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To Love Jason Thorn - Ella KB. To Love Jason Thorn - Ella KB. To Love Jason Thorn - Ella MB. To Love Jason Thorn - Ella КБ. To Love Jason .. James, Leigh -Escorting the Billionaire #1 (The Escort Collection).epub. KB. James. Tanya Gupta pinned post. 17 Oct Actions. Report. To Love Jason Thorn - Ella KB. 7. Like Show likes. Share Show shared copies. K.

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To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise PDF DOWNLOADS TORRENT >GO Downloads e-Book What Format: epub,mobi,lrf,lit,htmlz,pdb,azw. Ella maise pdf, doc, txt, ebook or kindle epub free found 20 post also get. Harlin already shows his great visual skills, both as a camera operator. Connor by Ella Maise. Posted by Mason Epub on July 6, Download now. Buy a paper book To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise · To Hate Adam.

Automatyczne logowanie. Editing by C. Marie Cover Design: Ella Maise Permission from this author must be granted before any part of this book can be used for ad- vertising purposes. This includes the right to re- produce, distribute, or transmit in any form or by any means. This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or per- sons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Dual POV. View all 60 comments. Dec 31, Jennifer Kyle rated it really liked it. My childhood crush. My first love. My only love. And now my pretend husband. It started out cute then felt like it was going to be the typical same old, when the hero was presented being a typical manwhore in an alley in the present.

However, somewhere along the way I fell in love with both main characters and started to really enjoy the story. I found the writing solid, sweet, and overall a good romantic read. Jason 4. Falling for each other? Let me tell you what happens: View all 56 comments.

Jan 19, Pearl Angeli rated it really liked it Shelves: Oh, hello my weak spots! The blurb of To Love Jason Thorn was the one that got my attention. I love Hollywood romance, more so when it talks about hot, swoon-worthy actors who fall in love with ordinary women. Tropes like this are my undoing. Olive Taylor and Jason Thorn have known each other since they were kids. Growing up, Olive developed an infatuation with Jason. In fact 4 Stars! In fact, she thought she might be in love with him.

But because Jason sees her as just a "little sister", her feelings were not returned. Now after how many years, both of them are already successful. Jason's already an A-lister Hollywood actor while Olive is now a bestselling romance author. When Olive's book Soul Ache was optioned for a movie, her world turned upside down when she knew that Jason is going to be the leading man and he'll play her character Isaac.

The Jason Thorn who was only twenty-six and had two Oscar nominations under his belt. It's my first Ella Maise read and I found her writing tasteful. I am definitely going to read her other works soon!

The characters' palpable chemistry was one of the strengths I found in this book. I also loved how the "sweet reunion" and "marriage of convenience" themes were jam packed full of everything. There were a lot of scenes here that made me giggle. I could say that Jason and Olive are one of the coolest book couples I've read about! The way the story wrapped up was a bit predictable though, but I did enjoy it as a whole.

Definitely recommending this to everyone!


So thank you for finding me. Thank you for writing yourself into our happy and inevitable ending. View all 25 comments. Audiobook Review at Of Pens and Pages.

Overall Rating: Olive Taylor has been in love with Jason Thorn, their neighbor and her brother's best friend, since the moment she laid eyes on his dimples. While that longstanding crush eventually ended in heartbreak shortly before he moved away, Olive knew Jason would always have a place in her heart. Fast forward to the future. Olive is graduating from college and is a bestselling indie author in talks to have her precious debut novel turned into a movie.

The producers love her book and they want one actor to play the part of her book's romantic hero. Hollywood heartthrob Jason Thorn.

The man who inspired the romantic hero and story. Suddenly, Jason is back in her life, and it looks like he'll be staying there for good.

To have and to hold. Or at least until Jason's reputation is salvaged. All of Olive's dreams are coming true, but it all feels too good to be true. She has her chance to make Jason fall in love with her, but being with an A-list celebrity isn't as sunshine and rainbows as people might think. You guys, I just love this book so much! I melt every time Jason calls Olive different endearments.

The touches. The glances. The heat! These two have amazing chemistry; their relationship is both adorable and hot AF. I knew I wanted them to end up together the moment they met. Olive with her little girl crush, and Jason with his caring and affectionate attitude.

It was easy to see when they met again that Jason is attracted to her, but his respect for her brother and parents kept him from making a move. It was so sweet and honestly hot to see that change—from seeing Olive as kind of like a little sister he wants to protect to a woman he wants to love.

A big shout out to Lucy for being the best best friend! She's there to cheer Olive on, and you just know she's the kind of friend who'll drop everything and be there for you when you need her.

Everyone deserves a friend like Lucy. Oh, one more thing. Whenever I listen to an audiobook narrated by two people, there's always a narrator I prefer or enjoy more, but surprisingly I enjoyed these two narrators equally.

To Hate Adam Connor by Ella Maise

Sebastian York could do no wrong in my ears, so it wasn't surprising I'd love his part in the audiobook, but Lidia Dornet definitely gave Mr. York a run for his money. This was my first Lidia Dornet experience, and I had a lot of fun listening to her! There's a scene I love in the book that Ms. Dornet narrated, and wow. Insert ten fire emojis here because wow. It was even steamier than when I read it! It's a fun book in an equally fun audiobook, so of course I'm recommending it!

Listening to it was just as fun, if not more. The narrators did a wonderful job in portraying the characters, and I'm so happy to know they also narrated To Hate Adam Connor.

Listen to that, too! Yes Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram View all 7 comments. I seriously love everything about this read! This book was just too super cute not to earn 5 stars!

I'm literally banging my head against the wall for taking so long to finally pick this one up! I closed my eyes tighter. Not sure what exactly made the whole thing click but nevertheless the journey was smooth and quick,it was almost like I took Jason's Ferrari for a short drive on the highway. Sure there is drama, for what good book doesn't? The heroine was just awesome that way: Reading about the characters wake up and live on just seemed fitting for some reason I loved the feeling that there was a lot more of love in store for them very soon ; Like I said,Loved everything about this book: Even the sexy times ; Will definatly be reading more of Ella Maise's works.

And yes! Would defiantly recommend this one Ladies! View all 29 comments. Sep 17, XxTainaxX rated it really liked it. Jason and Olive meet as kids and Olive falls for her brother's bestie hard.

Her crush grows and grows until an event in her teen years where Jason breaks her heart. She pulls away from their friendship and they don't get the chance to repair it before Jason has to move away. Years later, they reunite and an attraction builds to more as they get to know eachother once again. I've got to say, as sexy as Jason was, he was not as easy to love as Adam was Hero of book two I read out of order. He Jason and Olive meet as kids and Olive falls for her brother's bestie hard.

He was a former manwhore and his ways caused serious damage to his reputation. Enough so that it motivates and initiates a critical part of the plot. I felt bad for Olive for her role in this part of the story, as it really used her feelings for Jason in a way I was not a fan of. Thankfully, they work it all out and in the meantime have some cute moments together. I also enjoyed Olive's relationship with Lucy, her bestie.

They are very organic with one another in a way that is believable. A little ex drama. No rape or abuse. View all 4 comments. It plays out like a Disney Channel Movie and I am too grown for that shit. There is zero chance that I would ever, ever, ever recommend this book to anyone. If you want my advice, I say to keep it moving.

Remember to follow all things messy. View all 5 comments. Dec 01, 1-Click Addict Support Group rated it it was amazing. Olive Taylor which, by the way, is practically the cutest name I've ever heard met Jason Thorn as her neighbor and brother's best friend when she was just six years old. It was love at first sight for sweet little Olive who gave Jason her whole heart in that way you only do for your first love.

And so, when Jason shatters her heart as a teenager, it is complete emotional devastation for poor Olive. Jason Thorn came from a troubled home.

The kindness and care that the Taylors showed him meant mo Olive Taylor which, by the way, is practically the cutest name I've ever heard met Jason Thorn as her neighbor and brother's best friend when she was just six years old. The kindness and care that the Taylors showed him meant more to him than anything else in the world.

He loved the time he spent with them, including little Olive who he protected and cared for like a precious thing. When a family tragedy ends with Jason moving away, they are all a little heartbroken—even Olive who also recognized the chance to move on from her first love. When their paths cross years later, a spark is ignited. Jason is cast as the lead role in the screen adaptation of Olive's hit novel. Jason recognizes Olive almost immediately and a new—grown up—relationship is formed.

I loved The whole thing. It all worked for me. I loved that Jason never overlooked Olive when she was a child. He was kind to her, loving even, protecting her from the world and sometimes even the harsh words of her older brother. I love how this wasn't set up as a "he never knew she existed book".

He loved her all along—just in a different way. Even when he broke her heart—it wasn't necessarily mean spirited. It was just that Olive felt so much, and her tender heart was so easily bruised. I loved how lighthearted this whole thing felt. I laughed out loud so many times. Olive is quirky and awkward and completely loveable—both as a child and as an adult. Jason is famous and troubled, but hasn't forgotten where he came from. He hasn't forgotten Olive, and her reappearance in her life grounds him, reminds him that he has roots.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

As their story unfolds and his feelings toward Olive deepen, there are some breathtaking moments. I love those moments where you recognize that something big is happening and it feels a little bit like you might be falling in love yourself. Even the minor niggling complaint I had for a while was resolved sweetly and neatly in the end. I wanted more of Olive's family. I questioned how or why they would allow her life to unfold the way it did without running some interference.

However, when they did re-surface, it was emotional and sweet enough to make my eyes well up and my breath catch. I love her family. Even her oft misguided, always hilarious older brother. Engagingly written and packed full of sweet, quirky humor, this book is completely adorable!

So swoony and sexy in a way that I wasn't fully expecting, but set my heart to racing nonetheless! I can't stop smiling. My face hurts! If you're looking for something low on the angst and heavy on the goofy grins, To Love Jason Thorn will not disappoint! Can I read it again? It's okay to want to turn around and experience something so sweet and sexy and fun all over again, right? Of course it is. Little Olive Taylor has loved Jason Thorn forever.

Well, at least since the day she met him—and he practically moved into her house. Sure, she was just a kid, but the older boy gave her butterflies…until the day he broke her young heart—and then had to leave her behind.

Now Jason is a movie star, the man everyone swoons over. And Olive? Jason Thorn, I'm totally with Lucy on this one. I want to lick your dimple. And kiss your exquisite mouth. Probably a few other things too, but let's not go there, okay? I'll stick to the basics… This book is a ton of delicious fun. There's not much—if anything—I would change about this well-written and clever little book, because it was pretty close to perfect. Poor, sweet little Olive was classic—I loved how she compared their story to a novel, because yup, when Ella Maise set this one up, I had the same thought…if this was a book duh, Beth, it IS!

And dear God, fine-as-fuck Jason. The bad boy that wasn't so bad after all. He's enough to make a girl believe in happily ever after and that falling in love young—and with a movie star—is a legitimate possibility. I really hope there'll be more of these types of books from Ms. Maise, a new-to-me author. I certainly wouldn't say no to more on Lucy and Jameson, for example… Can we make that happen?! If not, I guess I'll just stick with re-reading this little gem instead. Nov 17, Mysza rated it really liked it.

View all 3 comments. Dec 14, Jen rated it really liked it. Another new to me author that I can't wait to read more of. Once again I picked up a book based on the cover and went into it blind. It was one of those feel good reads that had me from the start. She's even talking to people about making it into a movie. This is all a bit exciting and overwhelming for her, but when they brought out actor who they wanted to cast as the le Another new to me author that I can't wait to read more of.

This is all a bit exciting and overwhelming for her, but when they brought out actor who they wanted to cast as the leading guy, her heart fell into her stomach. It was Jason Thorn. He practically lived with them. Olive had the biggest crush on him until he crushed her heart one night without even knowing it. He only saw her as his friends little sister.

After his mom died, he and his father moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco. Now at twenty-six, he's a star in Los Angeles and has two Oscar nominations.

Jason is used to women throwing themselves at him. Olive is not like that; she can't get away fast enough. This is intriguing to Jason. The more time he spends with her the more he is starting to see her for the woman she is and not his friends little sister. But his bad boy reputation and acts are threatening to not only cost him his job of lead role on Olive's movie, but it could cost her the chance of having a movie made of her book too.

His manager has come up with a solution, he needs to get married and after seeing him and Olive together it's obvious that she would make the perfect wife for him.

I loved these two together. It was obvious that Olive never got over her love for Jason. She tried to ignore it at first, but Jason was so charming.

I loved her friend Lucy and can't wait to read her book. Ella Maise did a fantastic job with this book. View all 26 comments. Feb 10, mich rated it did not like it Shelves: I'm pretty sure there's a cute story in here, but I'm unwilling to put up with the extremely poor writing to find out for sure.

The writing is very simplistic and the dialogue is stilted and awkward. I just can't. ALSO -- Pet peeve: Don't give me some cutsey "I'm a 6-year old! Make up your damn mind as to how you're writing this. View all 14 comments. Pearl Angeli. I want to thank my dear sis Pearl for recommending this book to me! Click her name to read her fab review Since childhood, Olive Taylor have a huge crush on her brother's best friend, Jason Thorn.

It went on for years until she's fallen for him but the feeling isn't mutual.

To epub download thorn love jason

She secretly texts him but when she got his message, she experienced her first heartbreak. When Jason's mother passed away from overdose, he left their neighbourhood and resided with his father in LA. Years gone by and they' I want to thank my dear sis Pearl for recommending this book to me!

Chereches Alexandra

Years gone by and they're all grown up, Olive is a rising Indie Author and her novel Soul Ache is set to become a movie. Jason, who's now a successful actor will portray Isaac in the movie. He didn't know that Olive's male lead book was inspired from him. You know that feeling when your-crush-finally-falls-for-you?

Olive and Jason's relationship was a slow burn romance and it's remarkably developed. Same goes to their character development. Her reactions in Jason's presence was authentic and adorable. Omg I feel you girl! Sometimes she made me laugh especially on one part where she's startled and threw her freaking laptop. As for Jason, I love his forehead kisses. I thought it's swoony and it took him a while not seeing Olive as his sister until their fake marriage to clean up his reputation began.

The best part for me was the epilogue. Jason's surprise for Olive was incredibly sweet. I think my heart melted in a puddle and my eyes welled a bit.

Here's my favorite quote from the book: My world is a less scary place with you in it, baby. I will kiss you a thousand times everyday if that's what it takes to keep you in love with me for the rest of our days.

View all 9 comments. Jan 28, Jacqueline's Reads rated it really liked it. She said she would marry him. A part of me wanted more this because I found Olive adorable and Jason so sweet, but I was happy we got to the good stuff. Now, Olive is a writer and her book is picked up for a movie.

Guess who is going to be the leading star? I was grinning ear to ear while I was reading. I really liked how strong Olive was. I loved her interactions with him because she did everything she could to not be in the same room with him. It cracked me up and tickled my tummy. Oh no, she has curves and a body. He wants to get to know her more, but she makes it very hard for him.

I love it when the Hero pursues the Heroine! To Love Jason Thorn is an adorable, sweet-light hearted meaty read. You will just have to read the book and find out. View 2 comments. After being devastated when Jason had to move away following a family tragedy, Olive kept tabs on him through his movie career. To be that close to him, to fall in deeper.

To Love Jason Thorn - Ella Maise - Pobierz pdf z

He already broke my heart once when I was just a kid. Good grief Jason Thorn. We bloody loved this man!! The sexy, swaggering bad boy with the dirty mouth could charm the pants off us one minute with his naughty mouth, and have us weak at the knees the next with his sweet and witty banter with Olive and the way he possessively looked after her….

For Olive, seeing Jason again after seven years brings all her childhood feelings and insecurities to the surface. How awkward for her, especially as she based a lot of the book on Jason himself. Will she be able to hide her feelings for him and not reveal how much in love with him she was, and is? Actually, now that I think about it, they reminded me of Buzz, the puppy Kara had gotten a few weeks before. All in all, back then, I believed it was tough to be a kid, but having a mom like mine made everything a bit easier.

Dylan was my big brother, the one who kept ruining everything for me, probably since the day I was born. Can you believe the audacity? My loving big brother. I remembered myself that he would steal my stroller and run around with me in the park. Why, he was probably trying to kill me with sheer excitement! And…um…my mom will probably be okay in the morning.

Like, right in front of your house. And who goes to sleep at six, Mom? Even Olive stays up later than that. I grinned, feeling proud. I could stay up pretty late. Sometimes I could even go until nine. There was complete silence for a few mo- ments, and then the feet of the chair scraped the floor as someone got up from the table.

Who was this boy they kept calling Jason? Maybe he was part of the family that had moved in across the street a few houses down a few days ago? I want you to remember that, okay? I appreciate it. He never let me play with him. Then you can join Jason up- stairs until I call you guys down for dinner.

My room is next to it. And you call me Emily from now on. Thank you so much for letting me stay here tonight. I stood still and patiently waited for the owner of those footsteps to reach me. Would he be blond? My mom thought he was a little too old for me, but she had also once said a girl should always dream big. Anyway, since this Jason seemed to be friends with Dylan, I highly doubted he would be something to dream about. Suddenly my stomach got all fluttery for some reason. I frowned and smoothed down my dress.

I still remember: Putting on my best smile, I slowly lifted my head up to meet his eyes. His steps faltered when he saw me hiding next to the wall.

I got a good look at him and my smile slowly vanished as my mouth dropped open. Jason what? Were those tiny flutters in my stomach butterflies? The ones my mom had told me about? It sure felt like it.

Thousands of them. What was his last name? I wanted—no scratch that, I needed his last name to be my last name. I needed it to happen that day—right at that moment to be exact. He seemed surprised to see me for a second, but recovered faster than I did.

He gave me a stu- pidly cute smile with a dimple showing on his left cheek. It was almost magical. I closed my mouth and felt the heat rise up to my cheeks.

Love thorn epub to download jason

I managed to return his smile with a wobbly one. His smile picked up a notch, and I felt my face flush again. Tucking a loose hair behind my ear, I smiled bigger. Oh, boy. He was so cute. My friends call me Liv or Oli because they think I have a weird name. It would be hard for someone to forget a name like Olive. I was never going to wash my hand again. My smile got bigger, and I believe it was the first moment I fell in love with the mysterious boy who had an adorable dimple and was going to spend the night right across from my room.

He had to be our new neighbor. I had to see him again.