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Diamond-Cut Abs eBook According to Danny Kavadlo, training your abs is a whole-life endeavor. It's about Immediate download and save $ on shipping. BUENO hackbus.info - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. I still like the exercise.. talks about his abs women talking about. and I'm gonna do 20 reps with and Let me know what you want download ebook novel.

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hackbus.info: Diamond-Cut Abs: How to Engineer The Ultimate Six-Pack-- Minimalist Methods for Maximal Results eBook: Danny Kavadlo, Paul Wade: Kindle. read online now diamond cut abs how to engineer the ultimate six pack minimalist methods for maximal results ebook pdf at our library. get diamond cut abs how. If you are winsome corroborating the ebook Diamond-Cut Abs: How To Engineer . torrents download six pack torrents - kickass torrents Diamond-Cut Abs: How.

Thank you, you have successfully signed up for our mailing list s. I spent the morning reading and flipping through this book Dragon Door Publications has outdone themselves with this one Danny,… Read More. How sure are we that Diamond-Cut Abs eBook will work for you? Simply fill out the form below and put Diamond-Cut Abs eBook to work for you right now.

No mercy. Tremendous demand on the abs—requires heavy-duty injection of Will, complete harmony of mind and muscle, steely strength. Think you are a Man? Measure your Manliness here and report back …. The L-Sit —you will feel it everywhere. How to do it and how to extract the ultimate mechanical advantage…— Gecko Hold —a "limited contact" plank that poses a unique strength challenge.

A ripped six-pack is meaningless without the strength to back it up—get that strength with the GH… Ab Wheel Roll Out Straight Leg —incredibly challenging for all levels, full body tension is key, regressions included for ramping up to complete studliness … Washing Machine —this infamous move is a key step to mastering the mighty Windshield Wiper, regressions and progressions to full MANitude provided… Windshield Wiper —brace yourself buddy, the going just got a whole lot harder.

Builds and requires tremendous upper body strength… V-Leg Wiper —ho! This is a true brutalizer of the core plus a helluva glute-banger, to boot … Skinning the Cat —a precursor to many extreme bar calisthenics moves and a phenomenal abs exercise in its own right, with some optional grip strategies… One Arm Flex Hang — this just about breaks the mercury on the Achievometer , hyper-challenging, requires an incredibly strong upper body … Dragon Flag — one of the all-time sexiest moves on the planet and a Bruce Lee trademark , you gotta get this one down if you want to truly strut your Man Stuff.

Bad Boy Danny likes to hold it for an iso. Can you? Tuck Front Lever —this regressed version of the Front Lever still requires a brutal level of upper body power. Have at it! V-Leg Front Lever —another extremely difficult move, with some favorable leverage variations to help progress it… Front Lever — this one tops the Manometer for sure.

A masterful and utterly unforgiving move that will simultaneously torture your abs, lats, glutes, arms, shoulders and everything in between.

No mercy here and hopefully, none asked for… Chapter 19 Supplemental Stretches… Hands Down —another fantastic stretch for the entire front of the body… Seated Twist —targets abs, lower back, shoulders, hips and chest… Hip Flexors Stretch —and why this should be included before any abs workout… Deep Down Squat —for overall mobility, health and wellness… Chapter 20 Workouts On the importance of mixing it up and shocking the system… Part V Abs and Lifestyle.

Chapter 21 Viva La Vida… Abs and the quality of your life… A life-oriented approach to training… Chapter 22 The Mud and the Blood and the Beer Coffee, alcohol and other beverages—how to handle in regard to your training…— Chapter 23 Seasons How to adopt and adapt your training to the changing seasons… If you want the abs of your dreams, stop looking for the quick solution everyone claims to have and get ready to learn how to maximize your efforts towards your very own set of Diamond-Cut Abs.

Danny, as usual, kills it There are photos of he and Al doing feats of strength that are other worldy Congrats Danny and DD for another homerun. Finally the definitive guide to building strong, rock hard, defined abs. Danny has really kicked it up a notch with this book. It is easy to read, has great personal insight and the pictures are awesome. It is a great read and it gives you a clear cut path to effectively developing your abs the right way.

The book contains great nutritional information that is easy to follow because it makes sense. The best way to reach your goal is to make it simple, and Danny has done that with this book. As someone that does not have diamond cut abs, I cannot wait to see what I can do with the awesome info and plan Danny has created.

If you want to develop abs that work as good as they look, this is the book and the way. In my opinion this is the best book on abs I have ever read. Buy it, follow it and you will not be disappointed. This is more than just a book about abs. Danny takes his readers through a series of habits that motivates us all to lead a healthier lifestyle--on the outside AND the inside--complete with energy and humor that makes you want to go through the entire book in one setting!

Some of the highlights include learning how to find more appreciation for the naturally healthy foods we eat, learning how to work the abs within the context of total body tension and learning how to see past the typical marketing hype involved in mainstream diets or whack supplements that we might waste our time and money on.

He even takes his readers through a look at his own, no-nonsense, food intake over the course of three typical days to demonstrate the simplicity in practicing what he preaches. Make no mistake, however, Danny never tries to mislead his readers in saying that the journey to achieving Diamond-Cut Abs will come easy.

Cut download diamond abs ebook

In fact, he emphasizes just the opposite of what many fitness "experts" or supplement companies tell us. In this capacity, "the joy is in the journey" theme reigns true more than ever before--which separates it from other popular abs books.

So all I have left for you is one question: Are YOU tired of wasting your time and money on other abs products or diets that never seem to be sustainable for your lifestyle?

By the way, anyone who eats real butter and whole eggs knows what they're doing in my book! This is by far the best book i have ever read on the subject of abs and total fitness. The nutrition section is worth the price of the entire book alone. Easy to read, to the point, entertaining and holds your attention. Could not put it down. Thank you Danny Kavadlo and Dragon Door for making this fine book available. Danny has crafted the most truthful book about abs, and more importantly, about honest and healthy eating I've come across yet.

I had the opportunity to attend the November PCC in Milwaukee and believe me Danny and his brother Al fully actualize that fuzzy area where Art and Action live together. Humble straight shooters who launch into the most badass physical displays. I read and re-read Diamond Cut Abs feeling inspired. Thank you, Danny. At first glance, I thought "Am I about to read a Big Tymers cd book" but after reading on the pictures became funny and made sense. Diamond Cut Abs is not just about abs.

Its about lifestyle to achieve healthy abs and what it means to have healthy abs. This book covers exercise movement, philosophy and nutrition. A full package with awesome exercises and programs.

If you read this book, follow it and don't get results, go see your doctor as soon as possible because something must be wrong. Great Book Danny! This book is visually stunning, entertaining, and extremely helpful as I am preparing for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification PCC. I am glad that Danny reminds people that how our bodies look is based on what we eat AND how we move and he provides useful information on both fronts with something for every fitness level.

This book will make you want to spend more time exploring movement with your feet off the ground -- and your abs will thank you! Diamond-Cut Abs? Thanks for being so honest on what works. After reading a number of other books, this book is refreshing. I have to admit I was a little skeptical of this book given the title -- it sounds like one of those articles you read in a "health" magazine -- "how to get ripped in minutes a day!

After reading this book I really look forward to meeting Danny in person someday. His life experience is a welcome addition to the manual. The section on food and eating both for health and for developing a particular physique are helpful and honest.

Above all, this is a book about getting strong and looking good. Definitely recommended. I purchased this book recently and at first was a little disappointed because it looked like it was just full of pictures of people with great abs, but after I actually started to read the material it became crystal clear what the hype was about. Danny demonstrated that the workout is only a quarter of the battle, diet and common sense are what completes a solid body.

As a martial arts instructor I conduct a conditioning class on Sunday mornings for the adults and I was able to use Danny's techniques and will continue to do so. I am 54 years old and have never been in better shape thanks to the Kalvadlo Bros, Anthony DiLuglio, Max Shank and to Dragon Door publications for publishing great reference material for living!

Read our Review Guidelines before posting your review. Register Login. View Cart 0. Continue Shopping. Previous Next. Click image to enlarge. Alternative Views. Read All Reviews. Write Review. Diamond-Cut Abs. Hands down. Does it seem a distant dream for you to own a rock-solid center? According to Danny Kavadlo, training your abs is a whole-life endeavor. With his plus years of rugged research and extreme physical dedication into every dimension of what it takes to earn world-class abs, Danny Kavadlo is a modern-day master of the art.

Supply the grit, follow the program and you simply cannot fail but to build a monstrous mid-section. In our culture, Abs are the Measure of a Man. To quit on your abs is to quit on your masculinity—like it or not. Diamond-Cut Abs gives you the complete, whole-life program you need to reassert yourself and reestablish your respect as a true physical specimen—with a thunderous six-pack to prove it.

That's how sure we are! Buy Paperback. Read Reviews For: Diamond-Cut Abs eBook. Thank you for your review. Your review will not be displayed until validated by Dragon Door staff. Allow up to two business days for this process to be completed. How do you rate this Item? Please enter a headline to appear with your review.

Please type your review in the space below characters left. Provide your first name to accompany the review. Provide your last name to accompany the review. Your City to accompany the review. Your State to accompany the review. Your Country to accompany the review. The decision to eat meat. I do not avoid fats. The latter distances us from what we really need. So do butter and olive oil. Over-compartmentalization of nutrition promotes ass-backwards thinking—in a quest for ultimate abs.

Hoards of brainwashed consumers gorge themselves on this stuff. Even when my abs are in peak condition. I eat quality fats liberally and pay them no mind. They all get stored as fat. Although the names are less menacing than HFC and they appear to have earthier roots. I am against modified corn. It certainly had a gourmet price tag.

When I inquired about it. Gourmet Product? Coke is made with real cane sugar! In this case. You cannot get Diamond-Cut Abs if refined sugar is a consistent part of your diet.

Even unprocessed sugars like raw honey which does indeed have health benefits is still pure sugar and can therefore pose a hindrance if you have too much. Be leery of health claims. Anything made of any type of pure sugar is a hindrance in engineering of the ultimate six-pack. But we often do not consider sports drinks. It is unlikely you will get abs drinking Coca-Cola in any fashion.

Soda will still make you bloated and gassy no matter what type of pure sugar is in it. The additives are just as bad for us as gluten. A gluten-free brownie is still a brownie and will not help you get abs. Defer to your own reason and common sense rather that the sales and marketing departments of Betty Crocker. Many people would be surprised to see just how much sugar they consume in a given day if they took an honest look. For the record. We all know that soda and candy are pure sugar.

Most commercial peanut butter. I eat minimally prepped and processed foods and I cook a lot. I go to places that use real ingredients. When I eat out. Diets are restrictive by nature. The ignorant and under-informed consume these products freely.

In truth. Sure I cut loose for special occasions—just remember. To me. They are meant to be short term. But like birthday cake. Items like canned tomatoes. The way I eat is the way I eat. For the most part. I eat plants and animals. I stay away from sugar most of the time. I feel extremely energized when I eat grain-free. I ate only meat. I also drank plenty of water. Truth be told. Without the sugar and grains. Either way. They have found their way in and out of my eating for years. It goes without saying that you must train hard.

I ate non-stop and got leaner and leaner. By my own admission. Even on days when I do consume grain products. Keeping them in check is key for getting a shredded six-pack. Keeping processed sugars and starches in check is key for Diamond-Cut Abs. We are surrounded by processed sugar and starch. I do not believe that things are always so black- and-white. The same is true for rice. I cannot say.

Too much of almost anything will keep you from smashing you abdominal goals. They lower the risk of cancer and make your bones strong. Real food is always better than supplements. Go directly to the source. It scratches the itch for something sweet and is packed with life and nutrients.

Vegetables are spectacular. Fruits and vegetables are fantastic. Why take a vitamin? Eat your veggies instead.

BUENO Diamond-Cut-Abs-How-to-Engineer-the-Ultimate-Six-Pack.pdf

Veggies have no printed package. Fruit is delicious. Enjoy them all day. You can feel free to snack on them anytime of day and still maintain extraordinary abs. Eat as many types as you can and cook them as little as possible. Go green. Fruits and veggies have no printed package. Real fruit tastes and feels so good on the tongue. It blows my mind when I see kids and grown-ups—remember.

Fruit juice does not. When you drink fruit juice. Fruit gives you abs. Like Michael Pollan says in Food Rules.

Lay them out on the counter or table for some visual enticement. The Food Pyramid or Pyramid of Corruption. These products are often more altered and chemically dense than many foods that health-minded consumers go out of their way to avoid. Mankind has been eating meat since we could craft tools and fire. I understand that not everybody loves it like I do. Big government recommends the engineered stuff over literally everything else.

This is why eating an apple will always be more conducive to abs than drinking apple juice. Veggies would make a far healthier foundation. A delicious and practical way to get the vitamins and nutrition your body needs is to eat as many varieties and colors of vegetables and fruits as you can. Fiber keeps the metabolism moving and the body regulated. I still believe that the majority of free-thinking.

They are not good for you. I myself believe that we benefit from eating muscle: The subject of meat is clearly more controversial. How to cook a perfect steak: This stuff keeps you alive. Your abs are made of muscle. Muscle is made of muscle. Contemporary America is an exception. There is richness. Absorb the soul. I regularly eat eggs and dairy as well. Muscle mass is made of protein.

Build quality muscle by eating it. Start with a quality piece of meat. Organ meats are good for you as well. You are what you eat.

Yogurt is great. While an enormous part of sculpting the shredded six-pack of your dreams means maintaining low body fat. In most cultures throughout history. Amazingly there are still people who discard egg yolks—the healthiest part of the egg—because they were misinformed in.

The whole beast is used or eaten. Eat organs! Animal flesh not only tastes delicious. Although there is no denying that countries with obesity rates far lower than the USA France and Italy for example consume lots of real cheese.

In the wild. Real cheese usually does not have much more than milk. Never try to convert a vegetarian! Any questions? These questions can be added to the list: Are grains toxic? Is coffee good or bad? Are vegans healthier? Should I eat three squares or six small meals? Does it matter? Aaaarrgghh… the world may never know. Over-eating anything detracts from our mission. When selecting packaged cheese in the supermarket. As much of a carnivore as I am. To me this represents over-compartmentalization at its worst.

If you choose to eat eggs. Modern technology has made animal products constantly available to us.

Documents Similar To BUENO Diamond-Cut-Abs-How-to-Engineer-the-Ultimate-Six-Pack.pdf

I also eat cheese. I like the good stuff like grass fed Jarlseburg. Like many things. A large part of abs comes down to being free of gratuitous body weight so restraint is key. All protein powders are low quality.

Although I think in terms of foods rather than nutrients. It can be confusing. There is lots of conflicting information out there. When I was coming up. Your body cannot even process such a reckless amount of protein in the first place. Warrior or whatever: Sources include starchy vegetables. Combine this eating style with the right exercise program. Slightly less is recommended these days. I recommend staying away from all shakes.

Time to get technical. Most Americans eat an awful lot of carbohydrates. Water is the most important nutrient of all. If you want abs. I vehemently disagree. Protein probably makes up less than a third of my diet. Fats and oils that exist naturally or with minimal processing coconut. You will not get abs from eating this stuff.

Mostly Plants. Although these distinctions are helpful to some. That is a bunch of crap most likely perpetrated by the supplement industry. The main sources of carbohydrates are starch and sugars. I eat lobster. Yet unlike carbohydrates. Lets keep it simple. They are both equally detrimental to getting lean.

Carbohydrates are often categorized as simple or complex. Eating natural. Low Grain. If you are not a body-builder. Macronutrients Broken Down Most nutrients are categorized as carbohydrates. Call it what you will: The few times that I deviate from this rule. I choose the ice cream. Water is made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen.

We can all stand to drink more of it. So is our planet. You and I are made up mostly of water. There are said to be twenty-two essential amino acids. Other protein sources like seeds. Protein builds and repairs our abs. Water removes toxins from the body. Our bodies digest protein by breaking it down into smaller chemical components called amino acids. Animal proteins such as beef.

Targeting the belly area with exercise will not reduce the fat. This means that the ratio of fatty tissue to muscle tissue in your body is low. You cannot get really ripped abs from a bottle. It can even be different for the same individual. You cannot train your way out of bad eating habits. A constantly full stomach will prevent this from happening. No one wants to believe this but it is true. Like it or not. We shed body fat only when it is metabolized for fuel.

Fat is reduced throughout the entire body by building muscle. When we are depleted of energy sources including stored glycogen. There is no miracle. If this pertains to you. Blow up your scale. Everything that is not used for fuel gets stored as fat. Many Americans eat two dinner rolls before their appetizer. Do the math. Cutting the sugar and grains leaves plenty of room for greens.

Substituting veggies for rolls and water for Coke also brings a great deal. Body fat testers like these calipers provide a rough estimate at best. Daily weigh-ins are part of the recipe for disaster. Keep the scale in the closet and out of sight. If I use 3. I implore you to do so once a week or less. I will lose weight. There is not. The people who write the ad copy want you to think there is a substitute for hard work and discipline.

What is more appealing… THIS?

Download ebook cut diamond abs

The celebrities that appear in their ads do not really use them. Their goal is to sell a product. Like all supplements. Think in terms of foods not calories. For me. Or THIS? I cannot grant wishes. Is This Man Obese? You have the power. Abs must be earned. On the other hand. I advise paying less attention to numbers and more attention to our senses. Assuming that I have an average daily intake of about 3. This flawed and antiquated system is used in many institutions that people trust.

Based on B. I believe BMI should be called B. Not every day is exactly the same. Once again. It does not take any other factors like body composition. For example. It keeps me lean.

MI is calculated solely from numeric measurements of weight and height. Sacrifices can make you strong. If you having pig-out days once or twice a week.

So many people have no problem being stuffed. Perhaps I only have coffee. The reality of obtaining ripped abs sometimes means sacrifice. Find the balance. I have days like Thanksgiving where my caloric intake is six times that. Monday I may have numerous personal training clients and be out and about from 6am-8pm. When it comes to getting ripped. Giving into every whim is neither mentally nor spiritually healthy.

Giving into every single whim is neither mentally nor spiritually healthy. This is one of the sillier misconceptions in nutrition. The body will hold on to its fat for fear of wasting away. I do not know how it began. Should this happen.

They got plenty of fuel in the tank. I eat Brussels sprouts. Two lucky ducks. The fittest people I know eat whole. The notion that people with a six-pack live in a state of perpetual deprivation is a bunch of hooey. I eat a diet consisting of mostly plants and animals. I love to prepare food. Here are some answers: There are even times when I eat pizza or bake cookies. Just keep yourself in check. They want specifics. It involves being in the present moment. I approach my recipes like my workouts.

My eyes and hands do not wander. Taste the food. I prefer produce to be as close to the source as possible and never overdone. I keep them in the present. I like cooking my meat on the bone. I enjoy eating with people I care about. I use as few ingredients as necessary. When I grill a steak.

It is said that hot peppers burn fat. I never phone it in. Touch it. Food preparation really is all about care. Cook with flavors and spices that make you feel alive.

Go with the flow. Suit recipes to taste. Big chef salad—veggies and meat Dinner: Love your food! DAY 1 Pre-Breakfast: Enjoy seasonal ingredients. I believe that cooking should be like making love. Milk Breakfast: Almonds and blueberries Note: Fruit and water consumed all day. Bananas and peanut butter Note: Peapods Lunch: Cheeseburger and salad Dinner: Spinach olive oil.

Diamond-Cut Abs

Fresh Juice See Chapter 8 for examples. DAY 3 Pre-Breakfast: Salmon sashimi. Lamb chops and greens Snack: As far as your abs are concerned.

You see. In recent years. Several internet fasts have gone viral and numerous brands of cleanses have entered the marketplace. The concept of intermittent fasting is not new at all. As the benefits of fasting garner more acknowledgement than ever before.

At the completion of a fast. Many of us have questions about fasting. It still does. Many of us sustain this or a similar eating style for life. Here are some examples. Because we want to avoid sugar. If this goes well. I recommend juicing fruits and vegetables such as carrots. With the exception of the Absolute Fast. While I highly recommend eating whole fruits. By your third or fourth attempt. There is a lot of room for interpretation here.

To eat sparingly or abstain from some foods. The goal is to get to the point where you can eat mostly fruits and vegetables. Ease in by eliminating sugar. To abstain from food. Try eliminating all grains breads. If it feels good. Or you can add nuts. I still do a Fruit N Veggie Cleanse somewhat frequently. Have as much produce on hand as possible and lay it out so it looks beautiful.

Take a bag of carrots. One could do a Fruit N Veggie Cleanse indefinitely. I recommend plenty of vegetable based fats like olive oil and avocados.

When doing a Fruit N Veggie Cleanse. Others will find it more appropriate to start with the Fruit N Veggie Cleanse. This foresight will help alleviate temptation. It means the bad stuff is leaving the body.

I have fasted on and off to varying degrees for the past fifteen years. You can go strict Fruit N Veggie. For those used to eating all foods in abundance. It was awesome. Of course. I did four Juice Fasts. He does not appear to have lost any muscle mass. My definition of a Juice Fast is a bit stricter than my definitions of previous cleanses. It includes freshly made juices. A Juice Fast in itself is restrictive enough! I prefer having as many juices as I want. I simply try to get as many extraordinary colors and flavors as possible.

But please understand. Several years ago. As you flush your body and soul! This man just completed a day fruit and vegetable cleanse. The occasional juice fast does wonders. A juice fast is not the same as a crash diet. Be leery of overly restrictive juice fasts. Every individual and every fast is different.

We buy the. Some proponents of fasting swear by the colonic or enema. It is important to note. Although there is no doubt that either will solve the waste management issue.

They are delicious and balance each other nicely. Bloody Mary Juice Tomato. The Classic Carrot. The Cleanser Beet.

Nothing is consumed in a True Fast except water. Whereas all previous fasts allow some sort of consumption of organic matter. Red Pepper. We touch the food. Leafy Green Juice Spinach. These are some of my favorite recipes. For that reason. Be prepared for a serious mental trip with this fast. A high level of mental commitment is involved here.

Your mind will visit places you have never been and your perception of hunger and appetite will be tested. This ritual is both calming and exciting at the same time. If you want to put apples in your Leafy Green Juice. Naturally some moments will be easier than others.

Completion is its own reward. Allow those feelings to exist and to pass. Be prepared. Have some fun with it. Here are a few tips for safe and successful fasting: Fasting is a physical and psychological test. You may feel light headed or cranky the first day. If possible. For the days or weeks following your fast.

A True Fast is also referred to as a Water Fast. Good luck! It is the only fast on this list with which I do not have extensive personal experience. When your fast is completed. Body builders. The very beginning can be tough. The human body can go days. Someone on a hunger strike also chooses to do an Absolute Fast. You may find yourself experiencing hunger. Drink plenty of water and see what happens.

Farming itself is a form of science. Most of the food consumed in America is manufactured with methods and ingredients that do not keep our best interest in mind.

What we call the Western Diet. Because in most of Europe and many other parts of the world. But it seems to have run amuck over the past few decades. How about that?

This is a usual pattern: Something starts out as with noble intentions Make produce with a greater survival rate or help diminish world hunger.

As the corporate model grows. First things first. I feel it would be irresponsible to discuss healthy eating in any capacity.

I wholeheartedly acknowledge the numerous positives effects of food science and industry. The chickens we eat are the animal equivalent of a two hundred pound six-year-old child with busted. Additives ranging from coloring agents to arsenic are allowed in the U. Build a bigger chicken. To make as many dollars as possible. We consume these foods in the United States of America more than ever.

The commercial apples we eat are bloated and flaccid.

This runs the gamut from harmful chemicals in our produce. It is everywhere. A good rule of thumb is. It is alarming how much corn and corn-derived product Americans consume. It may indeed be impossible to eliminate every single questionable element from your diet.

Shop locally. We just gotta try a little harder these days.

"Diamond Cut Abs" (Book Review) | Breaking Muscle

Beyond the typically low quality. So much food much of it questionable is constantly available at our collective fingertips. Consider this challenge to be an opportunity to learn more about the most important health related decision you can make—what you choose to put in your body.

But contrary to what the powers that be will tell you. Even in a health conscious city like New York. Happy Hands. It takes effort.

Many toxic foods can be avoided. Fast food. To take it another step. I have love for every single clove of garlic I slice and each guest at my table. I avoid angry hands.

You can taste the difference. A pissed-off fast food worker does not. Someone who enjoys preparing a meal uses happy hands. Love is the secret ingredient. As a general rule.

Since being lean is a prerequisite to getting ripped abs. Here are my personal top ten tips. The ones listed here have been proven time and time again to work. You cannot train your way out of a poor diet. Eat lots of fruit and drink lots of water. Skip the juice. Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym.

Fruit juice has all the sugar but none of the fiber. Fruit gives you abs but squeezed fruit juice can actually prevent it. Cook as many meals as possible. Some of them are more obvious. Eat an orange. Remember organic cane sugar. Drink more water. Among other things. Stay away from stuff made of sugar—use common sense. It removes toxins and reduces aches and pains. Carbonated is fine. The importance of drinking water cannot be overstated. Water also moisturizes. This does not include flavored water.

A great way to avoid processed. Trust me. Eat less sugar. This helps you get leaner. Water is a friend of abs. If you must eat packaged foods. Have your condiments on the side. Better yet. Much of the ketchup. This is not to say they must be avoided altogether. Go crazy. BBQ sauce. I make it a practice to steer clear of almost any item that make any health claims at all. Even salad dressing is tricky. Many condiments are candy. Unless you made it yourself.

Although theoretically these sentiments appear desirable. Crack some black pepper. Eating for weight loss is not the same as eating for maintenance. I drink water. I eat like one fat guy. I generally get a salad. Everything is better when it comes from the source and all supplements are low quality.

When the goal is to drop body fat or get lighter. With it. Save your money. No tricks. Supplements are bullshit. I am referring to all protein powders. I do not use or endorse any supplements whatsoever. They have no place in our diet. You can enjoy an occasional bacon cheeseburger and still maintain a set of Diamond-Cut Abs. That is a good thing. Training hard and consistently will be better for any individual than training half-assed and infrequently.

Absolutely no gym or equipment is necessary and no one can ever do the work for you. No matter how many years you do it. Ignore them. When it comes to fitness. There is a special purity to that. You and only you are accountable for your actions. Abs take time. Exercise is good! No excuses. In short. Like much in life. Make an executive decision and do it. Getting abs is like studying a martial art. This is not to say that everyone will get the exact same results if they put forth the same effort.

There will always be voices in your head proclaiming reasons not to work out.