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3SdF6NhYg - Read and download Ravinder Singh's book Your Dreams Are Mine Now in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book Your Dreams Are. Ravinder Singh is the bestselling author of I Too Had a Love Story, Can Love Happen Twice?, Like It Happened Yesterday and Your Dreams Are Mine Now. YOUR DREAMS ARE MINE NOW Download provided by [email protected], join us to get more books without a . When dreams take shape, sleep runs away.

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Your Dreams Are Mine Now book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. 'It can't be love' he thinks and immediately his he. Author: Novoneel Chakraborty ebooks pdf downloads http:/ . Cover for Ravinder Singh's Your Dreams are Mine Now ~ Cover design by Neelima P Aryan. 2 States: The Story of My Marriage by Chetan Bhagat - sweet & romantic .. Read Books A Backpack a Bear and Eight Crates of Vodka (PDF, ePub, Mobi) .. Free Download If Its Not Forever Novel PDF English Novels, English Books Pdf, Nikita Cover for Ravinder Singh's Your Dreams are Mine Now ~ Cover design by.

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In this book he is giving detailed version of things that can certainly be given a miss. Things which can be written in two lines are being explained in two paragraphs because of which you are bound to skip paragraphs. This book's plot is love story between a guy who is into serious Delhi University politics and a girl next door. Arjun and Rupali are the central character who have been penned beautifully. The moments between Arjun and Rupali are the only thing that keeps you hooked onto the book.

The chemistry between the lead pair holds strength but have not been given enough time to bloom into something we can remember-by. All in all the author tried to combine a lot of things together starting from DU politics to racial comments on North-East students to Nirbhaya case and ended up not creating what he was initially supposed to do. The staring is slow. Last 30 pages are what every citizen knows of India knows. The story could have been far better. I would say that if I would have missed this book, I wouldn't have missed anything.

It seems the author got the beginner's luck with the first book. Certainly wouldn't recommend anyone.

See a Problem?

First book of year turned out to be dis-appointer!! Moreover wasted my Sunday. Feb 17, Mathangi rated it it was ok Shelves: I was wrong. While the book itself was not too big and language quite simple, the subject it touches upon is complex. There are allusions to widely prevalent problems in our country like Sexual harrassment, corruption, caste based reservation quota etc, which I think is important, due to the huge fanbase this author seems to have. You'd argue "but 2.

You'd argue "but this is a romance novel" the 'romance' is not very well-developed either, sadly. I also thought the main characters were a bit cliched.

Mine dreams are epub now your download

I guess the author drew inspiration from the Delhi rape case. I can stomach even gruesome murders, but rape, I just can't. There were a couple of grammar errors here and there, that was slightly off-putting as well. Overall, I think the author's intent was good but the storytelling lacked consistency and fell flat.

View all 5 comments. Dec 20, Pankaja rated it did not like it. If I am allowed to give a negative rating to a book, it would be this. The cover is misleading. But most importantly, Ravinder Singh has just woven a college love story around the infamous Nirbhaya case. Why did he really write this book, I wonder. A typical college love story only with an exception that the girl fights against the college professor for taking advantage of a peon. I did not buy the book.

I borrowed it for time-pass. Dec 14, Prachi Jain rated it it was ok. It's an ok book But the aurhor's best work is still his first book I would love to read something that is a lot mature and that reflect's real life emotions An average book Dec 11, Shrey Shah rated it really liked it.

Awesome book!! India needs to read this one!!! Then one will realize that people who abuse women are scoundrels and these scoundrels need to be wiped off from our Indian society Hatts Off Ravinder Singh. Dec 03, Ankita Bansal added it. Different than other love stories.

Nov 22, Ritesh Satapathy rated it liked it. Dec 16, Rashmi Ananthakrishna rated it really liked it. Simple love story of a girl who comes to delhi from patna with her own dreams, falls in love, fights for what she is right..

Climax was touching though not expected to end that way. Good read. Nov 30, Shruti Jadhav rated it it was amazing.


Simple love story filled with reality check! Jan 24, Rahul Khatri rated it really liked it Shelves: Truth be Told I Bought this book but not with intention to read but to gift it to my bestie because my bestie loves to read Romantic Novels but events unfold in a manner that a day before yesterday i teared the plastic cover of the book and started reading in parallel with The Mahabharata Secret.

But with turning pages , this plot seems to be different As always Beginning with Front Cover And above it is written the name of author Ravinder Singh. With that lying a pandent which after reading , can say its the symbol of love given by a Male Protagonist to Female Protagonist.

Back Cover too had same sought of cover with a boy and a girl and the Yellowish bright sunlight and in that is written a short intro about the book. Through this book , author had successfully delivered number of meassges through a innocent love story. A story that tug at your love string. Book is pacy and events turned one by one and let reader feel thrill in a love story. Going next , after Front and Back cover , No doubt Ravinder singh is a famed author with flawless writting skills which makes his books loved by people and Honestly this is my first book i had read pen by Ravinder Singh.

A good natured , small town girl who takes admission in DU. An idealist for whom studies are his highest Priority. Arjun , a delhi guy , seriously into Youth politics.

Students Union elections are his first priority. I loves the way Arjun met Rupali. Author had written that particular point to showcase that the guy in that particular scene gonna be villian but my grey cells simply believes , here comes our Mr. Hero ; And asusual ,its Bullseye I'm not going inside the plot outline , rather after reading this book some old memories gets fresh.

Some scars on the whole society. As said With this inncocent love story Author had raised No. As per plot , a Faculty name Mahajan abuse a peon named Rahemma and Rupali when found , steps a head to put that beast Mahajan behind the bar , which she succesfully accomplish but with help of Arjun.

While working on task to put Mahajan in jail , Rupali and Arjun worked as a team and events unfold and a day found that both are in love with each other. This first part not just reveals that Mahajan was a black-sheep but also put light on how back door admissions going on with backing of Mahajan.

Arjun has reasons to see Mahajan behind bars. One as i wrote earler was that he consider Rahemma as her sister and another is that , what happens with him two years ago. Arjun, currently in arts, wwas the first student in commerce admission waitlist but never get that seat because of back door admission and Qouta Reservations. With The plot , Author had succesfully defines the scale at which corruption is escalating and the fact that there are many who aren't corrupt but they too do nothing because they fear that if they raise their voice , they will lose their jobs.

Even though illegitimate transactions Happens under their noses but they keep their mouth shut. Now Comes to the second part , this part reveals the growing relationship of Arjun and Rupali and sideways ccovers the ongoing elections in the Campus. This part reveals the barbish acts going on with North East States students.

In this part , comes Tenzing , lead singer of the group of which Rupali too a part of. The musical group keeps distance from any politics but Its Rupali who asked Arjun one day to take Cultural groups in confidence and as a part of Musical group she suggest him meeting Tenzing.

Clearly Author links the story with all bad acts happend in past months with North Eastern Students in Delhi. And I really don't know why People treat them as they aren't the part of our country. Tenzing in the story to says that he too is as proud as a citizen of India as others so why North eastern people always excluded?

And for me North eastern India is an integral part of the Republic Of India and Yup I wanna visit their too because its damn awesome place as what i had seen in Pictures and Videos. With the character Tenzing , Author too points out reasons why people don't have much idea about North Eastern states and biggest issue is lack of information given at earlier stages about NE States. As per author I Too felt same Students are taught with Punjab , kashmir , rajasthan , Gujrat but North Eastern states lacks in even getting to the books of students.

But Honestly doesn't get a slighest idea why people discriminates others on the basis of Caste , Skin or name! This is also one of the most gruesome problem that our society is currently facing. Third part comes up as tragic one.

Something that really shatters anyone. Author linked this part of story with a barbic happend couple of years back in the chilling december of Delhi. One evening , Rupali left her Hostel to meet Arjun but couple of goons kidnap Rupali on the orders of Mahan who was actually bailed earlier and takes her to an abandoned place. Something worse happend with her. A beautiful innocent soul had been torn apart. The one who had always being the right thing had been badly wronged.

This part reminds the anger! I really left with no words to describe how a reader felt while reading this with clearly knowing what happen that december. I really dont know why the hell , Women aren't safe in a societ in which goddess are prayed. Its Catastrophic. Somthing very unacceptable and had to be completely vanished till the very end. And Rupali dies Rupali's death gave a birth o a movement , a movement for change , a movement to demand stringent laws and their enforcement and a movement to call for swifter judiciary.

For me its not a love story , Its Something far more wider than that. Love story was just used to put light on the issues that our society is confronting with. But its a good one. And By bestie if you had read the beginning lines then please dont frown because I first a copy of this book for you and then started reading this. Your Dreams Are Mine Now! Jul 31, Natasha rated it liked it. The first 2 pages of book were giving shock, what type of love story it is..??? The most beautiful part of book was when the girl proposed that guy.

The climax of all book was there. How author could have done better: He has explained other characters Sometimes very much which were not required, those could be reduced. I felt it was more a story of Rupali than love story. Either author could have changed the name of the book or the Story little bit. As we see the name of book as audience we have set some expections and when they are not fulfilled the raining hoes down. It's a very important aspect of any book.

For example: I felt so touched the way Rupali struggled and fought for the right things. I wish Author all the best for his future books. This book is super amazing.. You can feel the every bit of it.. It also highlights the problem every Indian is facing.. All over it's is amazing.. May 03, Agney Menon rated it it was ok. One of India's top writers think a book is where you write Bollywood scripts.

Well, more than one of India's top writers think that Your Dreams are mine Now is essentially the story of transformation of a rural girl into a delhilite through of course Love. The cover seems fancy and a sure hit formula for success of Indian Books.

Include a girl, a good looking couple or something symbolising freedom on the cover and your book is supposed to be a sure Hit. Doubt my judgement? Try looking at India' One of India's top writers think a book is where you write Bollywood scripts. Try looking at India's best selling books.

Unfortunately it's been long gone. Now it seems like Ravinder has been into reading some of Chetan Bhagat 's books as evidence is quite evident in Your Dreams are mine now. The politics that Ravinder Singh writes of looks more like one of Chetan Bhagat's newspaper columns rather than a part of the story.

And the effort that the author took to recreate one India's tragic episodes seems methodological and something every Indian has read at least 10 times. He seems to have understood that erotica is the flavour of the season and ended up including two rapes, a new year kiss and a phone sex scene in the book.

These are rather ineffective and if anything avoidable. If you are looking for a good love story as the cover seems to suggest, I suggest try something else. Mar 31, Mohtamim Reza rated it liked it Shelves: Its written in very simple and easy language, that any novice reader easily can read it enjoy it like Chetan Bhagats novels.

Story is good.

Your Dreams Are Mine Now by Ravinder Singh

I enjoyed the part when semester break start and Rupali did not go back to home ,during these break days Arjun and Rupali regurly met and hangouts in different places in delhi and their feelings grow for each other. When Arjun goes to college and cry in front of Tulsi sapling planted by Rupali.

I like indian writers novels because their stories are rational, emotional, and realistic that you can relate. Jul 14, Parvathy rated it really liked it. About the title of the book Really, as said by the author this book is dedicated to the brave hearts of INDIA who took a stand and refused to suffer in silence Nov 27, Chithra Kaviyappilly rated it liked it.

Now mine your epub download are dreams

Unlike other Indian authors who focuses on love stories Ravinder singh has his uniqueness. This particular book opens with a promising start and ends with unfortunate turn of events.

After reading this you may feel that is a common story which you are familiar of. But then the question is, whether you have to consider this as just a story?

Your Dreams Are Mine Now

Unfortunately in India, this story is too common. It would have been better if this story just stayed in the book. But that is not the case. Every day we hea Unlike other Indian authors who focuses on love stories Ravinder singh has his uniqueness. Every day we hear the same story of corruption, molestation and rape.

And that just goes on with out an end. But I strongly believe a better India is on the way and will leave all these stories behind. Mar 29, Mayur rated it it was ok. Never got that feeling as "what happens now" or "wow" etc. Oct 13, Urban Mira rated it liked it. Book Review: Your Dreams are Mine Now - Ravinder Singh The story is absorbing and endearing and is written very beautifully that the reader can facilely relate with it.

Bookreview yourdreamsareminenow Ravinder Singh http: Jan 05, Ashish Iyer rated it really liked it Shelves: Book is interesting in initial stage but get boring in 2nd half. Sep 11, Dina Riadh rated it liked it. Its the very first time I've ever read an Indian literature.. I just can not stop crying what a book!!!!!!!!? Jan 07, Anoop Pai B rated it did not like it. View all 3 comments. The story ended without telling the solution but restricted upto discussing the problem.

Readers Also Enjoyed. About Ravinder Singh. Ravinder Singh. Ravinder Singh is a software engineer who works with a prominent IT company in India.

He was brought up in a very small town of Orissa called Burla. After spending most of his life there, he has recently moved to Chandigarh. Owing to the Nature of his work, he has visited various parts of the world and he wishes to continue doing the same in future.

Apart from reading and writing, The Author has a keen interest in working out in the gym. Occasionally, he loves playing snooker; his favorite game. He is crazy about Punjabi Music and loves dancing to its beats.

Books by Ravinder Singh. No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from Your Dreams Are M The one who had always stood for the right thing had been badly wronged. Welcome back.

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