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the adventures of Leslie Charteris' hero Simon Templar, the Saint. owns the restaurant. download (ePub): download (mobi). Advertisements. Get Instant Access to The Saint's Getaway (The Saint Series) By Leslie Charteris #afaa0f EBOOK. EPUB KINDLE PDF. Read Download Online. Get Instant Access to The Saint's Getaway (The Saint Series) By Leslie Charteris #afaa0f EBOOK EPUB KINDLE. PDF. Read Download Online.

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Simon Templar is no longer lounging round holiday resorts, gently double-crossing the scammers and con artists as he has been doing in previous short stories. Instead, this straightforward action-packed adventure finds him taking on the Mafia in Sicily. Charteris seems to have acted as editor and final decision maker, and the style is a faithful reproduction of the more action-oriented Saint books from the s and s. I went back and read all the Saint books I could lay my hands on. I mean, at the beginning it was a parody, and I had to pull myself back.

The Pearls of Peace was named by Charteris as his favourite Saint story. It features pearls and oysters, and a blind man and his mistress with the beautiful voice. In The Revolution Racket , outsmarts a couple who look like arms dealers who in turn are trying to outsmart some revolutionaries looking to buy guns.

The Romantic Matron is Mrs Beryl Harrington, who is being courted by Ramon Venino, a member of the underground resistance in Cuba, but Simon Templar finds out that there is more going on than simple romance. As he sometimes does, Charteris lets us know immediately that a scam is underway:. Professor Humphrey Nestor, it must be revealed ab initio, had never actually been a member of the faculty of any of the illustrious colleges whose names he liked to drop casually into his conversation; nor, to be utterly candid, did he possess any of the academic qualifications which could have made it even remotely possible that he might some day be offered such an appointment.

Thanks to the Saint is another collection of short stories, six in all. The Saint is mostly playing reluctant detective, or scamming the scammers. In The Bunco Artists , Simon out-scams a scammer who has swindled Mrs Sophie Yarmouth by promising to make a Hollywood movie starring her handsome nephew.

In The Good Medicine , the Saint adopts the persona of The Count of Cristamonte in order to obtain revenge on Elise Ashville, a cosmetics tycoon who he considers to have treated her ex-husband and family poorly. The Count appears to have invented an extremely efficient mosquito-repellent. The victim started writing — in his own blood — the identity of the murderer. But who was it? In response, Grendel decides that Templar needs to be eliminated — by remote control.

By , Charteris was able to enjoy the luxury of writing leisurely adventures set in attractive locations. In Bermuda: The Patient Playboy , a blonde girl asks the Saint to locate her missing husband. Her dearly beloved will be easy to identify. When last seen, he wore a dressing gown, slippers—and five million dollars. The Talented Husband , a handsome ladykiller with several dead wives to back his reputation is on the prowl.

In France: In Middle East: In Malaya: In Vancouver: The Singapore Assistant Commissioner of Police has challenged the Saint to reflect on his semi-retirement:. You know, the Robin Hood of modern crime, the knight in shining armour—all that sort of rot. A lot of us in England used to think of you like that, when we read about you in the papers.

But lately, you seem to have become rather different. Like this dope racket, for instance. This collection of seven short stories continues the tourist theme started in The Saint in Europe. Charteris starts the book with the following:.

the adventures of Leslie Charteris' hero Simon Templar, the Saint

It has been said by certain skeptics that there are already more than enough stories of Simon Templar, and that each new one added to his saga only adds to the incredibility of the rest, because it is clearly impossible that any one man in a finite lifetime should have been able to find so many adventures.

Such persons only reveal their own failure to have grasped one of the first laws of adventure, which can only be stated quite platitudinously: Adventures happen to the adventurous. In Bimini: The Arrow of God Templar investigates the bizarre murder of an acerbic journalist.

The Saint plays detective to solve the mystery of who stabbed Floyd Vosper with an umbrella. In Jamaica: In Puerto Rico: The Unkind Philanthropist , Simon engages in identity theft as he plays a confidence trick on a crooked businessman. In The Virgin Islands: The Old Treasure Story , Simon engages the help of a film crew in aiding a woman in a race against time to recover a sunken treasure. The final story, Haiti: The Questing Tycoon finds Templar squaring off against a man who is taking advantage of a young woman who may or may not be a voodoo priestess.

After an interval of some years, Leslie Charteris published The Saint in Europe , a set of seven short stories. In Paris: We have, as you well know, a beautiful country, good food, good wine, and pretty girls. They are all at your disposal—for you, no doubt, have plenty of those good American dollars which France so badly needs. But as the Saint—that would be altogether different. I have not, it is true, been informed of any charges pending against you anywhere, nor have the police of any other country requested me to arrest you for extradition; but I have read about your exploits.

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Your motives are popularly believed to be idealistic, in a peculiar way. That is not for me to judge.

I only tell you that we want none of them here. In Amsterdam: In The Rhine: The Rhine Maiden , on board a train speeding across Germany, Simon takes matters into his own hands when he meets a Dutch father and daughter who have lost their life savings to a swindler.

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follow the saint | the adventures of Leslie Charteris' hero Simon Templar, the Saint

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