero and heroine.

The reason why I think Quinn's newer work, like "A Night Like This" and "Just Like Heaven" to an even higher degree doesn't work as well for me as her earlier work eg, "The Viscount who Loved Me" and "The Duke and I" , is that the obstacles that the characters face in these books are external, as opposed to internal.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with having external obstacles as opposed to internal ones, they are problematic in a wallpaper historical, where the circumstances of external world are not as mitigating as they would be in a more traditional historical.

More specifically, I feel like the external obstacles in "A Night like This" were too easily resolved, and led to little or no growth on the part of the characters. For books that are mostly character-driven, this is a huge loss.

Take the frowned-upon match between an Earl and a governess as an example. Many of Anne's decisions were affected by the reasonable assumption that Daniel could never marry her, due to the strictures of the society they live in.

This view of the world was reiterated by side-characters eg. Lady Pleinsworth , and seemed to pose a serious problem. But the resolution of this problem was hardly a resolution at all - the hero just ignores the strictures of society, decides to marry her, and the consequences of this decision are not addressed at all.

This obstacle fails to develop Daniel and Anne's characters in any interesting way, and also makes the world they live in feel inconsistent. It's as if Anne is living in a traditional historical, but Daniel is living in a wallpaper historical sometimes.

Another thing that I often enjoyed about Quinn's previous novels is the quirkiness of the side characters, which often shows up in the cute dialogue sequences. At some points in this book and the previous in the Smythe-Smith quartet , however, some of the dialogue seemed too random and irrelevant, to the point where it was slightly irritating.

Having said that, however, I did enjoy reading the book, even though it didn't engage me as much as I would have preferred. Do not mistreat or squander the magic hoo-hah, for if you do, you will go mad and be filled with nothing but the purest form of angry insanity focused intently on the Hoo-Hah that got away. This is very much a visiting book for me. When the next Quinn book comes out in the series, I'll read it. I like visiting with these characters, and I like the family.

Nothing desperately awful is going to happen to any of the main characters, nor to the characters who have been previously matched in prior books — and at this point, that is a LOT of people in the Bridgerton Smythe Smith Regency! The protagonists and many of the people they surround themselves with, by virtue of being Prior Book Couples, will all be ok.

Since I already like Quinn's voice, there's a comforting safety in that experience, and I enjoy it. But much like my last review, I expected this book to be like an ice cream soda or mineral water: This one, with the unexpected ease with which the resolution came about, went flat in a hurry. Am I too old to read romance?!?! This latest Julia Quinn novel was also a skimmer for me. Not being able to find romances you enjoy is a really crappy feeling.

What books have you loved recently? I had a hard time believing the storyline for that reason. Yes, that would be Unclaimed. The hero, Mark, had written a book on chastity. I think Julia Quinn books have been steadily becoming less and less serious. They started out as funny romances, went to romantic comedy and are now approaching farce.

There, the second son of an aristocratic family wants to marry the illegitimate daughter of an Earl, who has been working in a lowly position seamstress, maid, something like that.

A Night Like This

What happens? His mother, who has already been portrayed in previous books and this one as a particularly romantic woman, who desperately wants her children to marry for love, likes her. I have a slightly silly question—how does everyone pronounce their last name? Or Smy emphasis on the smye the-Smith? I had a recent discussion about how I needed to start reading this series with a friend and we could not come to an agreement as to how they are saying it.

The Smythe-Smith Quartet

I havent finished this book yet. And I love the Smythe-Smiths. Everyone should read that one. Pleasant, especially WHIL, but not my cup of chocolate.

I need my angst and tears and remorse. I think what made unclaimed work for me is that mark was perfectly willing to live outside the public eye, especially after being subjected to so much celebrity after his book on chastity came out.

Anytime there is a mismatch in station it requires some suspension of disbelief tho, so ymmv. Maybe you just need a different kind of romance or a different genre altogether. I cut the paragraph because I went on to say that I usually forget what I read, and after a while I was digressing into my memory issues to such an extent that I feared the Bitches would order an intervention.

Even by my standards of forgetfulness, the Smythe-Smith books are fluffy forget-fullness to the core. Also it bugged me that they went on and on about his scar. Now you must Dieeeeeee! I think this depends on the social gap. What annoys me is when the author treats it as no big deal and avoids dealing with it, even more so if it was part of the original conflict.

It put me off Quinn for life. Rape is never ok, not even when you reallyreallyreally want a baby. She may have written it that way to increase dramatic tension or… something. I HATE that scene! But Snidely Whiplash is my favorite cartoon villain! He has an awesome mustache! His name is totally badass! He ties people to railroad tracks! Granted, none of those things would make him the Best Romance Villain Ever.

Except, maybe, for the mustache. Upon further reflection, I realized that maybe Quinn threw in all the justifications in an attempt to make the heroine less repulsive. Oh yes, that was the end of the road for me reading Julia Quinn.

Quinn this epub a download like julia night

Not because of the rape, but because I was reading the book as a warm and fuzzy post miscarriage. It is passed off as oh, just a little hiccup.

Book met wall. I read it, gosh, years ago. Before starting SBTB. With age came a totally different perspective on that scene, and I have struggled to recommend it since I re-read it. I felt something like grief and disappointment that one of my favorites was no longer my favorites because I saw it in such a negative manner now. I seem to be very much in the minority on the mismatched stations conflict. As it was, her reputation was thoroughly trounced in whatever backwater section of the English countryside she came from but since she disappeared entirely and no one ever talked about it, there was never a major scandal.

The only people who knew were Dastardly Villian and her own family. And DV Hey! So, basically, nobody knew. It was only if everyone found out that there would be a problem. That left DV as the only loose end and he was dispatched by the end of the book.

I DID think he read like a cartoon character, though. I swear if they had had railroads in the Regency era he would have tied her to the tracks, rubbed his hands in glee, and twirled his mustache.

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