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Gixen is a FREE eBay Auction Sniper Service. No download required! sniping service, unmatched by any other sniping service or sniping software. For users who are frustrated by being outbid in the last seconds of an eBay auction, BayGenie makes you that last-second bidder. This unique software lets you automatically bid on a product as the clock winds down, no matter where you are. BayGenie eBay Auction Sniper Free places. This application tracks and manage your eBay auctions privately and automatically bids in the last seconds on auction you choose (sniping). It supports main eBay US sites and many International sites and currencies too. Place bids in the last seconds of eBay auctions.

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Online auction sniping software. The most effective unattended esnipe auction sniping. Snipe ebay auction sites. Find out why EZ sniper is the best eBay auction sniper available. There is nothing to download or install on your computer. Download esniper: a lightweight eBay sniping tool for free. esniper is a lightweight console application for sniping eBay auctions. esniper is a simple, lightweight tool for sniping ebay auctions. You can download the source code of the latest released version, report bugs, and do a bunch.

This application tracks and manage your eBay auctions privately and automatically bids in the last seconds on auction you choose sniping. It supports main eBay US sites and many International sites and currencies too. It will bid anytime anywhere. You can specify your bid time. Was this review helpful?

You may be slightly surprised that this service costs anything at all?

esniper: a lightweight eBay sniping tool

A lot of people I speak to expect snipers to be free, as it is a fairly simple tool at the end of the day. I had a problem when creating an account with Auction Sniper and it said my username was incorrect:. I then tried to create an account on Gixen and got an error there as well turns out it was because I had recently changed my eBay password but in this case I was given the correct error message which actually solved my problem:.

Last but not least in our showdown we have Goofbid. First up is Auction Sniper, and after creating an account their site is very easy to use and quite well designed. The sniping process itself is extremely easy — you just enter the item number copy and paste it from the eBay listing , your max bid, and the lead time how long before the auction ends that you want your bid to be placed , which I left at 3 seconds.

The first snipe that I set up, for an A Walk Among the Tombstones Blu-ray, lost but everything seemed to have worked fine. My maximum bid did register, without me having to do anything, but someone else happened to bid more: I am NOT looking for bargains or things that can be resold for a profit so please bear that in mind — this is just a test of the snipers.

Comparing the bid times to the auction end times, I can see that my first bid was placed exactly 4 seconds before the end of the auction, so not quite the claimed 3 seconds but close enough!

However the winning bid was placed 7 seconds before the end of the auction, which is more than two times longer than it should have been…. You may think I am nitpicking needlessly here but at the end of the day these tools are all about their accuracy and 7 seconds is probably enough time for another bidder to manually react, defeating the whole purpose of using a sniper!

As well as this, you use get some additional features, such as more control over group bidding and the ability to set the snipe time from seconds.

For the free service this is set at 6 seconds but other than that the sniping process is exactly the same, so the review applies either way. Grouping is actually a very useful tool, as it allows you to set snipes for multiple items when you only want to win one of them.

Last up we have Goofbid and my initial impressions are fairly positive — the design of the site is excellent clean and professional and without the obtrusive adverts that plagued Gixen somewhat and the process of setting up a snipe was very easy. On this occasion it was first time lucky as my snipe for a Batman Blu-ray steelbook won, beating out another bidder by 50p. If you go to their homepage, it appears as though the auction sniper is free and just has an option of a professional package if you want the extra features.

In my opinion this is very misleading. But moving on… as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I wanted to pit all three snipers against each other for the final test, and to do this I wanted to find a product that nobody has bid on — to keep things simple and easy.

Unfortunately the result was very anti-climatic, with all 3 snipers claiming they won the item! After some investigating I found out this is just due to how these sniping tools work, by actually logging in and placing the bid for you — so all three registered the bid as being placed…. The things I do for my blog readers! Point no. They both did their jobs as advertised, they were easy to use, all snipes were editable and cancellable, they both kept a record of lost snipes, won snipes, and upcoming snipes, the bids were placed to within a second of accuracy etc.

1-Click Ebay Snipe (Free, Unlimited)

They just worked! Gixen wins out on simplicity and ease of use but Goofbid has a nicer design and some people might find the ads on Gixen too obtrusive. And there you have it — Gixen is my current recommendation for the best free eBay auction sniper!

Using a sniper should allow you to buy your products more efficiently and for less and that just means more money in your pocket at the end of the day. Gixen was usable, but with their new policy to authorise them in ebay, they are worth nothing. It causes just a lot of trouble. Suppose they need to milk more money. Congratulations on a great service, well written and to the point. Thanks Andrew. Thank you for all hard work you did and I learned alot about the subject at hand.

I needed this info. I appreciate the hard work teaching me about these three snipe sites. Very valuable info. Thanks for very informative trial, but in reality there can be three or more bidders using sniping software on the same item, what make one of them win, and not the others would have been a good test, thanks again Harry.

When I was looking around for this type of information I was suprised to not find that anybody had made a review by pitting the different tools against eachother in a bidding war.

Would be easy enough to set up with different e-bay accounts. Naturally you would also be the seller. Have you seen anything like that? So the sniping tool sneaks in there before the last second and I guess negates the high bid that I had set.

Thanks for this post. I will get me a one of these. How do you do it? How do you view the current bid without using F5 over and over? Your review was great, and very helpful for me. So a big Thank You! I just returned to use Gixen tonight to find out they no longer use your ebay sign in.

You may have better luck. Thanks for the helpful review. However… What would make them better is if you removed the social buttons on the left hand side which obscure the first words of each sentence in the text on my laptop. I have had to dodge them all the way down the page to read your words. In the past I used both Hidbid and Gixen, both work equally well.

Thanks Andrew, that was a great review, I was looking to update my sniper software, I have been using Ez sniper for over 10 Years now and I think I am getting pipped at the post just lately.

Could have been my fault for missing a notification, not sure. That motivated me to look at what else was available and I found this article. Just found you! I was looking for a sniping service. Very helpful article. Goofbid turned me off about being misleading as one is getting started… Was wondering if Gixen is still your favorite in ? Thanks so much. Brilliant article.

Program download ebay sniper for

So well researched and explained. Needed to axe Auction Sniper and your blog showed me some great alternatives. Very useful article thanks. Oh, should have read your comment before posting mine above! So did you find this with all Sniper programs or only used Gixen since you had issues? Any ideas Andrew too? Andrew, this is a good article. I love it, and it has sniped many successful eBay auctions for me since I started using it years ago.

Give it a look at http: Hi Andrew, I used a Gixen before,but lately he started not placing a bids for me,lots of times i have lost. Then i went for goofbid and it works well for me,so far no issues,have to say i snipe a lot every day.

That could be an important 6 seconds allowing someone else to bid manually. I think I will upgrade to Gixen Mirror. Goofbid claim Thanks for this Andrew, just the information I was after. Thank you for the very interesting and useful review. There is an important update that you may wish to add to your blog. That is that Goofbid have withdrawn their free service. Apparently this is due to not having enough income to make the free service economic. Its fine for a buyer who places many bids but for the occasional user it makes it too pricey.

Goofbid have now started charging a yearly fee to use their service, as of January , so I think that tips things to Gixen.

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Yes, as others have pointed out, GoofBid is not free anymore so have to use alternatives if not willing to pay. Thanks for a great article Andrew, just for info. One small difference between Gixen and Goofbid: That said, I use Goofbid, and it has been very successful. What about myibidder. Not bad. I use myibidder as well. They are great and easy to use. Always quick to respond with customer service. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain sniping, test the free apps and share this valuable information with folks like me who are so frustrated with being on the losing end of those bidding situations.

So many times sitting by the computer, waiting for the last few minutes, placing the only bid on the item, then losing it in the last few seconds with no recourse. Hate, hate, hate it! I hope I can make the transition from hating to being the one hated. Hi Andrew. I just stopped by here somewhat randomly and decided to comment to give you a bit of support.

Occasionally — but rarely — there have been glitches when eBay updates their site, causing Gixen to have to update their software and thus not being able to execute my snipes for, say, a day.

Thanks for your review. I heard there is sniping software that lets u bid but blocks other sniping software from bidding against you have u heard of this? I have used Gixen four times now and i have not lost an auction yet. Thanks for the good review and research. Andrew, thank you for a well done review. I hope you can sell the Justin Bieber vid to someone who wants it. I have used Gixen twice.

I won both auctions. I will try the other recommended snipers to see which one I like best. Gixen is now my choice. I would have liked to seen a test of all three bidding on the same item, but from three different accounts.

You need two friends to help you. I always manually snipe in the last few seconds. Have you come across such as sniper server drop outs at unfortunate moments? It can happen with snipers too of course, especially when they bid on an item against other snipers. But in general, using snipers is a much more accurate and reliable way of placing last second bids, compared to manual way.

There used to be a program, Buyertools Reminder, that did all these things very successfully without needing to reveal login credentials. It supported group bidding. Of course, it depended upon the reliability of your Internet connection. Now and again it failed for a while when eBay changed its layout and the program was not updated fast enough the sites reviewed here have the same risk. Several years ago it stopped working, and no update was produced. Thank you so much.

Last time I deliberately went quite beyond what we could comfortably pay because I was sick of the same two bidders sniping me. I realised it was going to happen again so I deliberately drove up the price. One of them did. Anyway, being a sniper for the fabric, playing them at their own game, is clearly the only way I stand a chance of being able to cover our now very shabby sofa and to make matching curtains.

How dumb you are, Angela. You did not do that bidder any harm. He put his limit and it was that limit he bought the fabric. No wonder you are poor, if you are too dumb to understand such simple facts. Nobody has any obligation to sell you on the cheap. Is it not dangerous to enter your ebay username and password on a website owned by a stranger?

Sniper program ebay download for

They only use SSL for the authentication page. Everything else is sent in the clear, with no encryption at all. This means eBay is vulnerable to all kinds of MitM attacks and all of your search and bid history can be seen by anyone who can see your net traffic.

Gixen is a pain in the Azz. They changed there sign on format sometime back , where that change asks put in your original username which was your email address. Now it requires you to not use your email address as your username. Good luck with your ships and if you used to have the original username is your email address. So frustrating. Thanks for doing all that work. I am just about to sign up with Goofbid now.

I find them generally to be very good at placing the bids all my snipes have gone through on time but too often lately their website has been suffering from long spells of downtime. It seems to be a one-man operation so you just have to wait until he gets around to fixing the problem. The system software is somwhat outdated but the last effective for PPC Macs. Another negative about Auctionsniper.

I have been using it for quite a while. Every once in a while it fails to place my bid. I am told it is some problem about logging in. I have lost some items that I really wanted because of this. They told me they are working on the problem, but apparently no solution has been found. Trying out Gixen now. I have used Goofbid successfully for several months, but recently noticed a major flaw: I happen to have 2 different accounts with ebay, but signed up for Goofbid with only one account.

However, a few times now Goofbid has placed bids for an item under BOTH my accounts, meaning that I actually ended up bidding against myself! For 2 items, there were only two bidders — both of them me, my different ebay IDs. Agree with the above commenters, particularly Mike: I found this excellent page looking for an alternative to Auction Sniper. I used it and found it excellent until this summer, when quite at random it missed some key auctions while completing the next. From Myibay: What do you need to know about free software?

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Pros Save your money and only get the free version of this app. Cons very very good Reply to this review Was this review helpful? Pros The main advantage of a program in my opinion is that the rate after you asked her to bid sniper, is done from the server, even when the computer is turned off. Cons It at ebay protection against hackers. Summary myibay Auction sniper software - programs that without you place a bet on your chosen Ebay-auction.

Reply to this review Was this review helpful? Cons Too often there is a glitch and the bid doesn't go in. Summary Too often there is a glitch and the bid doesn't go in. Pros none at all Cons bought this program thinking it communicates with ebay- wrong. Summary scam its a fishing program. Reply to this review Read reply 1 Was this review helpful?

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