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Apr 22, This is the digital version of Voice of Prophet that describes the Visions of Nikolaas van Rensburg. He predicted the first world war, the second. Aug 12, A rare South African book about the prophecies of Nicolaas Siener van Rensburg (), the Prophet of the Anglo-Boer War, who. Read story Siener Van Rensburg Book Free Download by berdaybida with 28 reads. download. Siener Van Justfreebooks - Get free ebooks.

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PROPHECIES by Siener Van Rensburg - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Collection of Siener Van Rensburg. Siener van Rensburg, boodskapper van God by Adriaan Snyman, , Vaandel -Uitgewers edition, in Afrikaans. Justfreebooks - Get free ebooks. Search results for siener van rensburg.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Nicolaas Seer van Rensburg was a modern day Nostradamus.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. An amazing account of the history of South Africa and the Boer nation. With his track record and predictions about the future for not only the Boer people but for the world, I truly feel that everyone should read this book. It would seem his words are destined to be full filled.

The present shows so much change. Good bye baizuo. Shocking account of the End Times, must read for every open minded Christian.

This book will definitely create a dividing I cannot imagine how this prophet will ever be popular with any organized church. And that is a good thing. This book will definitely create a dividing line between two camps of thought. Those that believe he was a prophet send from God and those that reject his visions as incomprehensible gibberish.

It's difficult to really comprehend some of the prophetic statements made in this book, or by the prophet. His prediction of the death of General de Wet was big news in his day and cemented him for good or bad, as a figure of, let's say The book not only contains prophecies of some of the most important world events of the last centaury, but also of the flooding of Europe by migrants and an ominous foreboding of the outbreak and course of World War 3.

Lastly, his absolute devotion to his God and scripture is a formidable and refreshing account of Christian faith. These prophecies by Nicholass van Rensburg are astonishing! About of his predictions have come true already and he wrote about our time now, with a man who has hair that looks like a wig, coming from across the sea to help the white South Africans. This is President Donald Trump. I feel that all of our lives unfolding at this time are part of van Rensburg's prophecies so everybody should be reading this book!

This is about your life and your family's future. Excellent The world needs to hear about Van Rensburg's prophecies. Adriaan Snyman is is to be congratulated for taking the bull by the horns and translating this material from Afrikaans to English Russell Walker. We the Afrikaner people are being slaughtered and our strive has been foreseen but so also our salvation. We love our God, we love our people and we love our country. Oom Niklaas is a bittereinder just like us. We are scattered yet united.

There is so few of us left, like Rhinos in Africa. This book is a must read if you want to know what the future has in store for the world!!!

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Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. There is enough evidence which proves that Nicolaas van Rensburg was no charlatan. The only book he read was the Bible and he believed that his visions came directly from God and never did he practice occultism. He was a devoted Christian and never used his gift of prophecy for personal gain, or attempt to impress anyone.

He believed that you must live your life in honour of God and many Bible verses are found in his prophecies, and to this day it has not yet been proven that his prophecies were false, except those ignorant people who have attempted to interpret them in their own way.

Nicolaas Seer van Rensburg, the Boer Prophet, died in l, but today he is still considered to be one of the most remarkable personages in our history. It is therefore surprising that there has been only one half-hearted attempt, 70 years after his death, to publish his life story. From l when he was only seven years old until his death in , he had more than visions about his people in South Africa, other nations, as well.

Although many of his visions were remembered by word of mouth, it was only during the last ten years of his life that he asked his daughter, Anna, to write down his daily visions.

The Books are Lost! The two books which contained his visions as written down by Anna, his daughter, were nowhere to be found during the early years of l, and even the remaining family did not know where they were. According to an article in a Sunday newspaper in l, these books disappeared after the death of his daughter, Anna Badenhorst, and could not be found.

Now, after about 50 years the books have again emerged and when reading these visions they have an astonishing parallel with the Revelation of John one realises that the symbols and metaphors just may contain the key to those things we do not yet understand in our times. In about visions the history of Nicolaas van Rensburgs people, the Afrikaner, is sketched over a period of l00 years, fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. One must only find the right piece at the right time to complete the picture.

Knowledge and interpretation of most of these visions were for years only known to certain people. But to date many of the Seers closest friends could not interpret all Nicolaas van Rensburgs visions.

An attempt was made in a recent publication, but not only were these interpretations contrary to those given by Nicolaas van Rensburg himself, but even contrary to the interpretations given by the people themselves thereby causing a lot of damage. Just as there are visions and revelations by Daniel and other pro- phets of the Bible which will only be understood when they are fulfilled, so it is with some of Nicolaas van Rens- burgs visions.

So that everyone can know With the publication of Voice of a Prophet, I am fulfilling the wish of Nicolaas van Rensburg, namely that his visions should be made known to all his people.

In 19l6 he had a vision that towards the end of this century his people would become more and more interested to know about his visions. At that time he told a very good friend of his, Mr.

Boy Mussmann, who lived in Vryburg, the following: There will come a time when I will be much in the news again. At that time I saw that we as a nation were still arguing amongst one another, and then suddenly we have a black government. Then only will the Afrikaners most bitter struggle begin. He also said: I see a time when the whole world will be ploughed under. This is the beginning of the Third World War and everything will be in disorder and confusion will reign. Then I saw a snake lying on the ploughed land.

I could not see its head or tail Nobody will know for certain where this war will begin, or where and when it will end. Everything in the churches will also be wrong. I saw my daughter Anna seated and writing, then I knew: After seeing this vision I asked my daughter to write down my visions daily so that all will know when the time comes.

Anna Badenhorst his daughter , who was 14 at the time, started writing down all his visions from 15th August until his death ten years later, filling two books with hundreds of entries. How many actual visions Nicolaas van Rensburg had will probably never be known. Those which he saw from , were mostly memorized and kept by word of mouth. The Seer, Nicolaas van Rensburg, did not discuss his visions with everyone.

Perhaps the reason was that God so decreed it and sent only a few genuine and trustworthy friends and people to the old prophet, people and friends who had the gift, when Nicholas van Rensburg had pas- sed away, to be able to.

Kerneels Nieuwenhuis, but especially his good and trusted friend, Mr. Boy Mussmann. Mussmann said: I devoted my life to make my people aware of the visions and their interpretations as seen by Nicolaas.

Evidence hereof are the hundreds of letters regarding these visions he wrote to people, newspapers and magazines. Some of these are also, for the first time in 40 years included in this book. Lastly, I also received a neatly handwritten manuscript about Seers visions and interpretations, written in beautiful Afrikaans the Krause Document.

For me personally it is one of the most important Seer discoveries of the past number of years. It consists of over 90 pages and contains all his well-known visions as written down by his daughter, Anna, in the two vision books, but also includes his astounding vision of the outbreak and outcome of World War 3 as memorised by Oupa Grandfather Krause. When the old man was sent to jail in by Jan Smuts he related these future events verbally to a celmate Mr.

Brits who wrote it down. Futhermore it contains a number of letters personally written by the Seer, as well as some extremely interesting new visions which were not documented by his daughter. Undoubtedly Seer van Rensburg has an enormous influence on the descendants of his people. He himself said that the time would come when he would be very much in the news again; a time when his compatriots would be at loggerheads with each other; a dark time when they would be subjects under a black government.

That prophesy has already been fulfilled in our time! Astonishing wisdom and knowledge One of the very first things I noticed when I began my research on the life and prophecies of Nicolaas van Rensburg, was his humility and unshakable belief and trust in God. He never had any formal schooling, yet his knowledge and wisdom not only astonished his own family and friends, but even scholars from Cambridge University, England who had perused his visions could not believe that he never had any formal education and that he was just an ordinary and illiterate farmer.

From l9l6 Nicolaas van Rensburg only revealed his visions and interpretations to his daughter, Anna, and closest friends. This was confirmed by Mr. Boy Mussmann in many of his letters. During Nicolaas van Rensburgs lifetime many of his visions were fulfilled, like the second Boer War, and after that the Union of South Africa.

Many of his visions have yet to be fulfilled, while others have already been fulfilled during the last decade or two. Some examples are the disintegration of Russia which would coincide with major reforms in South Africa, and Afrikaner dissension.

I hope, with the publication of this book, 70 years after Nicolaas van Rensburgs passing away, to reintroduce him to his people as the man of God, the prophet and true patriot.

The writing of this book, Voice of a Prophet, like none other, has given me days of joy. Like most children of his day, he grew up in difficult and turbulent times. At the age of seven he started his schooling which lasted a. From that time he never had any formal education again. From a tender age he was known to be different, timid and reserved and never took part in the mischievous pranks of boys his age, nor did he have any real interest in farming.

He mostly enjoyed listening to his mother reading to him from the Bible. By means of the Bible his mother was able to teach him, with difficulty, to read the Book by spelling and deciphering the words one at a time. From that time until his death, the Bible was the only book he ever read and he had no interest whatever to read anything else, for he believed other books or newspapers were worldly things and did not spiritually enhance a person.

This made his knowledge and visions of world affairs all the more astonishing for by only reading the Bible over a period of 55 years, he accurately forecast what would happen worldwide in the future.

His mother, Anna Catharina van Rensburg, was a quiet, sensitive and softspoken woman and healthwise not very strong.

Nicolaas van Rensburg did not only take after his mother, but also inherited her frailness. This was the main reason why there was such a strong bond between them until her death.

Just like his mother, he disliked violence to such an extent that he could not even stand seeing an animal being slaughtered.

It is therefore an enigma why he joined the Boer forces during both wars and stayed throughout until the end, even though he foresaw the disastrous outcome. He is also the only soldier in history who never shot at or killed any of his enemieshe never carried a gun. Many who did not understand his gift of prophecy shrugged their shoulders and quoted Shakespeare: When he was still a toddler, his mother noticed that her son could see things, but he was then still too young to grasp and understand what was happening to him.

His mother believed that if this gift was from God, her son would understand at a later stage. Even though she had always wondered how great this gift was that her son received and asked him many times what he was seeing that made him so unhappy, he only stood staring at her with his deep penetrating blue eyes and could never utter a word.

The look in his eyes was such that she wanted to take him to her and hug him. Many people have said that his eyes put fear into them and did not want to look into them. Others again said that they have never seen such sad eyes, it was as though he looked at you from an infinite depth, through you, as if he saw something far away which brought the sadness to his eyes.

How heavily this burden of prophet or seer rested on his shoulders, nobody would know, but at the age of twenty he had already started greying and was chosen as an elder in his church the following year. At thirty, neighbouring farmers older than him called him Oom Niklaas Oom meaning uncle in English and is widely used among Afrikaners as a sign of respect for somebody older than oneself, even though not ones immediate family.

A female was likewise addressed as Tante or Tant, meaning aunt, while peers usually addressed each other as neef or nig, meaning cousin. An Afrikaans writer, Johannes Meintjes, who had made a study of Nicolaas van Rens- burg, put it this way: It is as if Nicolaas van Rensburg had never known any childhood or teenage years, as if he was born old and one could not help but feel awe and respect towards him.

His mother was a woman who kept to herself and many times locked herself in her room to study the Bible. This love of the Bible and the knowledge thereof, she always shared with her son, Nicolaas. One day when their minister remarked to her how obvious and great the resemblance between her and her son was, she said: I know, Reverend, I have the feeling that Nicolaas will become a great and well-known preacher one day She probably knew something, as mothers sometimes do!

Only at one time during his childhood he was seven years old did she have a glimpse of his gift of prophecy, because she had passed away long before Nicolaas became known as a seer and a legend in his lifetime. Kort koos van Rensburg Nicolaas father, known as Willem, or Kort Short Koos Koos being an abbreviation of Jacobus, or Jacob , was a very rugged man and had no time for cowardice.

As a teenager he was part of the Great Trek and had to face many hardships and dangers and when he arrived in the Transvaal, he settled on a farm which he called Rietkuil Reed Pool. It therefore came as a shock to him when he discovered that his youngest son, Nicolaas, was not to follow in his footsteps.

He wanted tough and rugged sons, who could, like him, take on the struggle of life with no sympathy towards, or from anyone. He never showed sympathy and the workers blacks on his farm experienced this. He therefore made Nicolaas a shepherd, for he believed that was all he could do. Nicolaas therefore left home every morning to herd sheep. He carried his food and Bible with him, and while looking after the sheep he struggled with the reading of the Bible and as a result he eventually read through it many times and could remember lengthy passages.

The Van Rensburg family was very poor, and to subsidise his meagre income, Kort Koos had to leave the farm many times with his wagon loaded with farm products and tools he had made, to barter for food. During these times his wife and four children were alone on the farm and Annie, his wife, being of timid nature, experienced these times as a nightmare, for there were many raider gangs roving around the countryside robbing and plundering.

Dream vision It was during one of these times when Kort Koos was absent on a trip that Nicolaas had one of his visions. A very loyal black worker, Moos, working for the Van Rensburg family, knocked on the kitchen door one evening. The children were already asleep. This black warned Nicolaas mother he had heard that one of the gangs who roamed the countryside was going to attack the family farm that evening and murder them all.

Nicolaas mother was numb with shock, for although knowing about these roving, plundering gangs, she never expected that they would be attacked. She immediately woke the children and told them that they must get ready to leave for a neighbouring farm. Nicolaas, when his mother woke him, sat still for a moment, staring. He then said to her: It will not be necessary, Mother, for God appeared to me in a dream, saying that we must stay home, for He will protect us, as long as Father is away.

We must stay. The seven year old Nicolaas was calm and spoke with confidence, a confidence which his mother had never heard before. She wanted them to leave immediately, but Nicolaas told her: You, Pieter and the girls can goI am staying home. His mothers impression was that God wanted her to protect her home and children unto death. She then decided that this was what she would do. She took her four children to the front room sitting room of the house, made them lie down, covered them with blankets, took the old musket and waited.

Nicolaas brother and two sisters went to sleep immediately, but he stayed awake with his mother. Everything was quiet and by sunrise no attack had taken place. At first light Nicolaas mother looked through the window and saw the gang outside. For some inexplicable reason they never attacked and as she looked she saw them turn and run away as if they were frightened by something or somebody. She could never find out why they never attacked the house or why they suddenly ran away, but from that day she believed more in her sons gift to see, and accepted that he received visions from God, because he trusted in God so much and studied the Bible diligently.

A lifetime of pain, anxiety and sorrow Nicolaas van Rensburg eventually came to understand this gift he hada gift which would bring him a lifetime of pain, anxiety and sorrow, for being able to see into the future is not always beneficial. He also realised he could not use this gift to enrich himself, for then it would be taken away, and he also realised that the message which he would receive through his gift, was far too precious to his people, as he had to warn them of their future.

Although he was a timid person, his patriotism was very strong at the age of twelve, and as he grew older it became like a burning flame within his heart. This burning patriotism became more of a burning desire when he saw how his people the Afrikaner Boer Nation would be oppres- sed, downtrodden, and how traitorous some of his own would be. The Boers were first oppressed by Britain, thereafter by world leaders and lastly by their own political leaders.

He also saw division amongst his people, rebellion, brothers fighting brothers with blood flowing, droughts, poverty, world wars and then the first of two republics.

In one of these visions he saw twilight descending over this country, a vision he also saw just before he passed away, but this time he saw twilight becoming darkness. Shortly after this last vision he told a visiting member of the family: There will be more treason, more abuse, yes, I see more division and more flowing of blood than during the Rebellion.

During the Rebellion the Boers took up arms and sided with Germany. This is not just our blood, but I also see an unbelievable miracle happening. When I saw this miracle, I knew only then that the struggle of my people for freedom and a free country, a Republic of their own will be fulfilled and then it will be the end of the time of my visions CHAPTER 2 The gift of prophecy People who have the gift of prophecy acknowledge that it sometimes appears in their younger years, sometimes in middle age and now and then in old age, but very seldom throughout their lives.

Nicolaas van Rensburgs case was different, for it began at a very early age and only came to an end when he passed away. It reached its zenith during the Boer War, when it subsided a little and reached a peak again during his later years. Twelve years after the Boer War, when he was imprisoned for participating in the Rebellion of l, he explained to a journalist, Harm Oost, how his visions ap- peared to him.

Before this only his wife and children and a few compatriots knew how his visions came to him. He explained it as follows: I start to experience a sort of pressure in the back of my head and my senses begin to spin until I become so dizzy that I cannot stand upright any more.

I then lie down, put my hands behind my head and. Even though my eyes are closed I begin to see a haziness passing before my eyes, but the pressure in my head is still there.

The haze becomes thicker and starts to whirl like clouds that are gathering and out of this the visions come as clear as daylight as though I am there myself.

The only thing I can do is to look and see what is shown to me The visions end when the pressure and the dizziness subside. He then contemplates on what he saw so that he may understand them. Just like in the Revelation of John, Nicolaas van Rensburgs visions appeared in symbols, which were objects he came into daily contact with, like pigs, goats, sheep, oxen, horses, and asses.

These animals also appear in different colours. For example: The Afrikaner Boer nation was always seen as a greyish or brown type of animal. Further symbols were farming implements such as picks, shovels, sickles, ploughs, etc. Ox wagons, hooded carts and other vehicles were also symbols.

Many other objects and animals seen as symbols played prominent roles in these visions, like certain buck species Springbok , chickens, yellow water, turning wheels, etc. His visions were not always chronological, nor logical, and sometimes they were so comprehensive that he experienced them over periods of days and even weeks.

Only when this person had passed away, did he know the meaning of such a vision. But he soon learned to understand the meanings of the symbols and visions, but although he could or would not in the beginning, either understand, or interpret his visions, he later did so. Interpretations he only gave to close friends whose integrity he did not doubt. From until his death, he always went to sit on a small hill behind his farmhouse to pray and study his Bible in the silence and during these times he experienced his visions.

Nikolaas van Rensburg + Voice of Prophet : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

People living in the surrounding areas then started to name his little hill as the place of visions, for every time he returned after having been on this little hill, his daughter had to write down what he had seen. His disciple Boy Mussmann corresponded with various people for decades until his death in regarding Nicolaas van Rensburgs visions; he was his bosom friend for twelve years, as well as his disciple and only messenger.

In his letters he not only wrote comprehensively about Nicolaas van Rensburgs visions, which were told to him personally, but the more difficult and incomprehensible symbols and visions were explained to him by Nicolaas.

He said the following: If I had to put into book form everything I have written down, it would come close to what one of the writers of the Bible wrote Every Afrikaner, whether rich or poor, should read it the Seers story and his visions , then our people will know that they also had a prophet as one reads about in the Bible in Samuel Chapter 9 verse 9 Before time in Israel when a man went to enquire of God, thus he spoke, come let us go to the seer, for he then is now called a prophet was before time called a Seer.

In he wrote to a friend: The Seers daughter wrote down all his visions from until his death. Things that still have to happen, and are happening now, have all been written downas well as the biggest event of all the free Republic. After her fathers death she told me the following: Uncle Boy, you must write a book about my father". I do not think there is anybody today that knows as much as I do about the visions. But to get to know Nicolaas well, you must know all about him and have intimate knowledge of the meaning of everything I have therefore made extensive use of Mr.

Mussmanns knowledge and interpretations of the Seers visions dating from after the First World War until today. For the first time after reading all the visions that had been written down, Mr. Boy Mussmann declared emphatically: Nicolaas is a second John and his visions a Second Revelation of what is still to happen to his people, the Afrikaner, whom he loved so much.

Mussmann started gathering all the information he could possibly get, in order to start writing about Nicolaas van Rensburg as requested by Anna Badenhorst Nicolaas daughter. Unfortunately, however, the time to do this continuously eluded him, for during the war years onwards things went wrong for him when General J. Smuts sent a team of detectives to confiscate all books and also the secret Krause Document see Chapter 22 in which these visions were written, probably because of the less flattering things about Smuts and the future of the country that Nicolaas had prophesied.

However, extremely valuable information about Seer van Rensburg was left behind by Mr. Mussmann in numerous letters, articles and personal conversations.

Green, focuses on two interesting comparisons between the Afrikaner nation and Israel, a conclusion he came to after years of studying the Afrikaner nation: Green mentions President Paul Kruger as one member of the Afrikaner nation that had this gift, as he could see game in a hunting ground long before he and his fellow-hunters reached that specific area or watering hole. But one evening Paul Kruger, after having asked his young wife, Gezina, to read certain chapters to him from the Bible, left the house and went to a mountain called the Magaliesberg a mountain range in the Southern Transvaal and reputed to be one of the oldest ranges in the world , to be alone with God.

Days later his wife, worried sick, asked the neighbours to help search for him. They found him on the mountain near to death from lack of water and food.

Although he never spoke about his experience during those days on the Magaliesberg Mountain, it was said that he awaited a message from God to show him the right way to go. But what really happened was that he, like Jacob, wrestled with God. Being a strict Calvinist, he was afraid that his gift to see would weaken his trust in God, and when he was on the mountain he prayed that this gift be taken away from him.

His prayer was answered.

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General De la Rey regarding the seer. General Koos de la Rey did not have the gift of clairvoyance, but could immediately detect whether somebody was an opportunist, a renegade or a charlatan. If Seer van Rensburg was a charlatan as some people have alleged , General De La Rey would have been the first to notice this and would not have named Nicolaas van Rensburg a messenger to his people, nor would he have said that Seer was an instrument of a Power which I recognize and respect.

According to the Afrikaans historian, Professor G. Annie Botha on the 2nd of May Her vision is very similar to one seen by Seer van Rensburg.

She also foresaw Lord Roberts scorched earth policy which would only be implemented in September This refers to the torching of Boer farms and houses by the British to prevent the Boer fighters from obtaining supplies during the Anglo Boer War. Her vision lasted four hours and plunged her into a state of deep depression.

However, Professor Van der Westhuizen said: Never was there anyone who could correctly forecast on the same scale as Nicolaas van Rensburg did. The struggle against Mapog and malaria Mapog was chief of one of the black tribes In Nicolaas van Rensburg and his younger brother went on commando under General Piet Joubert against Mapog. During this period it showed clearly that Nicolaas van Rensburg, being timid of character and having an antipathy against violence, would never gain fame as a warrior, but his fellow commando members never held this against him, for his integrity and warmheartedness won him their love and respect, even at such a young age.

During this period on commando, which lasted from October until July , he became ill with malaria and at times there was fear for his life. After a long period of illness, and arriving back on the family farm, he retreated into himself and did Bible study for six months. In December , during a business trip to Wolma- ransstad, he met Annie Kruger, a good looking and placid daughter of a neighbouring farmer.

It was a fleeting acquaintance, but on his way home Nicolaas knew without any doubt that this was the woman he would marry, and on 8th January , the couple tied the knot. His premonition that she was the one he should marry was correct, as she was one of very few people who understood him, for during the days when he retreated from his family to study his Bible, she accepted it without protest.

During their 42 years of marriage, she gave birth to ten children and was a great comfort to him during his times of anxiety after experiencing visions which caused him great distress. Although she was always in the background she was very proud of her husband, but she never realized that he was chosen by God to receive visions about his peoples destiny which would be a guide to them in the difficult and dark days to come.

Close family life Seer Van Rensburgs participation in the Boer War and Rebellion of never influenced the close relationship between him and his family. Annie and the children seldom spoke to outsiders, or expressed their views about his visions, but Annie sometimes proudly announced: My husband is a Seer Except for his third son, Kallie and eldest daughter Hester, his other children never inherited the gift of prophesy. Kallie never actually experienced any visions, but had the gift to interpret those of his father.

Seer Van Rensburg as person, his peculiar character and visions drew the interest of various well-known people like Kalahari-Mac, author of a book titled Behind the scenes of the Rebellion. About the Rebellion. He met Nico- laas van Rensburg for the first time on the 26th November at a town called Nakop. His description of the Boer prophet was as follows: He was short of stature, with a long black beard, and had a stately countenance, always carrying his Bible under his arm.

I have never seen him smile; his calmness was such that his face was virtually expressionless. Together with his son they accompanied the troops on a little open cart drawn by mules. It is astounding how much respect General Kemp and his troops showed him.

I estimated his age in the fifties, although his dignified conduct made him seem much older.

When he experienced a vision, he recounted this vision exactly at least a hundred times that day. With the patience of Job he explained the vision over and over without any indication of becoming impatient.

Never have I seen him angry. Any other person, under those circumstances, would have lost their temper. He had an unshakeable belief in the Bible and had no doubt that he was sent by the Creator to assist the Rebels with advice. This was the reason why he accepted all questions by the Rebels as part of his task. He was a humble and poor farmer with just enough education enabling him to read the Bible. Louis Leipoldt A well-known Afrikaans poet and author The poet, dr. Louis Leipoldts view of the Seer was more scientific and objective.

His view was that, although the Seer was not well educated and without any cultural background, he had an inborn feeling for that which was beautiful and he looked at life with the farsightedness of a poet. He said about the Seer: His rhapsodies came from a deep feeling from within, although he could not, because of a limited vocabulary, totally express himself.

Ebook rensburg siener download van

He used one word to express more than one meaning and repeated the same phrase with slight modifications, not to emphasize the phrase, but, as though he loved to create association and rhythm. In the Afrikaans magazine, Die Huisgenoot of November , an anonymous reader gave the following description of the Seers character and lifestyle: A few weeks ago four of us specially went to visit old Oom Nicolaas.

He lives in an old style, flat roofed little house, which is very elementary, but very neat on the whole. When we arrived he approached and greeted the visitors, of which two were well-known to him, with dignity. One immediately gets the feeling of being in the presence of somebody with a profound personality.

His facial structure, clear blue eyes, long beard, well formed forehead and calmness all have a bearing on his character and personality. As soon as we entered the little house we were offered a cup of coffee and after some conversation one of us asked the old prophet regarding what lay ahead. At first he hesitated, but after a while he started to talk about what he sees on the road ahead. His way of expressing himself is by first referring to some history from the Boer War and how it came about that he became aware of his ability to foresee.

Then slowly he will start talking about present situations. While leaning on the table with his left arm, he would slowly and repeatedly touch his forehead and rub his beard and now and again he would wipe the water from his eyes. It seems as if what he is telling you creates mental exertion. He then said: Not too far ahead, a thick black cloud will threaten our people, but it will quickly pass and then there will be happiness.

All the plains of our country will be dug up and ploughed and here and there a few aloe trees will be left standing and weeping bitterly. The English all move to Kimberley and then I do not see them any more. The Boers Afrikaners also get together and those Afri- kaners who are among the English and other enemies of ours, I see coming over and joining us The writer then ends his article with the following pro- phecy of Nicolaas: I see Ireland being flung from a wagon England like a loose sheaf of corn.

Johannes Meintjes Johannes Meintjes, a well-known South African writer and painter, had another interesting opinion regarding Nicolaas and the people of his time.

According to the him the Boers of the old Republics were typical Biblical charactersnot just in appearance, but also in their way of life which was based on the will of God.

Just like the Biblical patriarchs, their whole way of life was subjected to the Will of God. Johannes Meintjes saw in the language used by Nicolaas the same poetic speech in which the Bible was written and is the speech in which the Boer prophet revealed his visions. He explained this as follows: As the years passed and Nicolaas studied his Bible more and more, eventually his speech and description of his visions would be delivered in rich Biblical metaphor.

One can see many almost unbelievable parallels between the ancient Israelites and the Boer people. You are the children of God. He said this on many occasions as if he feared that his people would forget who and what they were and are. The question iswhy did Paul Kruger believe this and why did he repeat it to his people on so many occasions? The only thing we know is that this trust in the love and protection of God was what carried the Boer nation through all their sufferings when on trek when they left the Cape Colony during British reign and strengthened them during the Anglo-Boer War.

The basis for their belief as being the Elect of God can be seen in the parallel of the exodus from Egypt by the Israelites of old and the Boer nations trek inland into the wilderness from the Cape Colony. Other examples are: Just like Moses and Aaron, the Boer leaders were men of God. God made a Covenant with Israel to deliver them from their enemies Egyptians , and lead them into their promised land on condition they keep that specific day l4th day of Nisan from generation to generation as a remembrance of their delivery, and that it must be a feast day in honour of their God.

In turn the Voortrekkers prayed to God and asked Him to deliver them from their enemies, the Zulus, at Blood River and made a Covenant with God that if He helped them, they would keep this day as a Sabbath from generation to generation and would build a temple in His honour.

This was the battle of Blood River which occurred in the l6th of December On their arrival in the promised land, Israel built a temple in honour of God.

Rensburg siener ebook download van

The Voortrekkers, when they arrived in their promised land, also built a Church and monument. This Holy day has now been abolished to appease the heathens in the new South Africa. During the Anglo-Boer War an incident occurred which was so identical to the Israelites exodus from Egypt that it became known as Pharaohs Red Sea among the burghers.

Today there are many Afrikaners the Seer called them jingoes who, under foreign pressure, agree that the Day of the Covenant should be abolished. Nicolaas van Rens- burg have foreseen this happening in one of his visions on 28th February, In this vision he saw that one of our future Governments would hand over power to aliens and that it would happen as a result of the fact that this future Government would succumb to pressure from the West instead of following the Will of their God.

God has made a Covenant with only two nations, Israel of old and the Boer nation. Is it therefore a coincidence that Israel of old and the Boer nation of today were and are the two most hated nations in history? Africa and the West have been more lenient towards evil Communism than towards the Boer nation. Nicolaas even foresaw this worldwide campaign of hate! Incense holders and sheep droppings Johannes Meintjes compared Nicolaas with John who wrote Revelation, and it is very interesting to compare some of the symbols used by both in their visions.

It is also significant that many of the symbols used by both prophets were part of their everyday lives; the plant and animal kingdoms, the heavens, standard utensils and their own environments. The sun becomes black as a hairy sack and the moon becomes like blood. He sees angels holding the four winds of the earth; he sees an incense holder from which voices, thunderclaps, lightning bolts and earthquakes are flung out.

Then locusts with the appearance of horses and faces of men appear; there were horses with heads of lions with fire, smoke and brimstone emitting from their mouths. He sees a red dragon with seven heads and ten horns; also a serpent from whose mouth water spouts and a woman with the wings of an eagle fleeing from the dragon.

Then he saw a Man mounted on a pure white horse, clothed with a vestment dipped in blood and from whose mouth emerged a sharp two-edged sword to smite the nations The Seer: In the pictures that appear during Oom Nicolaas moments of clairvoyance, bulls and rams of different colours storm each other and there are often broken bones and horns.

Wagons drawn by oxen of different colours rattle past; birds fly out of the mouths of statues, springbok run over a scorched piece of earth in Eastern Europe and in the West the earth is ploughed asunder. From the south swine come running and suddenly change into people. A young Irish maiden becomes an adult in the twinkling of an eye. Sheep droppings fall out of a large barrel and the whole of the earth changes into a place covered in sheep droppings only. A stretch of aloe plants moves towards the north; in the northwest a bucket of blood falls over and spills and he sees the flag of the Boer nation being dipped in blood and this blood-flag then flies over a free Boer nation.

Reports, letters and memories Today, more than 70 years after Seer van Rensburgs death, there is still a vast amount of written information available about his character and his visions, largely thanks to his children, grandchildren, family members and others who have preserved them over the years. Numerous newspaper reports, letters and memories from intimate friends about the old prophets activities have also miraculously been retained. Naturally all these things throw more light on his character and person, as well as the remarkable visions he experienced almost daily.

Many deeply religious peoplesome being among the greatest names in Boer politicsvisited him on his farm in his flat roofed little house with its clay walls and floors in the district of Wolmaransstad in the Western Transvaal. Tielman Roos and H. On many occasions he was seen by his children leaning on his cane, looking towards the horizon and talking to visitors who wanted to know whether he had interesting new visions regarding the future.

A Joseph within the family Van Rensburg son, Kallie, was the one who, like Joseph of old, had the ability to interpret his fathers visions. However, at the time no outsiders knew about this. Since Kallie had noted down his fathers visions and even studied them long after his fathers death. Kallie died in , and although he was no educated person, his insight into, and ability to interpret his fathers visions, astounded even his two sisters, Anna and Aletta.

PROPHECIES by Siener Van Rensburg

However, shortly before Anna died in a car accident at Rietkuil in , she and her sister, Aletta, spoke about their elder brothers gift of interpretation for the first time.

If only our brother was still living, they proclaimed to a journalist, the late Koos van der Merwe: Like Father, Kallie was not well educated, but read the newspapers regularly and knew a lot regarding politics and world affairs. In uncertain times he would take the book in which Fathers visions were noted and study it and then say to uslook, just like Father saw it in his visions!

Do you see? And then we also saw and understood. Kallie never married and his brother, Johannes, only married at a late age during As a result of this there was no grandson to continue the family name. Even though Van Rensburg other children could not interpret or understand all his visions, they could talk for hours about what their father saw.

Particularly his two daughters, Anna Badenhorst and Letta Botha. During their last interview with the journalist, Koos van der Merwe, Anna told of the following vision her father saw just before the Rebellion of The vision was about Van Rensburg and Kerneels Nieuwenhuis standing in the dark at Park Station, Johannesburg and looking at a brown coloured block being rolled out in front of them.

All of a sudden the darkness disappeared and it became bright with light and they were then standing in front of a building which had barred windows. Everything happened accordingly. During January l the Rebels laid down their arms at Upington and Seer and the officers of the Rebels were sent to the Fort at Boks- burg. The Seer was imprisoned there and found his cell- mate to be someone with the surname of Nieuwenhuis.

They became very good friends and Kerneels Nieuwen- huis wrote down all the visions the Seer experienced while in prison. The amazing fact is that the Seer recognized the building with the barred windows as the prison he had seen in his vision. He also foresaw their release the sudden bright light and recognizing the building from the outside.

He did not experience many visions in which his children were directly involved. Yet during the Anglo-Boer War he said that two of his daughters would die of measles in the concentration camp at Mafeking Mafikeng after. Fourteen years after that vision, he had another one in which he saw his eldest son, Willem Jakobus, lying on the wrong side of his coat. He described this vision to Mr. Boy Mussmann and his brothers son and added that this was a bad omen.

But the vision of the death of his two little daughters in the concentration camp would affect him deeply years later. Maria James, the granddaughter of Van Rensburg tells the story: The grass stands high and yellow During the Anglo-Boer War in the year , my grandfathers eldest son, the late uncle Willie, together with my grandmother and two of her younger children fled from their farm Rietkuil in my grandfathers horse-drawn cart and linked up with the camp of a certain Mr.

Le Roux. This camp was made up of wagons with women, children and elderly people. They camped the night on a farm, Witpoort, which lay to the north-east of Rietkuil. The next morning as it became light, they were overpowered and taken captive by the English officers and traitors National Scouts.

The horse-drawn carts and eques- trians escaped. Part of this group that escaped were my grandfather, the Seer, my grandmother, Annie, and their daughter Aletta, who later became Mrs.

However the wagons with the women and children were taken captive and taken to Ottosdal, then known as Korannafon- tein. At Ottosdal all their belongings were burnt and they were escorted in open wagons to the concentration camp at Mafikeng.

Grandfathers son, Willie, who herded the sheep and cattle outside the camp, managed to escape and stay out of enemy hands. Grandfather saw all this happening in a visionhe saw my mother Hester Coertze standing alone and a bustard symbol of a type of wild peacock, depicting treason walking all around her and the grass stood high and yellow A sign of impending danger.

Not long after, two of his daughters in the concentration camp would appear in a vision again. This was in October of the same year when he saw Anna Katrina and Maria Elizabeth, together with his deceased sister standing on a ladder. He then knew that they were going to die. The deaths of his two little daughters was one of the most traumatic experiences of his lifetime. He had difficulty in coming to terms with this and mourned their deaths for a long time.

But these same two daughters, Anna Katrina and Maria Elizabeth would appear in a vision for the third time precisely 20 years later. A family friend tells the story The Seer was not so shy that he could be described as being unsociable. He loved people and his knowledge of human nature was extensive, according to Tant aunt Letta.

The fact that he had the gift of foresight also helped. The idea that Van Rensburg was of sombre character was totally wrong, said Mr. Lategan, a friend of the Van Rensburg family.

I became a friend of Van Rensburg after his release from prison in Johannesburg in During the next ten years until his death in an intimate friendship grew between our families.

Although we belonged to different churches, Van Rensburg being a member of the Reformed Church and we were members of the Dutch Reformed Church, he and his wife, Tant Annie, always stayed over at our house during the time of Holy Communion.

Whenever they came to town they stayed at our home. In this way we got to know and appreciate him and Tant Annie as sincere Christians and rugged Afri- kaners; people on whom Church and nation could always rely, and nothing would ever entice them to divert from the ways of their nation. Van Rensburg never took much notice of political talk and would quietly sit and listen while people were engaged in such arguments.

Sometimes he would only nod his head when he agreed with someone. But, whenever people started talking about the Boer nation, or about religion, he would enthusiastically join in the conversation. One Sun- day, just after Church, while sitting at the table, Van Rens- burg dominated the conversation for over an hour. In his soft, almost musical voice he spoke so entertainingly that we just sat listening.

He spoke about the reforms that would take place in our country and how the Boer nation would trek northwards in their thousands. More will be said about these visions and their interpretations in chapters Some of these visions are so current that they could have appeared in this mornings newspaper. Van Rensburg may have been a simple and not highly educated farmer, but was one of the most interesting people I have ever met, said Mr. The Seers seventh child, tant Letta, remembers people visiting them at their farm Rietkuil and trying to take advantage of her fathers kind-heartedness, but he had no trouble in spotting such fraudsters.

When she was twelve years old, after the normal family prayer gathering, her father made the following remark: I see a tree with green foliage and then a branch growing counter to the others, break and fall to the ground.

This branch immediately started growing stronglya new political party. But the old tree started to wither and die. This led to the formation of the National Party. The visions did not often disturb Seer, but there were occasions when he became so agitated that he felt compelled to talk about them, or went outside to find solitude in the veld. During the afternoon of 1 May , Van Rensburg came into the house after work and requested his daughter, Anna, to fetch writing materials.

She wrote down the visions in a school exercise book. Seer dictated the following: I see a pig lying down in Europe with its head facing West. The pig is being scraped clean with a sharp knife. The light is fading and I see the pig being hung up in the Union. When she wanted to know from him what this vision meant, he told her it indicated the advent of the Afrikaner capitalist whose property he saw as being abhorrent.

South Africathe one with the curly golden hair One of the most interesting visions Van Rensburg experienced and interpreted himself, was of three little girls lying next to each other in a cradle. One had long black hair and blue eyes, the other one was dark of skin and the last one had curly golden hair. The one with black hair and blue eyes grew more rapidly than the others. Then the dark skinned one next became strong, and lastly the one with the golden curly hair.

Van Rensburg explained that this vision had to do with countries receiving their independence from Great Britain. He explained that the black haired, blue eyed one is Ireland, the dark skinned one, India, and that the golden curly haired one, was South Africa.

He said that these countries would receive their independence accordingly. Just before her death in , Van Rensburgs daughter Anna, made an interesting remark.

She said she remembered her father saying that the country which will win the war in the far future Third World War would have to have Germany as an ally. A vision Van Rensburg had about a dark cloud coming from the East, creeping over Europe and eventually covering Europe in darkness only became clear long after his death.

He told his son, Kallie, this vision had to do with the rise of Communism in Europe. Russia and China are the countries orchestrating the infiltration of Communism into Europe and the West as well as in South Africa.

Until recently South Africa was the only country where Communism was banned in terms of law. The Seer had the following vision which clearly indicated the important roles of China and Russia: A red bull rises in the East while more red cattle rise further East.

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These cattle want to wage war. They are looking in our direction. This is the only reference to red bulls in the book of visions. Anna could also quote many of the visions she noted down in her book and elaborate on them: Look, Father made me write here during the s: I see a chalk-like country, it looks like Rhodesia to me. I see a train with troops. These troops are shooting with Maxims through the windows.

They are South African troops and are firing at our enemies. This is one of the clearest visions he had regarding a future war in Africa. Van Rensburgs granddaughterMrs.

Ria James Mrs. Ria James, one of the 20 surviving grandchildren, supplied the following interesting information regarding certain visions which had not yet been noted down: This did happen.

Grandfather also said to his friend Kerneels Nieuwehuis: Kerneels, I see you and I sitting under a tree on a wooden bench eating raisin cakes. The world was burningand grey and red bulls were fighting. In , when Grandfathers brother, uncle Pieter, was called up, Grandfather told him that he would be home in two weeks. With the passing of years, the darkness that Seer always spoke about did indeed descend over South Africa. Some of his visions gives one a feeling of great anxiety: Out of the North a speckled black ox appears.

He is looking in our direction. The earth in our country becomes desolate, but in Europe it becomes pitch dark. He said a second worldwide depression would occur at the turn of the cetuary. However, there are many positive visions which seem closer to fulfilment than people may think. Following is an edited version of three different visions combined into one: After we as a nation have humbled ourselves before our God, I see a great miracle happening.

Thereafter I see the Vierkleur the old Transvaal flag, with four colours, red, white, blue and green flying out over a free Afrikaner nation and there is peace and prosperity Among the many mementos his grandchildren have today are a wooden spoon and fork made by him during the Rebellion, when he was imprisoned, an old Bible given to him by Kate Kock, many photos, as well as hundreds of his visions written down by his daughter Anna.

The Second War of Freedom. With the outbreak of the Second War of Freedom, Nicolaas van Rensburgs gift of prophecy came to its fullest, but simultaneously his life also became a nightmare. He acknowledged that it was terrible for him, as he had to endure the war twicefirstly through his visions, followed by reality. What he saw in the future was enough to spiritually break even a strong man.

After General Cronjes commando was surrounded on the mountain at Magersfontein, General Christiaan de Wet sent Danie Theron through the English columns to advise General Cronje that he would shoot a path open at a certain spot through which General Cronje could escape with his 4, men.

However, Cronje did not see his way out and all were taken prisoner, except Nicolaas van Rensburg and a few other men who escaped, risking their lives. They were then placed under command of General De Wet.

I am sending you the prophet Nicolaas That night at Taungs, a little town in Botswana , Van Rensburg held a prayer meeting for his fellow commandos. He was very tired and went to bed early.

During the night he suddenly awoke, feeling a strange pressure in his head. It was so intense that it made him dizzy. Closing his eyes and holding his head in his hands he did not know, nor realise what was happening to him. He woke his brother, Pieter, and told him that he was afraid. Pieter thought it to be only a nightmare and went back to sleep. Frightened, and not knowing what was happening to him, Nicolaas left their tent and walked into the veld.

The pressure in his head took hold of him again and he then lay down on the ground and closed his eyes. After closing his eyes he became aware of milling clouds in front of them, which then became denser.

He thought it to be a storm brewing, but the clouds suddenly disappeared and he saw a plain in front of him. What he then saw that night made him think he was losing his mind. At sunrise when the commandos started to mount up, Field-cornet Jan van Wyk noticed that Nicolaas van Rensburg was missing. Some of the men then started searching for him.

After a while, they found him lying beneath a bush like a frightened child. His hair was tousled, his face dirty and streaked with tear marks and his clothes tattered and dirty. Some of the men found this hilarious and laughed at him, for to them he looked like a lout. Nicolaas did not say a word and despite his appearance he was very calm.

It was only Field-cornet Jan van Wyk who later married Van Rensburgs sister who saw Nicolaas red eyes and bloodied chewed nails and realised he must have gone through a terrible experience. The young Field-cornet waited until they were alone in camp and asked Van Rensburg: Oom Klasie, what happened last night? What Nicolaas van Rensburg told him was so terrifying that Field-cornet Van Wyk refused to believe him. Everything covered under smoke and flames Van Wyk reported the incident to General De la Rey and to his surprise the general requested that he fetch Nicolaas.

Van Rensburg then told the general about the vision he had. I quote him verbatim: General, last night I saw something terrifying. We will be going to Kimberley, but we will not stay there very long. I got this feeling that we were riding again, southwards. Then the vision appeared: I saw our men fleeing across a blackened earth. Then I saw our wives and children bundled together in hundreds and thousands.

I can still hear the children crying. The women were also filled with despair and grief and as. Everything was covered in smoke and flames General, it was terrifying. When he had finished speaking, General De la Rey rubbed his hand across his face and murmured: May God keep us safe! Return to your men for we have to ride. If you see something again, please tell me immediately. Be careful who you talk to about this, for the men will not believe you and only laugh at you. But come to me Jan van Wyk walked a little way with Van Rensburg and then asked him: Oom Klasie, does this mean that we are going to lose the war?

And what will the English do with our women and children? Why will our homes and farms be burned? What does all this mean? Nicolaas van Rensburg only shrugged his shoulders for he was still too shocked and dumbfounded to think clearly. I hope it was only a nightmare and nothing else, Jan van Wyk said before they parted.