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This Shattered World - Amie KB. Annabel - Lauren Oliver. epub. 92 KB. Delirium - Lauren KB. Hana - Lauren My Year of Rest and Relaxation - Ottessa KB. Frederick This Shattered World - Amie KB. Annabel - Lauren. Buy the eBook This Shattered World, THE STARBOUND TRILOGY by Amie Kaufman online from Australia's leading online eBook store. Download eBooks from.

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Starbound Trilogy (Series). Meagan Spooner Author Amie Kaufman Author ( ) Meagan Spooner Author (). cover image of This Shattered World. Download Their Fractured Light by Amie Kaufman PDF, eBook, ePub, Mobi, Their These Broken Stars and This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman and. This item:This Shattered World (Starbound) by Amie Kaufman Paperback $ In Stock. . Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

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It mirrors reality and is a fantastic lifeline for the audience, especially in a science fiction tale. And that is so incredibly rare nowadays, especially in the overpopulated sea of fiction where the quickie romance is favoured. I will mention that the names were a tad alternative.


But then again, when is YA ever anything but hip, trendy and forward in the art that is names. We have Jubilee Chase. Flynn Cormac also goes through quite the name transformation.

Readers must keep in mind that he goes by three aliases; Romeo, Cormac and Flynn. Sure, the nickname I understand, but the progression to last name, out of no where, and then its complete abandonment, come the last quarter, in favour of the given name confused me a tad. For all those who wonder: Yes, they are the same loveable pair from the first book. And while it may come as a shock to many, I rather enjoyed this progression.

This Shattered World is a fantastic followup to These Broken Stars and has potentially taken this trilogy onto a new course: Corruption is pungent and against the backdrop of such an ethereal setting— space and its boundless, unlimited possibilities—it is all the more haunting.

Many thanks to the publisher for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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May 01, Shannon leaninglights rated it really liked it. Another star-bound adventure and two new protagonists to fall in love with! Jubilee was great, Flynn too. I think I enjoyed it almost as much as These Broken Stars. Th Another star-bound adventure and two new protagonists to fall in love with!

This Shattered World felt more science fiction to me in theme and plot. Dec 16, Lucia rated it it was ok Shelves: As far as star-crossed lovers romance goes, this book is amazing. But and I can't believe I'm saying it the romance itself wasn't strong enough to suck me into the story.

I wanted more world-building, more politics and more background info about characters. It was all touched lightly while romantic tension took the lead. And in my humble opinion, story suffered because of it.

Simply said, This Shattered World lacks the epicness and high-stakes plotline that I would expect from sci-fi novel. Al As far as star-crossed lovers romance goes, this book is amazing. All the good stuff happened towards the end of book and if it was not such a good end of book, I would rate this probably even lower.

In This Shattered World authors created ruthless, deadly and stone-faced heroine. I loved that, it was something that is not used very often in YA genre. But giving us her POV from very beginning kind of negated that and ruined her initial reputation. I was hoping that there would be space for big character development when it comes to Jubilee. But all I got was heroine who pretends to be something she is not and zero character development. Imagine if Darth Vader's reputation was just that, a reputation, and he was a big insecure softie from very beginning.

Wouldn't that be boring? But I digress. All in all, this novel taught me that delicious haters-to-lovers romance itself can't make the book for me. Banter itself doesn't make great book for me. Not when I don't love characters or when in detail world-building is missing. Apr 14, Marie marked it as to-read Shelves: NEED more. Like I need air. I'm sad it's not Lilac and Tarver, but I really liked that the first book was a complete story. It was so nice finish a book without a cliffhanger.

But I'm also sad at the same time, because we're not getting another Larver Tilac? Yeah, I don't know their couple name story.

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But I'm happy at the same time. But yeah, the sadness is still there. Jan 01, Lindsay Cummings added it. I wonder who the next star-crossed couple will be They were adorable in this 2nd installment, even though we didn't get to see them much! Mar 27, Roshni Ajmal rated it really liked it Shelves: It's between stars. While this story was very enjoyable and fast paced read, it wasn't quite as good as These Broken Stars.

The ship in These Broken Stars definitely remains my favourite from the series. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they're both kick-ass soldiers. Jan 13, Caru rated it it was amazing. My, oh, my this book was beautiful. I really can't praise this series enough, they're just such gorgeous books. Darn is Captain Chase one of the strongest female leads. Instantly, Rating: Instantly, I loved her character. She's sassy, sarcastic, kickbutt, and would do anything for her men. That's a true captain right there, being loyal to her guys.

Rebellion runs in Flynn's blood. He's not your typical strong man who's all about fighting, and that's what I liked most. Flynn, here, is more sensitive and see's that fighting isn't the answer, things should be settled in a peaceful way. He's got to be one of the most intelligent and mature characters out there. I love how it tied in with These Broken Stars and we got some answers.

This Shattered World

This one was definitely more focused on politics and war so the romance wasn't that big of a thing, which was pretty cool. There's also a bunch of twists and turns that will leave you shocked! A pretty big role too. Obviously Tarver is still and will always be my bae. You know me, I like my luxuries. Why the hell do you think I'm marrying her? Because she's stubborn, and kind and strong and smart, and I don't want to go a day of my life without her, not ever again.

The writing was so gorgeous. Meagan and Amie know how to work those dual POVs, and the sections in between the chapters? A few words: I love it. You could have been very badly hurt. I'm braver than them. Brave is protecting others from hurt. I'm disappointed in you. Like I stated before, the romance wasn't that big of a part, but it was still present.

It was one of those slow-burning romances. You could feel their love for each other was real, and Flynn and Lee just even each other out. Who doesn't love that pair? Words cannot describe how great that ending was. Now I'll have to wait until December for the next book I need that book in my life! Do I even need to say about by now? These books are beauties, and yes, they're my favorites ever. Definitely recommend these books to all!

You don't understand the unbearable beauty of being you. Jun 04, Kat Kennedy rated it really liked it. I don't think you're ready for this jelly. Nov 11, C. Drews rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved this book in all it's starry glory. But I liked These Broken Stars better. I don't mean to compare them!

I was literally blown off my socks especially with the Lilac twist at the end of TBS! This Shattered World had a very strong military vibe more so than TBS and it dug more into conspiracy theories and politics.

All very interesting and wonderful TBS was hilarious. I laughed my brains out with Tarver and Lilac's sharp acidy comments. But while Jubilee is like serrated iron, Flynn is nice. He is just oh-so-nice it's mildly adorable. That's fine! I loved them. But the book wasn't very funny at all. There's loads of diversity But I'm always impressed at diversity. Jubilee is half Chinese. Flynn is Irish. Of course, with the will o' wisps flitting about and Flynn in all his Irish wonder I couldn't help but think Remember the darstadly whispers from the first book that was sending everyone nuts?

Here they are again! They're explained a bit further. And there's also a madness called the "Fury" which confused me no end because I was thinking of Nick Fury from Avengers and Just ignore me if you like. There is a Tarver cameo! I was freakishly excited about this! He used to serve with Lee although Tarver is retired now, I think?

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When we meet him, though, he and Lilac are comfortable as an old married couple. I had a little tiny problem with this because Lilac is like Possibly That's very young for them to be acting so old. Which leads me to Everyone acted a lot older than teenagers.

I totally appreciate all the kick-butt attitudes and the awesome action and danger and excitement! It just didn't feel so YA.

Everyone was neck deep in the army and had been since they were There wasn't a shred of childhood around at all. I don't have a problem with that, per se, but I did feel like I was reading about 20 year olds not 18 year olds. The romance? It's a lot less than TBS. Which I approve of just fine. Jubilee and Flynn were similar but there was no dependence at first. And epic action moves. And why is this not a movie? The entire thing played out as a movie in my head. Bring on the sci-fi army material, awesome guns, space ships, and military operations.

And Flynn and Jubilee just got cuter as they went along. I ship them. The snippets between chapters were beautiful It took me a while to place them. I figure they're Jubilee's childhood, but they're not her exact memories. I loved this book and I honestly feel like rereading it right NOW. It was so rich in detail and so thick and heavy with conspiracy and broken hearts. He and Lee escape base together, caught between two sides in a senseless war.

The stunning second novel in the Starbound trilogy is an unforgettable story of love and forgiveness in a world torn apart by war About the Authors Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner are the authors of These Broken Stars. Children For Ages: English Number Of Pages: Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Amie Kaufman , Meagan Spooner. Be the first to write a review.

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