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Beneath A Blood Red Moon - Shannon KB. 2. When Darkness Falls - Shannon Any Duchess Will Do - Tessa Romancing Free Pdf Epub Download. Jul 21st Any Duchess Will Do - Tessa Dare. Free Pdf. ANY DUCHESS WILL DO possesses all this and more!” ~Annie Tegelan a stocking-clad ankle. Sighing a little in apology, he rubbed his thumb up and down .

That and an assurance that everything is going to be fine in the end. And she has a sister, Daniela, who has a cognitive disability. Who she loves unreservedly and who she treats as a full human being. Not only annoying but offensive as all get out. In contrast, Daniela is a complete character with goals and dreams of her own and she is more than just a convenient plot device. The set-up of this book is pretty simple: And then some.

Again and again. I need grandchildren before my decline. Other than offering a firm push.

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Griff sighed. His mother was … his mother. There was no other woman in England like her, and the rest of the world had better pray God had broken the mold. Like the jewels she delighted in wearing, Judith York was a formidable blend of exterior polish and inner fire.

For most of the year, they led entirely separate lives. They only resided in the same house for these few months of the London season. Apparently, even that was too much.

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You must marry, and it must be soon. And I did, but you ignored them. I finally realized the answer is not quality. Are you taking me to some free-love utopian commune where men are permitted as many wives as they please?

Impressive, by most standards. But in the Halford line? Not quite enough. He glanced out the window again. They seemed to be entering a sort of village. He slid open the glass pane and discovered he could smell the sea. A salted-blue freshness mingled with the greener scents of countryside. The coach rolled to a halt in the center of the village, near a wide, pleasant green that ringed a grand medieval church.

He peered out the window, gazing in all directions. The place was far too small to be Brighton or …. When the fancy coach came trundling down the lane, Pauline scarcely gave it a glance. Many a fine carriage had come down that same road, bringing one visitor or another to the village. She was due at the tavern in minutes. Fosbury was a fair-minded employer, but he docked wages for tardiness.

And Father noticed.

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Frantic, Daniela fished in her pocket. Her eyes welled with tears. I remember it. Oh, and powdered alum. Mother needs it for pickling. While the visiting ladies met for their weekly salon, the villagers purchased their dry goods. Villagers like Mrs. The woman gave them a disdainful sniff as Pauline and Daniela wedged their way into the shop.

Pauline could just make out two flashes of white-blond hair on the other side of the counter. Sally Bright was busy with customers three deep, and her younger brother Rufus ran back and forth from the storeroom.

Fortunately, the Simms sisters had been friends with the Bright family since as far back as any of them could remember. You get the currants and alum. Two measures of currants, one of alum. Daniela carefully set the basket of brown speckled eggs on the counter and went to a row of bins. Her lips moved as she scanned for the one labeled currants. Then she frowned with concentration as she sifted the contents into a rolled cone of brown paper. When she returned, Daniela was waiting with goods in hand.

Sally Bright gave the woman a flippant smile. Pauline went to the ledger to record their purchases. She secretly loved this part. Just a promise she recited to herself, when the hours of farm and serving work lay heavy on her shoulders. She found the correct page. After the credit they earned from bringing in eggs, they only owed sixpence for the rest of their shopping. What on earth are you doing?

Whittlecombe slapped the counter again. Oh, bollocks. Pauline winced. She knew she should have done it herself. They were only a year apart in age, but so many more in understanding. Of all the things that came a bit more difficult for Daniela than other people—pronouncing words that ended in consonants, subtracting from numbers greater than ten—cruelty seemed the hardest concept for her to grasp.

Fine white sugar came dear. We should be real sisters, if my brother Errol had any sense in his head. Pauline shook her head. I should have done it myself, but I was in a hurry. And now she would certainly be late for her post at the Bull and Blossom. This day only grew worse and worse. In the corner, Daniela had finally realized the consequences of her error.

She knew she did. Several pages beyond the Simms family account, there was a page labeled simply pauline—and it showed precisely two pounds, four shillings, and eight pence of credit accrued. It was the closest thing to a bank account a serving girl like her could have.

Saving for something better, for her and Daniela both. Saving for someday. Eleven shillings, eight pence left. Rufus, apparently ashamed of his earlier behavior, offered his arm. Come along, Danny. It was her daily task to gather the eggs, count and candle them, and prepare them to sell. In return, Pauline gave her a penny a week.

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Every Saturday evening she watched Daniela carefully add the coin to an old, battered tea tin. She would shake the tin and grin, satisfied with the rattling sound.

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It was a ritual that pleased them both. The next morning the same treasured penny went into the church offering—every Sunday, without fail. Once Rufus and Daniela had left, Mrs. Whittlecombe crowed with satisfaction. Pauline flinched inwardly. Not that phrase.

Always in that same pitying tone, usually accompanied by a clucking tongue: In other words, no one expected them to do a cursed thing right. How could they? Two unwanted daughters in a family with no sons.

One simple-minded, the other lacking in every feminine grace. Not only had everything gone wrong, but as she regarded Mrs. Anger bloomed in her chest like a predatory vine, all sharp needles and grasping tendrils. The old woman placed two bottles of tonic in her netted bag. Her hands balled into tight fists at her side. She is a person. Just like all people make mistakes. The room exploded in a blizzard of white, and Mrs. The sense of divine retribution that settled on Pauline … it was almost worth all that hard-earned money.

Griff regarded his mother and that smug smile curving her lips. It was diabolical. This seaside hamlet was where old maids went to embroider and consumptives went to dry. She motioned toward a lodging house.

Any Duchess Will Do, Tessa Dare

Griff blinked at the green shutters and cheery window boxes stuffed with geraniums. By squinting at the sign hung over the red-painted door, he discerned it was called the Bull and Blossom.

He gestured expansively. Take a suite at the rooming house. Enjoy the healthful sea breezes. The unmarriageable ones. For the obvious reasons, he avoided discussing his affaires with her. Your reputation leaves a great deal to be desired. By his estimation, his cock had a good three decades of working order ahead, at least. She turned and walked on. A village of desperate spinsters is precisely what we need. You must admit, this worked nicely for that scampish friend of yours, Lord Payne.

Curse that rogue Colin Sandhurst and his bespectacled, bookish bride. But their situations were completely different. Neither was he desperate for companionship. He could have taken her into the tavern, ordered a few large glasses of wine, and taken an hour or two to explain everything. Her only son would not be merely a blot on the distinguished Halford line, but the very end of it, forever, and the family legacy she held so dear was destined for obscurity.

Her hopes of grandchildren would come to naught. Not even today, when she was at her most infuriating. The Spindle Cove books, in particular, are wonderful. In general, I try not to comment on reviews of my books, but I just love this bit at the end about speculative fiction and historicals!

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Thank you. Some want a more immersive historical experience and resent those modern intrusions. The genre is best served when we have a wide variety.

I am seriously thinking about writing a longer piece on this particular idea. The interest is in how the author plays in that particular sandbox. The heightened or imagined elements of the world can often bring out real emotions.

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I really liked the first two books in the James series, too, which is why that one was so very upsetting to me, not just because of my personal circumstances. Internal logic is a huge factor in whether or not these books work for me.

There were too many things that felt wrong. Share this: I'm a lifelong geek with a passion for books and social justice. Criticism, Reader Shame, and Problematic Books. Thanks for the whole review, btw! Also, thank you for Daniela.