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A PayPal Business Account; A Digital Store or A Sale Page Here you can provide the link to the ebook download page or any thank you page. After a successful transaction, the buyer is immediately sent back to a specific page where they could download the item. Note, using this. Selling Your eBook With PayPal Buttons – The Simple Steps A Download page (also called a “thank you page”) where customers can download your eBook.

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Sell your digital software, ebooks, or downloads online and in your mobile app with debit cards, PayPal, and other payment methods in your mobile app or website. If your average sale price is less than $10 per download, you could save. The customer having purchased your eBook is sent to a blog page with a link to download the file or eBook. Let's walk through the setup. Adding Paypal to Wordpress to sell an ebook, then redirect the buyer to a download page to get your ebook without the search engines finding this hidden page.

If you follow these steps you can set this up in about 20 min and start selling your knowledge online by adding PayPal to WordPress! Hang in there guys! This is not as ugly as it looks. Step 1: Create the web page you need to sell the product Step 2: Create and add a PayPal button to that page Step 3: Create the web page where people can download your eBook once purchased Step 4:

I know this was a lot to take in so if you have any questions just leave them in the comments below…. Autopilot Your Business is a hub of resources to help you automate your small business online.

PayPal Digital Products: Sell Digital Downloads Online - PayPal US

You know when you hang out with certain people and just feel good? Well that is certainly how I feel Step 2: These steps are allowing users to be redirected a your new product delivery page automatically after they buy something. Then, Create your PayPal button: Hey overwhelmed entrepreneurs!

Ebook page paypal download

Get free lessons to simplify your way to results The best thing is, it only take a few minutes to get up and running. Bloggers with little or no technical skills who want selling a product from a blog often choose to use the distinctive PayPal button notice the new design that is available.

PayPal is a solid secure system and easy to implement. The customer having purchased your eBook is sent to a blog page with a link to download the file or eBook.

Save your page, and now you should have a fully functional PayPal button. A second alternative you might consider is using one of the many free WordPress Plugins to add PayPal functionality to your website.

Download page ebook paypal

Customers buying a digital product will automatically receive an email with a link to download the digital file. You pay the normal PayPal transaction costs per sale.

How to automate ebook delivery after paypal payment

You can just copy and paste some lines of code to embed buy buttons, a widget with product description, or a simple store within any page on your site. Then install the paid PayPal app. A good thing about using PayPal this way is that you get loads of additional features to help you sell more digital downloads like video previews, multiple file downloads, PDF stamping, dropbox downloads, and files can be up to 15GB each.

There are no additional PayPal transaction costs. Selz host the files for you, and hosts the secure checkout.

It’s a complete payment solution.

Learn more about mobile in-app credit card processing. Micropayments can see macro savings. Learn about our micropayments pricing. Let customers pay over time for your digital products. Use recurring billing to automatically bill your customers.


Learn more about optional features and fees. Build your future with an affordable business loan. It's a complete payment solution Our merchant account services let you sell digital products by accepting credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payments via mobile devices, computers, and storefronts—all with clear, flat-rate pricing, no set up fees, and no long-term commitment.