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So if you original game id is SLUS The name of the game. PSX ID: The identification number used by Sony. Typically this is on the Playstation CD. This is the type of TV this game was made for. For example, Europe tends to.

I was in a battle with the crystallized of the elemental bosses and cast Quake and it froze. I've had no other problems and I'm on Disc 4 but I'll update if it changes. I switched the Popsloader to 4. Using single disc eboots in the default Popsloader from flash so 5. If you have problems in game.

Popstation GUI by akadewboy. When starting the game use popsloader 3. Game is perfectly emulated under POPS 3. DebugJunky GEN 5. Just finished the game with no mentioned lack of sound or other glitches noted above. After you change discs to disc 1 the opening FMV will have sound. Used Fast for disc load speed. Sound issues. Final Fantasy 9 PAL: Works fine in the 5. Tested all the way through main story and some side quests. EasySan Works perfectly on 5.

Tested by Chrisguy. You can find the patch here: Final Fantasy IX Patch. Everything looks pretty good. Even with compression level at none the issue remains. Played on 'original from flash' in firmware 5. Game crashs and my PSP shuts down when. Aside of that. Slim 3. Missle attacks and attacks with Flamethrowers will work much better. Due to a bug.. After the Yingko path battle. The Xinzhu path is still broken. From Ryouru: No bugs verified when playing from flash on 5.

From Reifnir: Frogger 2: Even the lower POPS versions which i couldn't. I must be pretty lucky. All Working perfectly so far 5. If you choose Xinzhu the PSP will show the loading screen but then stay black. Don't start at all on 5. I've been playing on the Fat PSP with firmware 5.

PSP Slim. Keikura 3. Behaves the same as above. No 0 hp leg bug. Game runs flawlessly. From realitor: Playing on a PSP with 5. However I did find an issue in the mission choice after the Ba Kui Dam. Although if the enemy wanzer's legs HP is 0 and you destroy the wanzer all parts or the body not sure on that yet it won't freeze. The game boots fine and I have not experienced the 0 HP Leg bug. From Jeety: No leg issues. Working perfectly 3. UltrasevenX 3. Everything else seems OK. StormPooper 4.

Plays with no music. U killergp Popsloader 5. Tested by MonkeyJamboree and yes. No Errors on 3.

Runs fine. Best select 4. Tested by MonkeyJamboree 5. ChapmeisterFlash 4. Running 5. Seems to work fine. Tested on 4. Tested by MonkeyJamboree 4. Just to make sure I tried every attack in the game. Works perfectly 4. Tested in 5.

Work fine. Plue no Daibouken Groove Adventure Rave: Works perfectly PSP 3k 5. Works great 4. Grand Theft Auto: Seems to work fine when using 4. Locks up when you go to teleport at the basement at the beginning of the game. Locks up on other pops at random spots. There are some attacks that monsters use.

Plays flawlessly til the end of disx one. Music no longer stutters. I finished it without any problem. JND 5. From this on you can return to the start menu still with graphical mess and chose the different options.

Works perfectly so far. Perfectly playable despite being in Japanese. Unfortunately at the last level the game crashes and the PSP reboots so I couldn't finish the game. Music stutters on switching from one area to another.

No save between disc 1 and 2. Works flawlessly.

Race download eboot bomberman fantasy psp

Started playing. This is the one PSX game that cannot be emulated on any platform. Working flawlessly. Tested by SephirothX 3. Does not work and will not work on any version.

Documentos similares a PSX on PSP Compatibility List

No Errors! Tested by linksword01 [edit] Hokuto no Ken. Works using 3. Can quit using Home. Works Perfectly. Loads EA Logo.

Bomberman Fantasy Race (USA-PSN) PSP Eboot

Does the same on pops 4. No sound on older pops. Crashes on story mode opening cutscene. Blank screen after seeing a grave in a cutscene assuming it's the end of the chapter.

By padawon 3. The Pantheon Saga. I used CloneCD to rip the image of the disk. Incredible Hulk. Title hangs at the loading screen. I tried lots of different CDDA converters too. MJC 3. Its faster then the FPS you get on this game.

By 2PS 5. The Italian Job. Aparently plays fine with Original from flash. Technically it does run however your better off looking at a slide show. Basically unless someone comes up with a fix it looks like this game can't be fully played on PSP.

Same thing with 5. I have tried 3. By StriderH2 using 5. To get past 2nd forest or others freezes. If it doesnt let u save like the old bug. Good Luck! This game can be fully played on PSP. Game starts and runs. Confirmed by j1ggy using 4. Tested by SephirothX Works well 3. Works and loads fine. Timestop causes temporary slowdown.

Dream Match Never Ends. Slow loading times. K Name Kagero. Runs perfect. Tried it myself and you're right.

I'm halfway through the game. Xyle 5. Just save at the end of vision and when it freezes. Freezes a few seconds after talking to couple at beginning of game.

Did for me. Game runs great. Multi-disc image. As mentioned above. Create single disc eboots AND a multi disk. I've almost completed the game so I'll update when I do. Bad Mr Frosty This is a bit of a pain to get working. When you finish Vision and try to load the next level the game hangs. Have not tried single-disc images. I got past the previous contributor's freeze by using 3. Play until the end of disc 1. When you reach disc 3.

Play until after the disc switch. Quit the game and start up the multi disk eboot using POPS 3. I was able to play the game from the multi disc eboot using firmware 3. Boot up the single disc eboot for disc 4 in POPS 5. Quit and reload disk 3 in POPS 3.

Go to the memory card management section from the HOME menu and import your save from the multi disk eboot. Quit and reload the multidisk eboot in POPS 5. Boot up the single disc eboot for disc 3 in POPS 5. Start the game from the single disc eboot for disc one using POPS 3.

There is a save point just before the disc switch. Quit and reload disk 4 in POPS 3. Tested on both 5. Graphical issues during the demo. Background music is CD-Audio.

Download bomberman psp fantasy race eboot

The only pops that can run this game without issues is 3. Druids 5. Would play fine. Working with background music. Play a singledisc eboot and if you like it buy the game. Switched to 3.

I don't know what the above guy is smoking but 3. Tested in Update to 3. Minor sound deterioration during battles. People have found that if you don't turn into a Dragoon during the Lenus fight then it wont freeze. Tested by dish: While playing on 3. Finished the game. Seems to happen at the same spots. Works perfectly on my 3. Works great. Also use popsloader to emulate other firmwares. At least. Recommended that you change shoulder buttons to R1 and R2 so you can do special combos and magic more easily.

After Main Menu. No lag or freezes.. Actual gameplay works fine on 3. DebugJunky works on Using other Firmwares does not fix the problem.. Ending run perfectly Using items freeze the game for most people. Sometimes after using DragoonMagic the fight will not continue. Golden Seed locks game on 3. The above issue may be due to a disc image format problem. PSP-3K with 5. Golden Seed does not lock game on 3.

X and triangle. Use 'Controller settings' version 5 Press the PS home button to re-map the buttons and assign Twinsen's 'moods' to the square. I had some trouble with the second disk. Sincerely, -X. Multidisk, confirmed with 3. With 3. Completed the game epilogue included. Game no longer hangs on any FMV sequence; I have had no freezes in the game at all. There was no need to use CWCheat to bypass any glitches or problems besides changing discs which is inevitable.

Some people say you need to run the game in Normal screen size but I was able to run it in Full Screen the entire game. My specs are CFW 3. Ok i am testign this one out now and you can make a single eboot of multidisc for this. However, upgrading to 4. Used UltraISO 8. First time I tried it, froze at Playstation screen. On the second try, runs fine. Possibly some minor slowdown, but if so it's barely noticable. Original from flash. Works flawlessly music, videos, sound and gameplay until you reach the Phase 10, there's no music, also on the final stage's intro video the game freezes when Lin Minmay takes a letter, to avoid this, press start before she do this.

Tested by Prangalf 3. Tested by Prangalf. Runs fine! Works perfect in 5. Tested by MonkeyJamboree Works flawlessly on 5. Tested by Vanit Works in 5. Works on 3. Not working on 5. By CrZyKD. Id try playing the whole game just on 3. Once you get to south ruins gate cardon and try to get out of the ruins after you go in.

What I did was load 3. Working on 3.

Race eboot download fantasy bomberman psp

Experienced ladder glitch using 5. Works Perfect on 3. If you are having problems with stuttering voices in 'codec' conversations.

Now works perfectly under 3. Gameplay seems perfect otherwise. Also works in 4. Any version 3. No lock-ups during Hind-D battle. I finished with the good ending. Freezes during the Hind D boss fight. During the Psycho Mantis fight go to your Home menu and change controller ports only works on 3. LiquidSnakE 3. LiquidSnakE 4. Freezes after boot screen. There's just one minor glitch I noticed: Nothing that's affecting gameplay though. To make sure the game won't crash or freeze during certain conversations or cutscenes I watched them all.

I didn't hear one flawless conversation in about an hour of playing. BKvaluemenu 5. REAL heavily. Interesting thing: If you boot disc 2 multiboot disc and it you use the HOME menu to switch discs. Unlike the post above. LiquidSnakE 5. Disc 2. Integral to fix the audio glitches. DebugJunky 3. Using pops 4. I used it as the main game ID and the ID of all 3 discs. Multiboot with SLMP The rest plays fine until the battle with Glyde.

No music Since you can't change CDs in the emulator to get more monsters you're going to be limited to just a few. Works great on 3. Use the 3. Go to the Monster Rancher 2 page for more info. Go to theMonster Rancher page for more info. Crashes after Tiesel gets kidnapped just before you start the actual game. Best played on this firmware 3. However there's CWcheat codes that will help you get what you want.

Works but there are problems with the sound when there is a conversation. Works flawlessly! Tested by Milkymoocowmoo. No initial problems found. Game works perfectly. Driller Ms. Running CFW 5. Mortal Kombat Mythologies. Runs on 3. No problems so far. It has music and sound. Ran the game on CFW 3. Works great including CDDA by temper 3. I didn't try it with any other. I just chose that option first. Hot Pursuit Need For Speed 4. Muscle Ranking Kinniku Banzuke: Loaded on 3. This game worked fine using 4.

If you have some issues with sound use 3. Tested under 5. Lukay Tested under 3. Project Sound stops when starting game Works on 5. Works epic on 4. Tested by Finstern 3.

Videos work perfectly. Need For Speed. Everthing is perfect. No lag. Played it all the way through. Tested by Geoninja Hangs on load with 5. Hangs at boot. Works perfect on 3. Any other hangs are fixed the same way. StormPooper 3. If your ISO has been patched. Hangs on startup. Anything above freezes after PS logo.

Not game-breaking, but takes up some item slots in your inventory. Will seem to hang at black screen after PS logo when loading from Disc 1, but will load just fine if left alone for about one minute. Room 5 and the Loft may be unlocked for a short while before you should be able to enter them before obtaining the Master Key. Entering Room 5 without the Master Key leads to some kind of rendering test room with no textures may be worth a look, but don't save after entering.

Entering either room will cause Room 6 to be locked later on, which makes it impossible to continue the game if the huge ANMC in Dryfield smashes the walkway. To proceed to Disc 2, save game immediately after defeating Number 9 in Dryfield, save game in Douglas's trailer or Motel Room 6 and reload using Disc 2.

Reloading in Motel Lobby freezes at loading screen. No FMV glitches. Works just fine on single disc eboot. Have fun!! Small graphical error with Kyle floating in the air during dialogue after SDI system fires on the bunker, but I think that was on disc as well.

No FMV glitches, but I was caught out by the Motel Room 6 glitch mentioned above even though I didn't enter room 5 or the loft prior to. Froze once when using Combustion and occasionally wouldn't recognise memory card as well. Experimented for a while and found that SLPS worked as a multi-disc eboot on pops 4.

If disc speed is on high, this can cause the publisher screen freeze and possibly hang when loading rooms as well. Played through first disc so far and swapped to disc 2 without any problems. Will update when if game is completed. Upon arrival, go up to Motel Room 6. If it lets you enter, your game's borked as you won't get the cut-scene with Douglas in the garage and won't receive the key to the room.

After the fight with the huge ANMC you'll be trapped upstairs. Reload from the MIST garage and try again. Gojiratron Note for home rips: If you run into this issue use CloneCD to create the.

Will update if anything arises. Freezes at publisher screen. Certain cutscenes lag and not in sync with the audio on max compression.

SLPS is not effective. Game still freezes at publisher screen. Rarely the game may freeze. Saving may fail on rare occasions but all you need to do is retry. Game is OK when played with 4. DO NOT play it with 'original from flash' in 5. Movies are watchable but has slight distortion. Played with PSP fat in firmware version 5. Use SLPS to avoid publisher screen freeze.

And if it is. I also made a multi-disc eboot containing v1. Eternal Punishment and Persona 2: DebugJunky An English patch is availible for this game. Completed with translation patch on 5. Get it here. Innocent Sin. DebugJunky Tested on 4. Popsloader 5. Movie and Audio sequences are fine. Does not get past loading screens in 4. Power Rangers Zeo.

Bomberman Wars (English Patched) PSP Eboot | Cdromance

As far as I could tell it is random. Runs fine until then though. Minor graphical glitch on the level with the wagon. Works perfectly English patched. Runs much like the US version did before 5. For disc 2 eboot disc 2of3. D Tested on 3. Crashes randomly during loading in all game modes. So far. Same as 5. Also always seems to crash when about to fight Felicia in Arcade mode.

Mario 5.

Fantasy race psp eboot download bomberman

Recommend this one.. By 2PS 4. You should try having the disk speed on fast. There is a copy protection message at the start. Played through several matches with dif characters. Main Menu music seems to not play. The Web Pro Pinball. Tested with 4. Joshikouki no Houkago Puyo Puyo: By 2PS 3.

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Hangs on Interplay logo screen. EasySan 3. Graphics and sound are GOOD! After remapping some buttons.

Working only on 3. Use this version and the whole game should run smoothly. Works fine until "The Bayou" level. Freezes at the part in which you must hit the switch and get to the door before it closes.

Tested by SephirothX. Froze when attempting to save. Sound can get stuck in a loop. Tested by Cheska. Some sound glitches. Tested by SephirothX 5. ChapmeisterFlash Works perfectly 3. Don't use this firmware. Tested by REfan 3. Both disk 1 and 2 work perfectly using SLPS again. During the train boss battle with Birkin on Claire Scenario B the game will freeze if you stay too close to the train door-solution: Tested on SLIM 3.

I'm sure it will be very usefull! Freezes at violence warning screen used multidisc eboot and SLPS POPS v3. Crashes at violence warning screen even when using SLPS The PAL version does work. No U Resident Evil 2: Use SLPS Before getting crazy trying to make this game to work correctly like me!

Warning screen on SLPS Use Game ID: SLPS and Popsloader to emulate 3. Here it is: To prevent the game to freeze at violence warning screen. Caustic Paradox 5. Works very fine. To make it easier. Don't worry. By the way. I'm using firmware 5. My advice: If you bypass this step or change only the Main Game ID. Enjoy the game! Updated Info: I've updated my PSP to 5.

Game doesn't load at all. I tryed what joe says above about changing the ID for both disk and also tryed with a miltidisk eboot. Any other popsloader will either freeze the PSP or cause the game to not start.

Bring us a little light here anyone. Game freezes at warning screen with popsloader 3. Up to 1st Save Point. It goes to the black screen after the introduction video. Now go directly to the alley without the fire hose and then there you withdraw the hose skipping the door where the game freezes.

Resident Evil 3: Beats the black screen on new game. This way you could in theory. My suggestion is to get to a save point and svae it ASAP.

Keep a copy and you won't have to worry about that problem next time. To avoid game freeze after getting the firehose. Game-id SLPS Black screen after intro. RE 3 will be broken in the process and lock up at the church!

Last Escape as well. Once you encounter black screen after intro. Main menu screen will appear. Tried out some POPS.. It works. Freezes up at the beginning text. Survivor Resident Evil: Doesn't work with 3. DebugJunky PSP with 5. If you want to get this to work. Tested by SephirothX Works perfectly 3.

IMG file. Then run on 3. Apart from minor screen clipping at the bottom. Locks up at the initial loading screen. It may result in a black screen when launching the game. DebugJunky Rival Schools: There's a LOT of video in this.

Certain songs will freeze the game. Locks up at the initial loading screen The progress bar will loop endlessly. PSP when converting. Don't use DATA. The progress bar will loop endlessly. By Haruhi91 PSP 3k 5. Loaded once. FMV's have sound. FMV's have no sound. Tested by MonkeyJamboree No Errors on 3.

Endless loading loop on retrying race. Everything else works fine. Tested by j1ggy 3. By Haruhi91 3. Also got it to get to the main menu before freezing. No U Samurai Shodown: My first Duel loaded just fine on 4. Single disc eboots suffer the same problems as multi on pops higher than 3.

Issue with single disc eboots is that this game. Also freezes quite often. Tested by MonkeyJamboree Works fine on 3. Unless a fix for multi-disc can be found.

Completed game. PSP play of this game is not feasible. Severe slowdown issues whenever explosions occur at the tutorial. Perfect on 5. Tested by Corpse. Crashes after Playstation splash screen. The Simple Series Vol. No further boots caused crashes so far. Tested by Tickolas 3. Tested by MonkeyJamboree 3. Same issue applies as with 3. Long load times after FMVs. Have not tested battles as yet. The Sniper. Starts up fine.

PSP needs a hard reboot afterwards. Tested by Tickolas 5. Crashes at 2nd stage 3. Now runs at fullspeed. One occurs when you press "start" to fight while reading the book. SLPS increases compatibility.

Screen centering fixed. Popped in 3. Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil Survivor Metal Slug X Mission Impossible Destruction Derby Dragon Ball Z Final Bout The World is not Enough Children of the Atom Road Rash 3-D Tomb Raider Chronicles Tomb Raider Tomb Raider 3 Vagrant Story Digimon World Digimon World 2 Digimon Rumble Arena Marvel Vs Street Fighter Destruction Derby Raw Bloody Roar Capcom vs Snk Die Hard Triology GTA2 Tony Hawk 3 Tony Hawk 4 Hydro Thunder Marvel Vs Capcom Crash Bash Hot Shots Golf 2 Spiderman Spyro the Dragon Syphon Filter 3 Test Drive 4 Crash 3 Harvest Moon Back to Nature Rogue Trip Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gauntlet Legends Sled Storm Resident Evil 1 Nascar Rumble Parasite Eve 1 Parasite Eve 2 Digimon World 3 Breath Of Fire 4 Broken Helix Hot Wheels turbo racing Cool Boarders 4 Crash Team Racing Ace Combat 2 Ace Combat 3 Metal Gear Solid Rascal R-Types Resident Evil 3 Spyro 2 Ergheiz Lunar Silver Star Story V-Rally 2 XenoGears Final Fantasy 7 Tomba 1 Yu Gi Oh Forbidden Memories Monsters Inc.

Scream Team Spiderman 2 Lucky Luke Formula One '97 Diablo Reel Fishing 2 Space Jam Bomberman Fantasy Race Test Drive OffRoad 3 Speed Punks Cubix Chrono Cross Konami Arcade Classics Dragon Ball Z Legends Rival Schools MTV Music Generator Final Fantasy 8 Eternal Wings Final Fantasy 9 Jackie Chan Stuntmaster Gran Turismo Gran Turismo 2 Tomb Raider 2 Bust a Groove 2