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Import Direct From China - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Instructions on how to import from China - how to navigate bylaws, find sellers, and more! Nikola Marjanovic. Importing From China eBook. Uploaded by. Since I've Been Successfully Importing Products From China & The Rest of The Why buy a complicated course or a big eBook that will take you many hours or days to study? Sign Up to see all our download links and hidden content. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Import Direct .

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I've been looking into starting an e-commerce site. I believe I have found a niche and I am not doing a lot of research into actually purchasing. I have been importing since and I have visited China and many, many . There are many different ways such as eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, direct sales. Since I've Been Successfully Importing Products From China & The Rest of The World. Put My . Buy The Import Direct From China eBook Now Only $

Walter, Well, I am just floored by the amount of content and the bluntness in your book. And so much relevance — no fluff whatsoever. I have absolutely nothing to compare it to because I have never read anything like it before. Direct, straight to the point and no dribble! Just the way I like it. There seems to be a path to this model that can lead to a real lucrative business. Thanks again for the help.

This is my message of appreciation, more goods news imminent. God bless you and your belongings Dear Walter, Hope this email finds you fit as a fiddle! Thank you so much for writing it! Best Wishes. Walter doesn't really plug his book, but you should buy it if you're serious. Listen, I have been importing since I've been to China a couple times, I feel like I'm pretty experienced with small order importing i.

I bought the ebook thinking if I learned something, great, if I didn't, he offers a money back guarantee. The book is worth more than he charges for it. If you really want to get serious about it, I guarantee you, his book will save you a boatload of troubles or money. You should not be on the fence about his book. No matter where you decide to import from, you'll get value from the book that far exceeds the cost.

I ended up placing small orders with 3 different manufacturers and am currently in the process of arranging shipping through Freight Forwarders. In this process, I think your tip on getting full quotes, in writing, alone has saved me a ton of headaches. So again I just want to say thank you very much! From extremely skeptical to successful completion. Credit given where credit is due.

I followed the book instructions you laid out.

Took my time to double check everything and was able to successfully import an order from China. Stop promoting your book. I bought the book and I'm reading it right now. I'm happy with the purchase there is much more to importing from China then finding a manufacturer after you've found the manufacturer there's more stuff to verify that if you don't do you could regret.

So this book is a must even for those that think they already know it all. Incredible information in here - just the websites he suggests in his book alone are worth the price - I've been in contact with at least a dozen manufacturers as a direct result of his book and have likely found one that'll help me expand to many more products.

I've followed all of his advice to the point of even getting and contacting references from the manufacturers. I have recently purchased and read Walter Hay's book on importing from china. It is a very good book and well worth the money.

Prior to reading your book, I had ordered a few samples on Alibaba for a product I'm interested in importing, and I have been trying to make heads or tails of what my profit margins would be too low IMO.

After reading your book, I was able to find the real deal manufacturer for my product. It was soooooo much cheaper. I'll just have to chalk it up to an expensive lessons learned.

Thanks again,. Hey Walt, been a long time my friend. Hope all is well. I remain forever in debt to you. For anyone who hasn't bothered to read all the glowing reviews or the infinite amount of wisdom-laden posts on this board from Walter please know that this book is the Rosetta Stone of importing.

Hi Walter, I just wanted to thank you personally for all of your help. Especially your tips on saving face. My Chinese supplier is now throwing free samples at me; simply because I took care to be polite and understood his culture, which is down to you.

Thank you and take care. Thank you Walter, your help is very much appreciated and thanks again for providing such great value in the ebook! Hey Walter, I read your book on importing, and it was great. I have it open when I'm looking for suppliers.

Thanks so much man. Thanks for your book, it's going to save me a lot of headache and money. Walter Hays is an awesome individual and his book is gold. Amazing reference from a real master. Knowing how to "communicate" and speak their business language is critical and I feel Walter's book does a great job in going into those details. Hey Walter- I just finished your book. Awesome resource, very worth the money -thanks for putting that together.

I bought the "Buy direct from China" ebook a while ago. Just wanted to leave a quick note here for other people considering the purchase. I put in place a lot of the techniques that the ebook discusses in terms of dealing with the suppliers.

I can't stress enough how invaluable the information was in helping us set up the relationship with the supplier. This directly allowed us to add another 5 figure profit stream to our ecommerce business.

I am once again looking to source a few new products, and the first place I am looking are the sources in this ebook. Can't recommend it enough! I highly recommend the book Walter wrote on importing, if you are interested in importing from China it's a must read. Recently Updated and Ready for Buy The eBook Now. Email support provided by Jim and Walter's team of trained import experts. Want to know more before buying the book?

Sign Me Up! Updated constantly so you know the information you are getting is current and relevant fully ready. Buyers receive all future, updated versions for FREE! This book is Full of valuable information including: You'll never need to see the product. How to avoid the many deceptive product-sourcing web portals.

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These appear safe because they have thousands of suppliers listed, but are hazardous to your financial well-being. Get safe access to reliable suppliers by using the very few safe sourcing web portals that I recommend.

How to buy small amounts at factory prices to try importing on a small scale.

Download import direct ebook from china

In just pages learn how easy importing can be. Why buy a complicated course or a big eBook that will take you many hours or days to study?

How to avoid having to learn all the rules and regulations. Learn to recognize and avoid the widespread misinformation circulating on the web, including the risky sourcing practices often recommended on internet marketing forums. How easy it is to import and how to minimize your risks.

How to turn Customs clearance from a nightmare into a piece of cake.. A ridiculously simple trick of the trade to make sure that you get the best prices. How avoiding haggling is an important trick of the trade. How to avoid freight rip-offs that could potentially bankrupt you is another trick of the trade.

Ebook china import from download direct

How to access genuine manufacturers rather than dealing with unreliable agents. Avoid these two big risks when obtaining samples. Licenses — do you need them?

Learn To Successfully Import From China and The Rest of The World - Proven China Sourcing

Discover the huge profit margins being made by importers. One importer whom I taught wrote me: Deciding which products to import. Why the size of the product can be important. Locate items in places other than China at even better prices or better quality for the same price. Good reasons why you should avoid drop shipping and deal directly with the manufacturer.

How to be sure you are dealing with a real manufacturer not a reseller or agent. How to get your mail service to handle your Customs clearances at no cost to you. Step-by-step instructions with a check list of things that must be done when ordering. Suppliers will come to you if you use our simple methods. Recent Updates: Addition of a substantial report on Vietnam as the new China, including details of cultural business practices.

Major review of Alibaba who have made big changes on three occasions since our edition was published. Changes to GlobalSources. Details of significant changes to Made-in-China's rating system and why the new "Top Rank" badge should be ignored.

Also advising readers that Made-in-China no longer even try to give the appearance of a buyer protection scheme. Expanded information on Importer of Record. More information on air and sea cargo consolidation services, including identity of one major company that will handle shipments from more than one supplier and send as one shipment.

Important new section on freight scams. List of more than 1, suppliers used by KMart, with instructions on how to use the list to find trustworthy suppliers. Expansion of the Alibaba section, with advice on how to safely use that site. Detailed report on Alibaba's Trade Assurance system. Their rules have been expanded substantially. Addition of a section on obtaining binding duty rates in advance. Can save a lot of pain. In the mini importation course, there are series of secret websites that are only known to those already experienced and seasoned in the trade like me.

It is the secret of the business and since you are interested, I will reveal it to you, just continue reading. You can mostly use free shipping methods from the websites but if you want to get your goods faster, then you need to employ the service of agents that will procure and ship your products down to Nigeria.

You need to have your business plan handy as this will avoid the incident of you regretting why you imported a particular product because of poor sales. Carryout the necessary market research and know what people need before you import any product. Mini importation business is very profitable and the profit margin can be very mind blowing sometimes, this is why this business is very enticing. You do not need to start with so much money, if anyone tells you otherwise, it is total nonsense, you can even start with as low as 10, Nigerian Naira.

Let us run this mathematics, you get 10units of 5,MaH power banks at the rate of 1,naira per unit. Those power banks go for 5,naira in Nigeria. Just do the simple arithmetic and see the profit potential already. There are many secret mini importation websites where you can start shopping from, as part of my effort to make things very easy for you, I will be listing the trusted and verified ones. There are so many mini importation websites for you to begin your mini importation business.

As part of my effort to make things very easy for. I will be posting the trusted and verified ones. There are a lot of things you need to consider before your first import but one of the major factors should be the mini importation websites secret importation sites you will be using. I made this list based on my mini importation experience and that of my friends, so be at easy and fire you way up to wealth. This section will be a compilation of some important facts and tips you need to know to succeed in your mini importation business.

You have to know the maneuvers and tactics to avoid stories that touch. Most goods tend to cost you a fortune to send them down to Nigeria, but there is even a special package, here the sender gets the product to you in Nigeria for FREE!

The only downside here is that, the goods may take longer to get to you. You really have to be very patient with the sender. There will be a huge number of products on the mini importation sites and portals, there will also be a lot of producers and sellers for a single product type. It is better to go from the cheapest products as this will increase your profit margin considerably.

All the transactions on the mini importation sites I will list later are all secure and legitimate, they are covered by a service called escrow, which tend to offer full buyers protections.

Jim Cockrum – The Import Direct From China

Internet escrow works by placing money in the control of an independent and licensed third party in order to protect both buyer and seller in a transaction. If after receiving the goods, you do not like them or there are defects, you can ask escrow not to pay the seller until the goods are changed. Even before disbursing the money the seller of the product, you have to confirm the receipt of the product and confirm it is in good condition or not to facilitate the refund of the money paid for the goods within the stipulated time.

Aliexpress and Dhgate offer reimbursement services and return your money if you are not satisfied with the product. It is always time framed and reliable. Some goods are not welcomed in this country.

You have to be sure the goods you are about to purchase is a legitimate one and not a banned one. I have compiled a mini importation manual for you to learn mini importation and this will go a long way to make the points clearer to you. This is all the blueprint you will be needing. This manual will reveal all the mini importations secrets, tips, strategy, business plans and gives you access to our mini importation seminars and trainings if you buy the full copy.

As part of the effort to make all this cool for you and easy for you to begin, I will be giving a free cheap mini importation guide eBook in PDF format for you to read through and get a clearer picture.

The cheap mini importation business is an avenue for you to start to make money online, so I see no reason for you to put off this offer, just download your mini importation guide now with the button below! That is all on mini importation business in Nigeria for now, please comment below and share to your friends and family!

This is a very comprehensive mini importation Youtube video, I recommend that you watch it now!!! Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Likes Followers Followers Subscribers Followers. Mini Importation Business — Beginners Easy Guide PDF Mini Importation business as known in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya etc has become a popular way of making money by simply buying goods and products for cheap and selling them at an higher cost in your country.

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