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A paradigm-shifting diet plan that allows you to eat anything you want, as much as you want—and still strip away 20, 40, 60 pounds, or more. Zinczenko and Moore demonstrate how simply observing this timed-eating strategy, even just three days a week, will reset your metabolism. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. DAVID ZINCZENKO is the New York Times bestselling Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and Recipients can read on any device. Additional gift options are available when buying one eBook at a time . A paradigm-shifting diet plan that allows you to eat anything you want, The 8- Hour Diet (eBook, ePUB) - Zinczenko, David; Moore Als Download kaufen.

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The 8-Hour Diet: Watch the Pounds Disappear Without Watching What You Eat! eBook: David Zinczenko, Peter Moore: Kindle Store. In The 8-Hour Diet, David Zinczenko and Peter Moore present a parad ebook , pages. Published Be the first to ask a question about The 8-Hour Diet. Free Ebook from Melissa McAllister. I wrote the 8 Hour Abs diet back in to help people learn about the importance of Meal-Timing. Intermittent Fasting.

Gesturing toward a big-screen display, Panda clicks over to a pair of maps. The one on the left shows the varying degrees of darkness and light pollution in the night sky over the continental United States. The one on the right: The charts have been adjusted to control for the greater population numbers in city areas, but still, the two are mirror images of each other. Panda goes on to explain what may be happening:

For several years, researchers have also seen remarkable weight-loss results in people using a technique known as "intermittent fasting. Don't let that f-word scare you. In this case, fasting isn't about denying yourself anything. Instead it's about simply eating what you want but staying within a sensible 8-hour window. The fact is, you're already fasting on a daily basis.

Think for a moment about the word "breakfast. In the simplest terms, the 8-Hour Diet is a way of extending the period between your last snack and your "break fast," giving your body the chance to burn away your fat stores for the energy it needs. And burn them it does.

Trim Your Waistline By Taking Time Away from the Table

Consider this American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study: Researchers divided study participants into two groups and had each group eat the same number of calories—enough for them to maintain their weight. The only difference: One group ate all their calories in three meals spread throughout the day, while the other practiced intermittent fasting, eating the same number of calories but in a restricted time frame.

Among the results: Participants who ate in a smaller window of time had a "significant modification of body composition, including reductions in fat mass. Part of that fat burn comes simply from the body's searching for energy and finding it in your belly. But part of it is also from a surprising source: According to Panda's research, restricting the time period during which you eat makes your body burn more calories throughout the day. That's right: The longer you feed, the lazier your metabolism becomes.

But fit your food intake into an 8-hour window and your body steps up to the plate, burning more calories day and night. Check out the plan on the next page. And new evidence shows that weight loss is just the beginning of intermittent fasting's range of health benefits. In a study at the University of Copenhagen, researchers found that when men fasted every other day for 2 weeks, the insulin in their bodies grew more efficient at managing blood sugar.

And Benjamin Horne, Ph. His conclusion: We looked at just regular diabetes, but we also looked at body mass index, baseline glucose, and glucose during fasting and found that people who have been routinely fasting over the years have a significantly lower body mass and blood sugar. It's the physical cliff of our age, and it may be that we've now found a simple way to keep from plunging over. Take regular breaks from eating, and watch your waist and risk shrink.

Imagine eating whatever you want within reason and being able to slash your heart attack risk just by watching the clock. That was the promise offered up by a study published last year in the American Journal of Cardiology. The researchers found that people who followed a regular fasting plan—stretching out the period between their last meal today and their first meal tomorrow to 24 hours—enjoyed a 58 percent lower risk of coronary disease, compared with those who didn't follow this plan.

This backed up the findings of a study of nearly people, who demonstrated a similar ability to sidestep the cardiac ward with the same eating strategy. Horne, whose team conducted both studies, says, "We redid the study among a different group of patients to see if we could replicate the results. We found essentially the same results—that people who fast routinely have a lower risk of coronary disease.

The bloodborne markers for heart disease—inflammation, high cholesterol—were much higher in the round-the-clock rodents than they were in the 8-hour wonder mice.

There are few of us who haven't had loved ones touched by the disease.

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Cancer happens when the body's cells, which grow and divide constantly, begin to multiply out of control, impeding normal functions. Each moment of cell division, something that happens at least tens of thousands of times a day, is an opportunity for something to go haywire. But what if you could slow that cell growth? That's one tachometer you don't want to redline.

Cancer strikes for many reasons, and a lot of them aren't fully understood. But one contributing factor to our cancer risk is our diet, including the tremendous amount of food we're regularly exposing our bodies to. The 8-Hour Diet promises to strip away unwanted pounds and give you the focus and willpower you need to reach your goals for weight loss and life. Read more Read less. Enabled Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled Page Flip: Enabled Language: Customers who bought this item also bought.

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The Longevity Solution: The Complete Guide to Fasting: The Circadian Code: Lose weight, supercharge your energy and sleep well every night.

The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss. Jason Fung.

Fat for Fuel: Joseph Mercola. Delay, Don't Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle.

Gin Stephens. Product description Product Description A paradigm-shifting diet plan that allows you to eat anything you want, as much as you want—and still strip away 20, 40, 60 pounds, or more.

16/8 Intermittent Fasting: What It Is, The Health Benefits And How To Do It

Product details Format: Kindle Edition File Size: Rodale Books; 1 edition 3 December Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Customers who viewed this item also viewed. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Great read.

I've already lost 13 lbs by not eating breakfast anymore in the first two weeks.

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And I've never felt better. I've been doing this eight hour diet everyday, though.

8 ebook download hour diet the

And not just three days a week. I just drink four cups of coffee in the morning and of course water throughout the day. My first meal is at 1: And sometimes I'll have a piece of fruit right before the eight hours is up.

This book along with the No Breakfast Plan by Dr. Edward Hooker Dewey have done wonders for me. After going off the diet this past February, I gained my weight back in no time.

Then in May I went back on it.