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Uploaded by: ANNE The Deer and The Cauldron: The First Book (Bk. 1) ( ): Louis Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Apr 4, I mentioned before I was thinking of hosting some ebook (epub, mobi) versions How many books are there for The Deer and The Cauldron?. The Deer and the Cauldron, also known as The Duke of Mount Deer, is a novel by Jin Yong .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version .

The novel was initially published in Hong Kong as a serial, and ran from 24 October to 23 September in the newspaper Ming Pao. Although the book is often referred to as a wuxia novel, it is not archetypal of the genre, since the protagonist, Wei Xiaobao, is not an adept martial artist, but rather, an antihero who relies on wit and cunning to get out of trouble. Another alternative title of the novel is On Ruding Mountains. A certain indoor [hikikomori? Then, he was sent to a world of despair where the perception of ugly and beauty has been altered.

Any of several arts of combat or self-defense, such as aikido, karate, judo, or tae kwon do, kendo, fencing, and so on and so forth. This is a genre specific to Chinese novels.

It literally means [Martial Hero], dealing with martial arts and chivalry.

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One day, Wei Xiaobao is captured by some martial artists and taken out of the palace. He meets Chen Jinnan, the leader of the Tiandihui "Heaven and Earth Society" , a secret society aiming to overthrow the Qing dynasty, and becomes Chen's apprentice. He also becomes one of the society's branch leaders and agrees to serve as their spy in the palace.

Later, he is taken captive by another group of fighters, who bring him to Mystic Dragon Island, where the sinister Mystic Dragon Cult is based. Wei Xiaobao makes a number of seemingly impossible achievements through sheer luck, cunning, and the use of unglamorous means such as cheating and deceiving. First, he assists the Kangxi Emperor in ousting the autocratic regent, Oboi , from power.

Second, he discovers the whereabouts of the missing Shunzhi Emperor , who has been presumed dead, saves him from danger, and helps him reunite with his son, the Kangxi Emperor. Third, he eliminates the Mystic Dragon Cult by stirring up internal conflict, which leads to the cult's self-destruction. Fourth, he weakens the revolt staged by Wu Sangui by bribing Wu's allies to withdraw, thereby allowing Qing imperial forces to crush the rebels easily.

Finally, he leads a campaign against the Russian Empire and helps the Qing Empire reach a border treaty with its northern neighbour. Earlier on, he met the Russian regent, Sophia Alekseyevna , and helped her consolidate control over the Russian Empire during an uprising.

In the process of accomplishing these tasks, he also recommended talents to serve the Qing government, one of whom is Shi Lang , the admiral who led the successful naval campaign against the Kingdom of Tungning in Taiwan. Throughout the story, Wei Xiaobao exhibits devout loyalty to both the Kangxi Emperor and his personal friends in the anti-Qing forces. He instinctively shields the emperor with his body from assassins and saves the emperor's life on two occasions.

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He also plays an important role in assisting the Kangxi Emperor in consolidating power. For his achievements, he is rewarded with immense wealth and titles of nobility. The highest position he reached is "Duke of Deer Cauldron" or "Duke of Mount Deer", which is used as an alternative English title for the novel.

He earns the respect of the anti-Qing forces for eliminating corrupt officials and defending China from foreign invasion. On top of his achievements, he also encounters seven attractive women on separate occasions, flirts and toys with them, and eventually marries all seven of them. Wei Xiaobao's conflicting loyalties ultimately reach a disastrous conclusion. The Kangxi Emperor discovers his relationship with the Tiandihui, and forces him to choose to either remain loyal to the Qing Empire or become an enemy of the state.

Wei Xiaobao faces a dilemma: If he chooses to follow the emperor's orders, he will have to betray his friends from the Tiandihui and help the emperor destroy them; if he refuses, he faces the possibility of death and the extermination of his family.

He chooses instead to go into exile. However, emperor still regards him as a close friend and loyal subject so he pardons him and allows him to return to the palace later. Towards the end of the novel, the emperor tries to force Wei Xiaobao to help him eliminate the Tiandihui again. On the other hand, Wei Xiaobao faces an even bigger problem with the Tiandihui. As Chen Jinnan had died recently, the Tiandihui's members look up to Wei Xiaobao and want him to be their new leader.

Wei Xiaobao ponders the issue, realises that he will never be able to reconcile between the two opposing sides, and feels that his divided friendships and split loyalties are tearing him apart. He decides to leave and lead a reclusive life, and brings along his family and immense wealth with him. He is never seen again. It is said that when the Kangxi Emperor went on six inspection tours to the Jiangnan region throughout his reign, his true purpose was to search for Wei Xiaobao.

In the epilogue, Jin Yong wrote that his intention in writing the novel was to reflect societal and cultural realities instead of encouraging readers to imitate a cunning and evil protagonist. He considered modifying the ending to make Wei Xiaobao get his just deserts, but dropped the idea and retained the original ending after receiving negative feedback from readers.

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The Sutra of Forty-two Chapters is a classical Buddhist text. The founders of the Manchu -led Qing dynasty made eight copies of it. After the Qing forces conquered the Central Plains , they looted large amounts of treasure and transported them to a secret location in northeast China.

The map to that location was torn into several pieces and hidden in the eight books separately. Each book was given to one of the Eight Banners for safekeeping. To protect the treasure, the Eight Banners' commanders were not told about the treasure vault. If this "root" is disturbed, it will end the fortunes of the Manchus. This is to ensure that none of the nobles will attempt to find this location; they will instead guard the secret with their lives.

Only the emperor knows the truth, as evident when the Shunzhi Emperor passes on this knowledge to the Kangxi Emperor. Some of them know the truth about the treasure while others wish to end the Qing dynasty by destroying the Manchu "root".

[CN] Wuxia – Celestial Imperial Court

Wei Xiaobao collects the eight books and pieces the map together. The books are listed in order of appearance. Their origins and how Wei Xiaobao acquired them are also included. In the early years of the reign of the Kangxi Emperor , the regent Oboi monopolised state power and introduced the practice of literary inquisition.

Many intellectuals and scholars were persecuted for their writings. Zhuang Tinglong, a merchant from Huzhou , sponsored the publication of an unauthorised book about the history of the Ming dynasty.

The book used the Ming emperors' era names , which were considered taboo in the Qing dynasty.