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Quinn Loftis - Prince Of Wolves. Quinn Loftis - Just One Drop. Quinn Loftis - Dream Of Me. Quinn Loftis - Blood Rites. Pintip Dunn - Forgotten Tomorrow. In the cage, I dont make a show of it. I storm to my corner, stand there, and finally lift my gaze to Don.

He stares back at me with that smug little twitch on his lips and I cant wait to knock it clean off his face. The announcer does the introductions and rattles off a great big list of sponsors. I hear none of it. All of my attention is focused on the pussy of a man who threatens everything Ive worked so hard for. Every second that passes I grow more and more anxious.

I begin to paceleft a few steps and then right a few steps. My fingers clench and unclench involuntarily and I can hear Darryl and. Jackson in my corner telling me to get out of my own head, to not let Don get to me. I cant. My hatred for him is consuming me inch by inch. Seth, Olivias voice filters through my ears over the roar of the crowd and drowns out Darryl and Jackson. I turn toward her. Shes up on the ring, her slender fingers hooking around the cage, and as soon as my eyes lock with hers, my anxiety floats away.

You are in control, she tells me as I step closer to her. He underestimates you. He thinks youre a stupid boy who poses no threat. Her plump, pink lips curl into a sexy, dark smirkthe kind of darkness I only see in her when were seconds away from fucking. Show him how dangerous you are. Youre stronger than him in every way and I want you to prove it.

I grip the cage and bring my face closer to hers. Our lips barely graze through the links and if my blood wasnt already boiling and rushing through my veins, Im sure it would have pooled in my cock, making it hard for all to see.

You want me to hurt him? I ask, desperately wanting her to nod. Instead, she shakes her head and I feel defiance grow in my chest. Nothing can stop me from putting Don in his place, not even Olivia. I want you to destroy him, she whispers. Well, Ill be damned. I never thought Id see the day Olivia would encourage me to beat the shit out of someone. I guess Ive rubbed off on her in more ways than one.

I hook a finger around a cage link, only just managing to catch the collar of her SETH shirt.

Too Consumed (Consumed, #2)

I pull her forward, closing the tiny gap between our lips. I flick my tongue against her bottom lip, but she refuses to open her. Shes too shy to kiss on television, how cute. I suck her bottom lip into my mouth and bite down. Like I planned, she opens her mouth with a gasp and allows me a few quick and hungry strokes of her tongue. She pulls back, panting heavily. Win for me? I smile at her. With pleasure. I face Don with a new passion, the same passion that has driven me to work harderto give Olivia everything she has ever wanted.

I dont care how pussy I sound. I cant play indifferent when it comes to her, I never could. Ill take all of the pussy whipped and I can see your vagina comments with a wide smile on my face. Not a second later, the bell rings and Im out of my corner and in the middle of the ring. Don extends his arm to me, his palm wide and expecting. He is out of his fucking mind if he thinks Im going to touch him with anything other than my fists.

I have no. Hes lucky I dont snap his fucking wrist right this second. I grit my teeth as he pulls his hand back and smiles at me, exposing his red mouthguard. I launch forward, swinging with everything that I have and connecting with his stomach. He stumbles backwards, completely dazed by my abrupt attack. I had no better plan other than destroy him. The more I hit him and when I say hit him, I mean absolutely slam my fists into his stomach , the more I realize hes no longer moving.

His body has stopped reacting to my hands. I hit him again and again but draw no satisfaction from it. Only anger. I stop, completely out of breath and glance around the cage. The arena is empty. Were alone. I turn back to Don, hes gone and the figure replacing him is a face I despise just as much. I take in his lifelike formtall, solid, graying hair and angular features he seems healthy, nothing like the sickly thin man I saw on his deathbed.

Where is everybody? I frown, taking in the abandoned arena. Theres nothing here not even rubbish. They were here a second ago. But theyre gone now. Whatd you do to scare them off? I step toward him but Im stopped in my tracks as Don appears out of thin air and hits me square in the mouth before disappearing again. I stumble backwards, clenching my mouth as pain radiates through my jaw. I cant taste my blood, but I can feel it trickling from my mouth.

I spit and watch the red blood collide with the clean mat. I hate bleeding. Youve come to torment me? I snap. Heat floods me, filling my chest with a fury. Ive come to level you. Youre getting too full of yourself. You have a high paying job, a big house, carseven a beautiful wife, but dont think for a second theyre yours forever.

Pain slams into my kidneys and Im thrust to the side. I snap around but Don is gone. I hear my breathing in my ears as my chest begins to rise and fall rapidly. My temper is getting the best of me if Im not careful Im going to end up punching my own father in the mouth. Somehow, Ive managed to avoid it for most of my life, but right now hes dancing dangerously close.

You know, I growl, my suddenly bare fingers twitching at my sides. Im not as bad as you say I am. Because she told you youre good? I inhale slowly in an effort to calm myself.

It works temporarily at least. I am good. Dad tosses his head back and laughs. I hate to break it to you, boy, but she is in no position to call anyone good. I frown. You think shes good? She mightve been once upon a time, before you sank your dirty, spoiled claws into her. How fucking dare you! My entire body tightensmy muscles threatening to crampand I spring forward before punching my own father in the mouth.

It tosses his head to the side, but he recovers quickly. The hit barely causes damage and its a sad realization when you discover youre more upset about not splitting your fathers lip than acting out and hitting him. I growl until it burns my throat and I try again. Same result. I want to hurt him, damn it! I try again and again until my chest burns and my knuckles ache.

Fail its all I ever do when it comes to him. With a heavy exhale, I fall to my knees at his feet. What did I ever do to you? I pant, shaking my head. Ive never felt so weak in my life and the sound of my own voice pleading at his feet disappoints me. You exist, you poison people, and you have no respect for anyonetake your pick. I glance up at him. The way I am rests squarely on your shoulders. Im the consequence of your inability to be a decent parent.

My lips begin to pull wider as I look at him. Mom became an alcoholic, did you know that? She lost her job, she lost everything, and guess who helped her? I push myself back onto my feet and draw myself to full height. You remember your good daughter, Maddison? Yeah, well she was stripping for cash in Vegas and guess who helped her out of it?

As for Olivia, she was stuck in a dead-end relationship with a guy who treated her like shit. Want to take a shot. Dad glares at me, his brown eyes feeling like daggers in my flesh. Thats right, old man. I helped her and I treat her like the fucking queen that she is. Sure, she likes to get a little naughty, but that doesnt affect who she is deep down. I shake my head. As for Mom and Maddi, I was the one that put our lives back together after your inconvenient death tore it apart.

While were at it, and seeing as you claim to know everything about my new life, ask yourself how many times Ive visited your grave?

He pales in the face and the thought of hurting him as much as hes hurt me spurs me on. Ask yourself how many times Ive brought you up in conversation other than to shit on your memory?

I wait for his reply. My lips twitch. Thought so. Then his hand whips out and slaps against the side of my face before I see it coming. My skin burns as heat spreads over the surface, but I dont dare let my eyes fall from his pissed off face.

I wonder if his face would crack and fall to pieces if he smiled? I continue to glare at him as he fades away into nothing. I shake my forearm as an unbearable pressure radiates from my elbow. I blink once, no, twice and before I know it, Im on my back and Don has his legs over my chest while he straightens my arm out.

I feel my joint pop and I shout out in pain. No, no, no, no, no. I try to pull away but it only makes the pain worse. Multiple people are screaming my name, but I cant single them out. Theres a second pop and my free arm feels heavy, like its made from solid gold and I cant tap. Under my straightened arm,. I shoot up in bed, panting as though Ive run a mile.

I hear her husky, tired voice before I feel her warm, soothing hands on my body. I hang my head as her soft skin travels across my chest and down my spine simultaneously.

I close my eyes and let her bring me back to reality. Im not in an arena fighting Don. Im in bed with my wife, my good wife my damn good wife. I fall back against the bed and lift an arm up for Olivia. She snuggles right into my chest and I sling my arm around her shoulders, pulling her in as close as I can. You have that dream again? It feels good.

She slides closer, pressing her firm, silky body harder against me. Its over now, she says. Youre here with me. I let the words sink in.

She presses her lips against my side and my body shivers. Its not a normal shiver. Its the kind of shiver only she can draw out of me, the kind that causes goosebumps to erupt over my skin. The shiver electrifies my blood, sending it pumping rapidly through my system down to my cock, stirring it from its sleep. Olivia drags her fingers delicately down my stomach to my hips and her fingers dance in small circles that wouldve put me to sleep if I wasnt so painfully hard. I flex my hips into her hand, hoping shell get the hintand she does.

Her fingers hook around the band to my shorts and I lift my hips as. Being the gentleman that I am, I help her with the other side. Olivia sits up, slinging a leg over my body and straddling me low on my hips. I can feel her bare, wet pussy on my flesh as she rubs her hands up and down my chest. She leans forward, barely putting any pressure on my body, and kisses me right on the chest.

Again and again she kisses me while her hands glide over my skin. I groan as she lifts her ass, letting my cock slip between us, then she lowers herself, letting her center press against my shaft. My breath hitches as her hot, wetness coats me. Shes teasing me, allowing me to feel her without letting me inside and I like it. I dont want her to give it to me straight away. I want her to toy with me, to drive me crazy with her body, and when I cant take it anymore, I want her to give it to me, forcing me to start the sweet torture all over again.

She knows exactly what shes doing, something I never guessed when I met. In public, Olivia appears innocent. Her eyes are bright and sweet, tricking you into thinking shes never touched a dick before in her life, but when were alone, she changes. Her inner darkness is brought out, the innocence fades and the bright lights in her eyes dim, morphing into a naughty smolder.

Forever Consumed (Consumed #3) by Skyla Madi Epub | Thorax | Human Anatomy

Behind closed doors, she knows exactly how to handle me. Olivia is an undeniable force on long legs and subtle curves all wrapped up with pretty green eyes. The perfect package.

Epub skyla download consumed madi

She often says that she is consumed by me, but it is I that is consumed by her. Her mind doesnt work like anyone elses. Someone looks at her and she thinks theres something wrong with her dress or her hair, but when I see them look at her, I see the desire and envy as clear as day.

Dragging her kisses up my neck, she begins to rock her hips, sensually sliding herself up and down my length. She feels amazingbeyond amazingand I havent even. I close my eyes while her hands delicately massage my chest and she leans forward, resting her forehead against mine.

I wish it was bright in here so I could see her face, so I could see her body against mine and the look on her face when I make her come. Do you like it when I go slow? I smile and drag the very tips of my fingers along her thighs. Her muscles tremble as I lift my head off the pillow and suck her bottom lip into my mouth. She gasps, her hot breath flowing from her in excited pants. I release her lip. You know I love it. In response, she slides against me again and again, pushing me closer to the edge.

I grip her hips, unable to keep my hands off her for another second. I dig my fingers in, forcing her to move in quicker strokes. You know what else I love? She moans, her hands no longer massaging my chest, but digging in. Making you come. Olivia whimpers and her thigh muscles squeeze my hips. You love it? I shiver. Fuck yeah, I do. Then do it, she demands.

She shudders against a tremor and inhales sharply as she moves more frantically. Please do it. I feel my own lips twitch as I buck my hips and roll her off me. She gasps as I push her hard into the mattress and reach between us. Her heady breath is almost a sob as she feels my hand glide against her inner thigh. Im barely making contact and yet she shivers at the slightest graze. I lower my mouth and kiss her neck while I rub my hard cock up and down her lips.

Immediately, Olivias body moves of its own accord, lifting to push against mine and urging me to take her. Her hands move up my shoulders and tighten in. Fireworks are going off inside me, setting off every cell and every vessel, but I manage to keep my composure.

My strategically placed kisses find her mouth again, and I kiss her hungrilypassionately. The passion I show my wife is a different kind of passion than I show or have shown to anybody else. The passion I spend on Olivia is fueled by love and lust. Its never been like this with anyone else. Make no mistake, anyone can be passionate, but it takes real love to be passionate over and over, time and time again. Ill never tire of her warm skin, firm or soft.

Ill never tire of her big, round breasts, perky or not, and Ill never tire of her warm smile or bright green eyes. Shes mine, in sickness and in health, till death do us partscratch thateven in the afterlife shes mine and Ill fight any spirity-ghost bastard that attempts to fuck this up.

I completely consume her mouth with my own, tasting every inch of her as I push myself inside the sweet opening between her legs. Shes warmso fucking warmand I stop as her walls clench me. I shut my eyes briefly and swallow hard.

I didnt stop to tease her, I stopped because Im close to combusting.

More, she rasps against my lips. I push further, abandoning her mouth and dropping my forehead against hers. Its going to take a hell of a lot of focus not to let myself go and fuck her into oblivion. Olivias back arches and I grit my teeth. Itd be easier for me not to come if she wasnt so Goddamn sexy.

More, she demands, rocking her hips. All of you, I want all of you. How can I ignore such a plea? I stare her dead in the eyes, and even in the extremely dim lighting, I see them flare. You want all of me? I ask. She nods and I thrust hard. She digs her nails into my hips, pulling me closer, but I stop again and she growls, making me chuckle under my breath. She rolls her hips and I thrust into her again and again.

I go harder and harder until I feel her deliciously tight pussy grip me. After that, it doesnt take long for her to completely break apart underneath me, milking me into my own orgasm. I ride it out until my body spasms at the mere touch of her soft walls. My arms tremble and I lower myself, careful not to drop all of my weight onto her smaller frame.

Do you feel better? I kiss her shoulder. I felt better the second I woke up and heard your voice. The dreams will stop once this is all over. I nod, choosing not to tell her that her words dont sound as convincing as Im sure she means them to be.

And no matter which way it goes, youll always have me. I lift my head and search for her eyes in the faint light.

That means more to me than anything else. She kisses me softly, and its in times like these Im glad no one else is around. The mere thought of anyone else listening in on our private sappy conversations makes me cringe. Whenever Darryl speaks to his wife on the phone, he makes no effort to hide his love-struck side and I tease him for it, calling him pussy related names.

I know, how contradictory of me. I cant help it. I deflect. Its what I do. If theres one thing Olivia has made me see its how I contradict myself. I told Olivia I didnt want to have sex with her and I had sex with her. I told her that I didnt want a relationship, then I asked her to be my girlfriend, and then I married her. That is C. Since then, Ive.

Now, for the easy part. Ask me if I care Do I care? I dont. The poets have it right, you know, love makes you do things you swear youll never do. Those sons of bitches need medals or something because Im living proof of their words. I roll off Olivia and onto my back. Instantly, she tucks herself into my side. In all seriousness, Im glad I contradicted myself. If I didnt, Id have missed out on Olivia. Id have missed out on the chance to be good.

Chapter Two Olivia His hands hit the large gloves in quick patterns and my entire body vibrates, humming with arousal. Its mesmerizing. Every retraction and strike captivates me, forbidding me to look away. My lips part as his large, firm arms extend until theyre fully straight, showing off all of his delicious ropes of muscle that make up those fucking fantastic limbs.

Man, if I was given a dollar every time I was rendered useless just by watching him, Id be a millionaire and then Id spend that money on a home gym and watch from the comfort of my own house. Thats the life. You should take a picture, it lasts longer, Seth teases from the cage. I sigh and watch his thick fingers curl around the wire of the cage. Wait, what? I blink quickly and drag my gaze to his.

He smiles down at me wickedly, and I feel my. I swallow my embarrassment at being caught staring at him and cover it with a smirk. Youre too cocky for your own good, you know. I shift my weight onto my right leg and fold my arms.

I was merely watching your technique. You dont seem to punch as hard as you used to. Im messing with him. Seth is forever trying to impress me, and of course he always does, but Im in the mood to torment him today. He deserves it. This morning in the shower he said there was a huge spider in the drain. Of course there wasnt, but it still made me cry. I shouldve known he was only messing with methe whole time he was laughing. Seths smile fades and his brows furrow.

Are you tired? I ask, pushing further. Did you eat enough for breakfast? Im fine, he snaps, whirling on his heel and storming back to the center of the ring.

He lifts his gloves, bringing them closer to his face. He nods to Jackson, who shakes his head at me. I shrug. If Jackson cant take one of Seths full power punches, then maybe he shouldnt get into the cage with him. Jackson has been nominated as Seths new in-house sparring partner.

When Seth first started his training camp, the MMAC provided him with eight new sparring partners, but Seth being Seth, refused them all. He doesnt trust the MMAC. Matt Somers has been playing both sides of the field since he announced the third and final fight months ago.

You really shouldnt have said that. Darryl sighs, strolling up beside me. I fold my arms. I had to get him to stop looking at me like that somehow. Our conversation ends as Seths gloved fists slam into Jacksons wide, black gloves with a loud slap. Slap, slap. Slap after slap sounded, making my heart stutter every time, and soon I fell back into la la land, watching my hot-as-hell husband duck and dodge as he throws combos at Jackson. Seth looks amazingbetter than amazinghe looks flawless, more flawless than he ever haswhich is an accomplishment all on its own.

Not everybody can improve upon perfection.

Consumed skyla madi epub download

His muscles are more prominent, his arms wider, his legs thicker, and his determination stronger than ever before. Don Russell took from Seth and Seth doesnt fare well when his things are taken.

Darryl exhales and scribbles notes into his green clipboard. I suppose it wouldnt hurt to push him harder. His times are slacking since his last fight. Hes having trouble sleeping, too, I confess, glancing briefly at Darryl who widens his eyes at me, offended.

Youd think hes a. Its not his fault. Yeah, well, he needs to sort his shit out before it gets the best of him. If he loses this fight, his time in the MMAC will be over before it even begins.

I nod, watching Seth and the way his sweat glistens off his hard torso. We know the repercussions of this final fight we know the MMAC is exploiting the relationship between Seth and Don for their own monetary gain, but theyre also fishing to see whos the better fighter.

Darryl thinks there are a few people on the MMAC board that believe Don is a better fighter and would love to see Seth be replaced. Talk to him about it, Darryl. Youre his coach.

He laughs once. That means nothing anymore. Youre the only one he listens to, and besides, were the same sex. Hell punch me in the mouth long before he punches you. I roll my eyes.

For forty minutes Seth pushes himself harder and harder. The harder he hits, the more frustrated he gets and I wonder if maybe I shouldnt have teased him. I take in his entire form tall, muscular, and dangerous.

He holds a lot of responsibility on his shoulders and I dont care who you are, no one is strong enough to carry the weight of the world. Darryl shouts, making me jump. Seth lowers his hands, panting heavily.

I gulp as he strides across the ring, each step seeming more aggressive than the last. In no time flat, hes leaning against the cage, and though I thought he was angry, he smirks at me.

I open my mouth to agree, but Darryl chimes in over the top. Better than this morning, but not as good as last month. Whats wrong, Seth? Seths eyes narrow and his lips purse.

Without a word, he pushes off the cage and storms over to the gate. My entire body tightens with anticipation as he pulls it open and storms down the steps. His dark stare flicks onto my face and Im trappedunable to look away. My knees turn buttery the closer he gets and if I focus hard enough, I can hear my hormones multiplying by the second. I catch the corner of my lip between my teeth and thank God humans cant read minds. Seth would have me locked up in an insane asylum pronto if he heard half of the crazy, obsessed thoughts I have about him.

Im fine, he growls as he passes Darryl. Never better. You may be, but youre times arent. Seth snatches my elbow, squeezing tightly as he pulls me away from the cage. I glance over my shoulder at Darryl and he closes his clipboard, giving me the look. I know exactly what it means. Its up to me to talk to. Seth, to motivate him. According to everyone else, Im the only one he listens to.

According to me, he doesnt do anything I say unless Im begging him to fuck me. I let Seth pull me through the training room without a fight. Its set up is state of the art and its obvious the MMAC spares no expense when it comes to their fighters. Ive never seen so many machines. Seth pulls me all the way into the shower room and finally releases my arms as the door closes behind us.

Sadly, Im getting used to the inside of a males only bathroom. The cool, white bricks are cold against my skin as I lean against the wall. I let my head angle lazily to the side as Seth pulls his black tank top over his head and tosses it to the floor. His back is to me and my stare automatically sticks to every rise and depression. I know his body so well I can feel it under my fingertips without even touching him.

Maybe Darryl is right I say, feeling confident now his intense eyes arent on me. Seth doesnt rush to respond. In fact, he doesnt even look at me. Instead, he leans in to turn on the open floor shower. Immediately, the hot water begins to steam up the room, feeling heavy in my lungs as it settles.

I wait, patiently, for Seth to speak to me. Two minutes pass and all hes managed to do is hold his hand under the stream of hot water. Seth He whips around and glares up at me from under his brow, making me gasp. Only he has the intensity to make someone gasp aloud. Youre going to give me a lecture now, too? No, I He starts forward, his aggressive and predatory steps swallowing the distance between us and forcing me to swallow my.

I brace myself against the wall, expecting some kind of show of dominance, instead he stops three feet away. Strangely, I feel cold I want his warm body on mine.

Unable to resist his pull, I inch closer. Im not trying to lecture you I just want to help I dont need help, he snaps at me and I back up an inch. Im fine going at my own pace. And when Don beats you? He jolts forward, pushing me hard against the wall. Theres the show of dominance I was expecting. I dont falter, not because Im not scaredno, Im scaredIm fucking terrified. I dont falter because I know it upsets him when I let him get to me.

His chest is flush against mine and his thigh forces itself between my legs. Im pinnedcompletely immobilized. You think hell beat me? Seth growls and I rapidly shake my head. His breath is warm and quick on my face and I want nothing more than to back down, but I have to be the one to tell him to go hard. No one else has the balls to, and besides, he needs to hear it anyway. Ive lost count of his sleepless nights and can no longer calculate his fluctuating moods.

Hes unpredictableeven more so than beforeand for the first time since we started dating, I dont know how to read him. I think youll let him. He leans even closer, stealing my breath from me.

If you can look me in the eye and tell me that you honestly think Im not working hard enough, then Ill push myself harder, just like I did today. I rake my teeth over my bottom lip. I think Seths doing all right, but Im not the one who studies him and takes the notes. I think you need to try harder, not for me or Darryl, but for yourself. You didnt take it so well when you lost to Don last time. I dont want to see it happen again.

It wont happen again, He states, harshly, and this time, I flinch. Im not trying to fight him I dont ever want to intentionally upset him, but sometimes things need to be said.

How he wants to take it is up to him. My intentions have never been anything other than wanting to help him. He exhales, leaning his forehead against mine. The previously tense muscles of his arms relax, and he lets them fall from their defensive position on the wall before gently stroking my cheek. Mentally, Im exhausted and I need to sort it out before I start pushing my body to its limit.

I cant be both mentally and physically exhausted, Oits not good for anyone. I nod, caressing him. Thats understandable.

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I catch his hand on my cheek and pull it over to my mouth. His eyes flutter shut briefly as I kiss the palm of his hand. What can I do to help? He drags his thumb along my bottom lip and I resist the urge to suck it into my mouth. I need you to be with me, not against me, and I need you to ignore whatever Darryl says because Im already aware of it. I know Im not pushing myself. I know I need to train harder, but I also know that I I cant.

I almost pout. Is it something I did? Is there something wrong with me? Seth grips my face, forcing our foreheads to press together. Baby, this has nothing to do with you.

You pacify my erratic thoughts, you know that. All of this is about me and letting Don and my father get into my head. I nearly sag in relief. How do we get them out? He shakes his head and releases my face. I dont know but Im working on it. His brows furrow and even deep in thought hes sexy. I cant help myself. The longer I look at him, the needier I become. I can feel fire swirl through my stomach and flow south.

It moves slowly, but burns hot like lava, and when it hits my center, it explodes like a barrel of gun powder. In my head I imagine crushing my lips against his and taking exactly what I want from him. I imagine hair pulling and swearing, screaming and groaning. I imagine biting, sucking, and licking to the hardest degree, fucking until he doesnt remember who Don isuntil he doesnt remember his own name.

I force myself back to reality with a dry, hard swallow. I have a temporary idea, I say, sounding more nervous than sexy. The golden rivers of honey in his irises flare and he flicks his tongue across his bottom lip. I squeak as he manages to tug me forward and grip my ass.

The zipper of my. You better watch yourself, he murmurs in a sexy, gruff tone that has me breathing deeper. Theres only so many hits my resistance can take. He nods at my shirt.

Forever Consumed (Consumed #3) by Skyla Madi Epub

And Im already having a hard time keeping my hands off of you in this tight-ass shirt. I look to his lips again, briefly, and then back to his eyes. My insides are liquid. Youre right, I whisper, dropping my hands. This shirt is awfully tight. You should take it off. He smirks and leans in. His hands release my backside and find my hips. He squeezes them as he urges me harder against him.

Id say youre going to regret that, but we both know thats not true. Its not? He shakes his head, catches his bottom lip between his teeth and releases it. When Im. I smile and find myself staring at his mouth again such a sweet, vulgar mouth.

Im not sure if anyone has ever told you, but youre confidence levels are annoyingly high. Now that you mention it, there was one girl who repeatedly referred to me as overconfident and annoying. She also claimed she hated me once or something very close to that. I laugh once under my breath and he continues. It turns out she was a terrible liar with a serious case of denial. She ended up marrying me. What an idiot. He nods ever so slightly, bringing his mouth dangerously close to mine. His full, warm bottom lip grazes mine and my breath hitches.

Maybe, but shes my idiot now. Only Seth can make an insult sound so sickeningly romantic or maybe theres something wrong with me. In the eventual case that it is me, I dont ever want to be right.

I push the thought from my mind. Theres nothing wrong with me. Im sure any girl would lose all train of thought with a mouth as tempting as Seths close to their lips or his naked torso pressed so flush against them. He teases me for a few seconds, holding his mouth close and grazing. I want to launch closer and kiss him, but Im paralyzeduseless. Its like his mouth has control of my nervous system and hes locked everything in place.

You really want to kiss me, dont you?

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I breathe my response. Yep, my mouth was too dry to speak so I breathed my response at him. Theres definitely something wrong with me. He chuckles low and deep, striking all of the right chords.

I cant hear you, he teases, flicking his tongue out and swiftly licking my bottom lip. Sweet mother of Satan. Y-yes, badly. How badly?