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We want your feedback! Click here. cover image of Destined. Read A Sample. Destined. Laurel Series, Book 4 · Laurel. by Aprilynne Pike. ebook. Destined. Laurel (Series). Book 4. Aprilynne Pike Author Mandy Siegfried Narrator (). cover image of Earthquake · Earthquake. Earthbound (Series). Book 2. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr After discovering that Yuki is a Winter Destined - Kindle edition by Aprilynne Pike. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

Also available as: Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. Laurel used to think she was an ordinary girl from Crescent City, California. She never would have believed she was truly a faerie from a realm called Avalon. Now Laurel must risk her life to save Avalon from destruction by Yuki—a rare and powerful Winter faerie—and troll-hunter Klea.

Again Laurel looked at Tamani, and he shook his head with a tiny shrug. What was Yuki playing at? You dont even know, do you? Big coincidence that the couple who happened to own the land around the gate just happened to be childlesswaiting for a little blond baby to pop into their lives. Wouldnt you say? Thats enough, Tamani said sharply. He should have guessedmore games. Yuki was just looking for ways to get them doubting themselvesand each other. They did that, Yuki said. Fifteen years before you even showed up on their doorstep, the faeries made sure your mother was baby-hungry enough to take you without question.

They damaged her, Laurel. Made sure she could never have her own children. They ruined her life and youre siding with them. Dont listen to her, Laurel. Its not true, Tamani said. Shes just trying to get into your head. Why dont we ask him? It couldnt be true. It couldnt. Not Shar, who had been her unseen guardian since she first left Avalon.

So why isnt he denying it? Tell her, Yuki said, straining against her chair. Tell her what you did to her mother. Shars mouth stayed closed. Shar, Laurel begged quietly. She wanted to hear him say it wasnt true. Needed him to say it. It was necessary, Shar replied at last. We didnt choose them. They just lived there. The plan had to work, Laurel. We had no choice. Theres always a choice, Laurel whispered, her mouth suddenly dry, her chin quivering with anger.

Shar had poisoned her mother. Shar, who had been watching over her 9. I have a home and family to protect. And I will do whatever it takes to keep Avalon safe. Laurel bristled. You didnt have to Yes, I did, Shar said. I have to do a lot of things I dont want to do, Laurel. Do you think I wanted to sabotage your human parents?

Wanted to make you forget? I do as Im told. Its why I watched you every day, before Tamani came along. Why I know everything there is to know about you. The heirloom bowl you broke and lied about. The dog you buried outside your window, because you couldnt bear to have him farther away. The time you spent with Tamani, out at the cabin in October.

Shar, Tamani said, his voice a clear warning. I gave you what space I could, Shar said quietly, his voice at last holding a hint of remorse.

But the tiny apology was clearly extended to Tamani, not to Laurel; the sudden urge to stride across the room and slap Shar across the face was stif led only by her paralyzing rage. Yukis smile faded. This is the force youve allied with, Laurel? I may not have always been truthful with you, but even I thought you were better than these monsters. She looked down at the salt encircling her chair. A little swish of your foot and I can put a stop to this.

Ill take you with me and show you how wrong Avalon is. And you can help me make it right. Laurel stared at the salt. Part of her wanted to do it, just to lash out at Shar. How do you know about Avalon? Does it matter? Yuki asked, her face unreadable. Set me free. Ill give you the answers theyve been keeping from you. Dont do it, Laurel, Tamani said softly.

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I dont like it either, but letting her go doesnt make anything better. Do you think I dont know that? Laurel snapped, but she couldnt tear her eyes away from the white circle at her feet.

Tamani drew back, silent. Laurel wanted to kick the circleshe did. It was an irrational urge, one she knew shed never act on, but hot tears pooled in her eyes as the desire burned in her throat. A soft hand touched her arm, pulling her back to reality. She turned to a white-faced Chelsea. Come with me.

Well talk it over, take a drive, whatever you need to cool down. Laurel stared at her friend, focusing on the one person in the room who had never hurt her, never wronged her. She nodded, not looking at anyone else. Lets go, she said.

I dont want to be here anymore. Once they were outside, Chelsea closed the door then stopped. Damn it, she cursed softly. I put my keys down somewhere. Stupid dress with no pockets, she muttered, gathering the hem so she wouldnt trip on it. Ill be right back.

She turned and the door opened before she could touch the knob. Keys, Chelsea explained as she pushed past Tamani. He pulled the door shut, leaving the two of them alone on the porch.

She fixed her gaze on the stairwell, suddenly unwilling to look at him. But then, he wasnt meeting her eyes, either. I didnt know, Tamani whispered after a long pause. I promise. I know, Laurel whispered. She put her back against the wall and slid down to the ground, hugging her knees.

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Her voice was f lat even to her own ears. My mom was an only child. Her dad left when she was a baby. It was just her and her mom. And then Grandma died too. Mom always wanted a big family. Five kids, she told me one day. She wanted five kids. But it never happened. She didnt know why she was telling him this, but talking made her feel better somehow, so she kept going. They went to a ton of doctors and no one could figure out what was wrong.

None of them. That basically cemented her mistrust of doctors. It also wiped out their savings for a long time. And it doesnt even matter, because Mom would have kept me even if she had other kids, Laurel said firmly. I know she would have. Shar didnt have to do it at all. She was silent for a while.

You know what really makes me mad? Tamani had the grace to shake his head silently. I have a secret now. I tell them everything. It hasnt been easy, but being open and honest has been the most wonderful part of my life the past year or so. Now, I Her anger f lared, white hot. And I hate him for that, she whispered. Im sorry, Tamani said. I know how much they mean to you and. Thank you, Laurel said. Tamani looked down at his hands, an emotion sketched across his face that Laurel couldnt quite decipher.

I resent that I didnt know, he finally said. Theres so much I dont know. And I dont think Yuki is going to tell us anything. Half of what she says contradicts the other half. I thought maybe, once we had her trapped, wed finally get the answers weve been looking for, but. Im not sure what Shar will do. What was it hed told her? I will do whatever it takes to keep Avalon safe.

He wont hurt her, will he? To get more information? He cant. Even if he were so inclined, he cant enter the circle. There are things he could do without entering the circle, Laurel said. He could I wont let him, Tamani countered firmly. Ill watch out for her. Lies or not, she was my friend.

Maybe she still is, I dont know. Besides, even Shar wouldnt risk the penalties he would face for. Laurel wasnt sure she believed that.

Hes not a monster, Tamani continued. He does what has to be done, but that doesnt mean he likes it. I understand Laurel nodded glumly. Like she had a choice? Thank you, he said. Can it really hold her, Tam? The circle? He was silent for a moment. I think so. Its just salt, Laurel said quietly. You were with me in the Winter Palace; you felt the power in those upper rooms. Containing that kind of magic with something thats currently sitting on my dining-room table doesnt seem possible.

She walked into it of her own accord. Shar says thats where the power comes from. His eyelashes rose and his pale green eyes met hers. Never underestimate the power of a situation you put yourself into. She knew he was talking about more than just the salt circle. After a moment of hesitation Tamani joined her on the ground, settling a comforting arm over her shoulders.

Im sorry for everything, he whispered, words weighted with regret. She turned her face and leaned in, wanting to lose herself in him, to forget everything else, just for a moment. Tamani exhaled shakily and brought his face close to hers. Laurel lifted her hand to his cheek and drew him forward the rest of the way. Their lips had scarcely touched when the door opened and Chelsea stormed out, keys jangling in her hand.

Shar had them the whole time, she complained loudly. He stood there and watched me look all over for them and Oh, duh, Chelsea said, clearly realizing Shars intent now. Then, softly, she added, Sorry. Laurel rolled down her window, letting the wind caress her face as Chelsea drove through the empty, darkened streets. For nearly half an hour Chelsea said nothing further about their short bout in the apartment or her ill-timed appearance, and Laurel appreciated the effort her friend must have put into keeping quiet.

Silence certainly did not come naturally to Chelsea. She was probably dying to rehash their visit with Yuki, but all Laurel wanted to do was force it to the back of her mind and pretend it had never happened. Hey, is that. Chelsea was already pulling over when Laurel realized that the tall guy walking down the side of the road, silhouetted by the streetlight, was David.

His eyes were wary as the headlights f lashed across them, but recognitionand reliefdawned as Chelsea pulled her mothers car alongside him. Where were you? Chelsea demanded when David crouched to peer through the passenger window.

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I drove all over the place. David studied the ground. I stayed out of sight, he admitted.


I didnt want to be found. Chelsea glanced over her shoulder in the direction he had been walking. Toward the apartment. Where are you going? Back, David growled. To make things right. Shes doing okay, Chelsea said, her eyes serious.

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But I put her in there. Shes figured the circle out, Chelsea insisted. Its not like it was. Shes not hurting herself anymore.

She just sits there. Well, sits and talks, she added. Lauren Kate. Cynthia Hand. The Iron Warrior. Julie Kagawa. Whispers at Moonrise. Shadows in the Silence. Jennifer L. Chanda Hahn. Kristin Cashore.

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A Fractured Light. Fallen in Love. If I Should Die. A Beautiful Evil. Kelly Keaton. The Siren.

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Kiera Cass. Elizabeth Chandler. Shattered Hidden Series Book Three. Since then her heart has been divided -- Avalon or the human world? Safe reliable David or wild, charismatic Tamani? But now an enemy unlike any before, threatens Avalon and unless the faerie world can win out, there may be no choices left Aprilynne Pike has been spinning faerie stories since she was a child with a hyperactive imagination. Aprilynne currently lives with her We want your feedback! Click here.