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Smitten. Series: Crush, Book 2. By Lacey Weatherford. It's hard to watch the Tags: romance love young adult ebook contemporary suspence. Smitten ePub Edition To download now please click the link below. sequel to # 1 YA Bestseller, CRUSH, by Lacey Weatherford "Smitten, the. Smitten (Crush #2) ". By: Lacey Weatherford. Epub Download Free, Epub Download For Pc, Epub Audio Reader, Pdf Free. Books, Epub Download Free.

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Cami thinks life with her boyfriend, Hunter Wilder, is perfect. Then she finds out, not only is he wrapped up in a gang whose specialty is stealing cars, he's with. `[PDF]Read Smitten (Crush, #2) PDF Epub Book by Lacey Weatherford dvfbsf - Get book Smitten (Crush, #2) by Lacey Weatherford read and download online. Full supports all Simply FREE SIGN-UP for 7-day TRIAL account. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Lacey Weatherford is the bestselling author of the popular young adult paranormal romance series, Of Witches and.

The way that Lacey Weatherford is able to capture the love between Hunter and Cami is magical. No wonder Lacey has been named The Queen of Hearts! Weatherford has done what I thought impossible and given us a sequel that is just as enjoyable, if not more enjoyable than the first book. It's hard to watch the one you love in the arms of another, but when gangs, stealing cars, and murder are involved, everything becomes fair game Back Cover Blurb: Cami thinks life with her boyfriend, Hunter Wilder, is perfect. Then she finds out, not only is he wrapped up in a gang whose specialty is stealing cars, he's with another girl as well.

Have you added psychic abilities to your impressive resume? I teased him. Everyone who meets you loves you. Why would my family be any different? I bet Gabby would beg to differ with you. An image of the gorgeous brunette from high school popped into my head.

She was very clear about wanting me out of the way so she could have you. Hunter groaned. I was thinking of dying my hair dark-brown and purchasing a much sluttier wardrobe. I thought you might like it. I bit my lip in anticipation of his reaction.

He picked up one of the lose curls and twisted it around his finger. I asked, faking confusion. His eyes were positively sparkling with mirth. He leaned in and lightly kissed my lips, before giving me a half-cocked grin. Do you know how good you make me feel? I slid my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

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You make me feel good too. Popping higher on my tiptoes, I kissed him—lip-gloss forgotten.

A soft moan escaped him and he wrapped an arm around my waist, his other hand slipping to my neck, tangling into my hair. I sighed happily at the contact, loving the feelings his touch evoked inside me.

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He made me feel the craziest things. He suddenly broke away with a heavy sigh, leaning his forehead against mine. We better get going I think, or I might be tempted to skip dinner.

He laughed heartily. I was doing my best to be positive.

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Making a good impression was a must for me. It was obvious he was close to his family by the way he lit up when talking about them. Hunter grabbed my hand, leading me out of my dorm room, downstairs, and to the parking lot.

He opened the passenger door of the Camaro, and I slid inside. I dug through my purse to find my lip-gloss while he went around to get in his side. I mean you might as well save yourself the trouble because I plan on kissing you all evening. I recapped my makeup and dropped it into my bag, leaning back against the seat.

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At least let me make introductions first. About fifteen minutes from here, if we hit all the lights right.

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After he had merged out onto the road, he reached over to take my hand in his, squeezing it gently. A small time later, we pulled through the open gates of a private drive. My jaw fell open. This is where you grew up? I asked in amazement. The house was an incredible Spanish styled mansion with cream walls and a red tiled roof. It stood, towering three stories high, at the end of the driveway.

Weatherford free lacey smitten download epub

Tall Sycamore trees bordered the drive and disappeared around behind the structure. At the end of the drive, a large, russet concrete fountain sprayed water about two feet into the air from the top tier, before falling and running into a small, sparkling pool around the bottom.

A well-manicured patch of lawn, edged with beds full of riotous-colored flowers, surrounded the pool, spreading out to create a little island in the middle of the brick-laid driveway. My nerves skyrocketed. Hunter laughed loudly as he parked the Camaro.

This place would be a quaint cottage for Donald. He eyed me, flashing his perfect grin again. Relax, Cami. He hopped out of the car and jogged around to my door. I could tell he was excited as he held his hand out and pulled me from the car. I followed him up the red tiled steps, which led to the massive double front doors. Hunter pushed one side open, practically dragging me into the house behind him. My eyes gravitated to the middle of the soaring foyer where a giant wrought iron chandelier, layered with antique glass and small crystal prisms, hung.

The curve of an equally impressive staircase, which boasted a beautifully sculpted wrought iron banister, accentuated the placement of the fixture. Large paintings, depicting the Spanish countryside, graced the golden-washed walls, complimenting the orange-red color of the Saltillo tile on the floor. A tall man with black hair, slightly graying at the temples, entered the room.

He was dressed in a linen shirt unbuttoned at the neck, with dark pants and shoes. Hello, Dylan, he said in a rich, low voice, and I thought I detected a slight accent. He hugged Hunter affectionately before turning to me. And you must be Cami. Dylan has spoken nonstop about you. I mustered a somewhat nervous smile. Oh, sorry, I said, feeling my skin heat even more as I slipped my purse off my shoulder and handed it to him.

Your parents are on the back patio with Chris and Sheridan. They opted for a more relaxed environment and decided to do a barbeque for dinner tonight. You know how much your dad loves grilling. He gave me a quick squeeze as if he were trying to reassure me. I relaxed almost immediately. A barbeque? And Chris was here. I knew he was on my side. Hunter led me down the long hallway, which was as equally ornate as the foyer, with doorways and arched openings that branched off into other areas of the house, allowing me a peek at the richly decorated rooms.

This family was loaded. We reached a wall of wood and glass-paneled French doors. Wood beams crisscrossed over our heads, draped in fragrant honeysuckle vines, which artfully hid the misting system cooling the hot desert air. Plush, brightly-colored cushions decorated the wrought iron furniture arranged in a cozy seating area next to a large, wooden dining table and chairs.

At one end of the space, an unlit stone fireplace stood adjacent to a large built-in barbeque grill. A brown haired man in a white t-shirt and khaki colored pants stood with his back to us, a large metal spatula in his hand. Delicious aromas filled the air, and I felt my stomach rumble slightly. A large granite counter ran beside the grill, and behind it was what appeared to be a full bar. Chris and a woman with long brown hair sat on barstools sipping what looked like martinis.

A beautiful woman stood behind the counter shaking drinks and talking to them. Her black hair, cut in a trendy A-line bob, shook in unison with the motion of her hands. She was definitely the one he got his dark looks from.

She spied us then. Everyone turned to look. She set the shaker down and hurried over to us, giving Hunter a hug. Hi, Mom, he replied, releasing my hand to return her embrace tightly.

She was slightly taller than I was, and her figure was both shapely and curvy, shown off nicely in the sporty orange-striped tank top, white shorts, and matching sandals.

Somehow, she still managed to make the casual outfit seem fancy. It caught the light every time she moved her hand to pat his back. She let go of Hunter and turned to me, clasping me warmly.

We are so happy to finally have you here. Dylan has spoken so fondly of you.

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What she actually means is he never shuts up about you, Chris interjected with a laugh as he joined us. I smiled at Connie when she pulled away. I still have a hard time calling him Dylan. Old habits die hard. We call Dylan lots of names around here. Troublemaker, Stinker, Pain-in-the-butt are some that come to mind.

Cami, this is my dad. You can never believe anything that comes out of his mouth. I blushed again. Thank you for having me. Hunter definitely got his teasing personality from his dad. You might need to lay off the charm a bit, Dad, or Cami will be blushing all night long, Hunter said, laughing.

Weston smiled. Please excuse me, Cami. Come on, Hunter said, dragging me past his mom and Chris. His sister had turned on the barstool and was facing us, showing what I had missed before—her slightly rounded belly. She was pregnant. My eyes automatically flashed to the martini glass beside her on the counter, and she let out a little giggle. Only virgin drinks for me. She brushed her long brown hair over her shoulder and extended a slender hand toward me.

Chris and Dylan have both told me so much about you. Well, I hope it was all good. She resembled Weston more than Connie—a softer, more feminine, version of her father. Only the best. I locked eyes with Hunter, and he wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him. Is that true? I bet he does, Chris joked from behind me, and Hunter turned to punch him in the shoulder. We can hardly stand to be in the same room with you and Sheridan.

He gestured toward Sheridan. Which is plainly evident,. Chris laughed, running his hand through his short blond hair. Can you blame me? Look at her. He slid back into his seat beside Sheridan and leaned over to kiss her cheek. It was clear these two were crazy about each other. It was interesting to see Chris in this kind of environment. He was a total romantic. We want your feedback! Click here. Smitten Crush, no. Cami thinks life with her boyfriend, Hunter Wilder, is perfect. Then she finds out, not only is he wrapped up in a gang whose specialty is stealing cars, he's with another girl as well.

Hunter knows the gang leader, Ripper, is suspected of murder and he'll do anything to keep Cami safe—even faking a relationship with someone else. There's only one problem—Ripper's fallen hard for Cami, leaving Hunter to stand by and watch as he puts the moves on his girl. Both Cami and Hunter quickly learn it's hard to watch the one you love in the arms of another.

Will the two of them make it through this together? Or will their hot stolen kisses destroy everything? Publication Details Publisher: