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by Anonymous. No cover available. Download; Bibrec Download This eBook Project Gutenberg offers 59, free ebooks to download. The Sacred Books of China. The I Ching. Translated by James Legge. Second Edition. Dover Publications, Inc. New York. New York. Free I Ching, or Yi Jing, eBook: Unveiling the mystery of I Ching: a brief introduction to the I Ching, the basic concepts, 64 hexagrams, commentary (ten wings).

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I Ching: Book of Changes Free - This may be the most elegant, distilled version of the I Ching there is in the world. For centuries, the Book of Changes has been. The I Ching (Book of Change) is considered the oldest of the Chinese classics and has, throughout Chinese history, commanded unsurpassed prestige and. I've made my I Ching translation, "Yi Jing", available as a free download in iBooks for the iPad. This is the default translation for the Yi Jing app.

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This is the default translation for the Yi Jing app for iPhone and iPad. The app includes several other free translations and additional translations for in-app purchase, including Hilary Barrett's, "I Ching: If you have iBooks and an iPad, you can download the book here: Regards, Brian.

Thanks, Brian.

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I love the Yi Jing app. Home I Ching.

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Browse Inside. I Ching. Apple eBook Download X. Nook eBook Download X.

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Worldly Wisdom Translated by J. Cleary Edited by J. Related Topics Taoist Arts and Practices. Details The I Ching Book of Change is considered the oldest of the Chinese classics and has, throughout Chinese history, commanded unsurpassed prestige and popularity.

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Containing several layers of text and given numerous levels of interpretation, the I Ching has been venerated for more than three thousand years as an oracle of fortune, a guide to success, and a source of wisdom. The underlying theme of the text is change, and how this fundamental force influences all aspects of life—from business and politics to personal relationships.

This translation of the I Ching draws on ancient Confucian commentary, which emphasizes applying practical wisdom in everyday affairs. Reader Reviews.