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The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy by Vicki Iovine; 4 editions; First DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY). The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy by Vicki Iovine - The practical, comforting, honest, and hilarious Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today!. hundreds times for their favorite books like this girlfriends guide to pregnancy, but end up in It's Free. The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy | PDFPal. The Girlfriends' and optical, jd edwards oneworld a developers guide ebook download.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. People A laugh-out-loud primer for unseasoned moms-to-be. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Health, Fitness & Dieting . $ Read with Our Free App; Paperback $ Used. guide to pregnancy full online ebook might be to the shoppers who buy it. after which to you! pdf download the girlfriends guide to pregnancy free pdf the. Download Girlfriends Guide To Pregnancy Free Ebook Pdf Ebooks godfather of the kremlin life and times of boris berezovsky elements of.

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Loved it! This is just as great as her other two books surviving the first year and surviving the toddler years!


But be warned if you're reading it in your third trimester because she'll have you laughing until you P your pants. Overview Music Video Charts. Opening the iTunes Store.

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Opening Apple Books. If Apple Books doesn't open, click the Books app in your Dock. Already have iTunes? Click I Have iTunes to open it now. View More by This Author. Description The practical, comforting, honest, and hilarious bestseller for moms-to-be, with more than one and a half million copies in print!

Well, to be fair, I am sure there were a few little sections that were readable Vicki Iovine came across as very shal I didn't like this book at all. Vicki Iovine came across as very shallow and self absorbed former playboy life aside and a little kooky she found out she was pregnant after hurling large objects across the room at her husband. Plus she had no real information to share. I am an open person, but how does that information help pregnant women?

And even though the book was called a guide, it was way too wordy…it was structured more like a novel — when you are pregnant, you are looking more for text reference.

View all 3 comments. View all 65 comments. Aug 03, Jessica rated it liked it Shelves: Vicki Iovine rather revels in her status as a princess type, with the money, the manicures, the jewelry, etc. It's funny, and it speaks to you if you're the kind of person who, while cooing over your new baby in the hospital, mig Vicki Iovine rather revels in her status as a princess type, with the money, the manicures, the jewelry, etc.

It's funny, and it speaks to you if you're the kind of person who, while cooing over your new baby in the hospital, might still want to put on a little lipstick before anyone starts taking pictures. Jul 03, Sara Hemenway rated it did not like it Shelves: This book was recommended to me by so many women, but I can't for the life of me understand why.

I found it to be much too snarky and whiny and it spent much too much time drumming into you how crazy you are to ruin your body with pregnancy and how uncomfortable and horrible it is. It gets one star because parts of it were funny. Also, if you are planning on having a natural childbirth, definitely skip it. She talks constantly about how great epidurals are and if you don't want one, you are nuts. It may be a break from the more medical pregnancy books, but I didn't take anything away from it that I really needed to know.

Apr 20, Emily rated it really liked it. Yes, I am pregnant. Due date: July 23rd. Little girl. I feel fine. Sure, I'm excited, whatever. That pretty much answers pretty much every question that I have to answer 35 times a day. So I have two main concerns about giving birth. Both involve my butt. Fear 1 Hemorrhoids.

The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy

I love that the author just lays it all out. Other bo Yes, I am pregnant. Other books mention hemorrhoids and how you will likely get some and just talk to your doctor, but gives no actual details of what to expect. This lady tells what they feel like and how you know that you have them and other handy explicit details. Had she not explained it to me I swear I would have screamed and died in the bathroom first time I discovered them. For now I am enjoying my mostly hemorrhoid-free nether regions.

Fear 2. I will be trying to poop and accidentally poop out a baby while I am at work. Apparently pushing during labor feels like pushing out a bowel movement. I catch myself every once in a while doing a good push and then panicking mid-push. What if I poop my uterus right out?! I am not really worried about doing this at home, even if I am home alone. But the thought of it happening at work terrifies me. There are only 2 other women and men where I work. Hmmm…maybe that would get people to quick popping in to chat all the time.

This has major potential! So, I like the author of this book. She is way cooler than the other pregnancy book authors who are doctors or something official like that. Anyone who is pregnant and has a sense of humor. Best pregnancy book EVER! Ever time I turned around I had some new symptom of something potentially dangerous.

So, I did what any other crazy prgnant lady would do I threw it in the trash. Anyway, someone gave me "The Girlfriends Guide I laughed so hard I peed my pants! I probably would have peed my pants anyway It was the best thing that could have happend to me at the time. I needed to laugh. Any first-time mother knows how freaky and scary things get when you have a "foreign body" growning inside you!

This book lets you know that you are not alone. Other women have burped, farted, and peed their way to motherhood for millions of years. I highly recommend this one as a baby shower gift! Jun 03, Kessie rated it really liked it. This book is hilarious. It's different from the rest of the pregnancy books I've read because it isn't just a lot of facts but speaks in a way women think, especially pregnant women.

I sat in my room reading it, laughing out loud, by myself, and then also groaning out loud when I read some of the things the author is very frank about but that I don't want to be true. At least I'll know what's actually going to happen to my body! I would highly recommend it to anyone pregnant. There's even a sect This book is hilarious. There's even a section for the husband to read which when you're reading it you're laughing about because it states all the things they're afraid of and gives them council on each thing, but it's hilarious because they hit every worry the man has right on the nose Dec 07, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: This was probably one of the best books to read right away.

What to Expect scared me and bored me, at the same time. While this book uses the term "girlfriend" excessively, and though I hate the term, it's worth reading. There are quite a few things in here that aren't mentioned in other pregnancy books, and some of them are gross enough that I'm secretly hoping they just won't happen to me. If when they do, at least I'll know that it's normal. I'm not sure I like that the author encourages pr This was probably one of the best books to read right away.

I'm not sure I like that the author encourages pregnant women to not exercise, but I think she was trying to say that if you're too tired all the time, not to feel guilty about it, not to purposely lay in bed all the time.

May 29, Heather Clark rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I've done the "what to expect when you're expecting" week by week review - and that's great, but I can get that information on the internet.

I loved it, I'll buy it so I have it when I do get pregnant. Jun 30, Jaimee rated it liked it Shelves: I loved the idea of a book written from the experienced point of view of "girlfriends.

Vicki Iovine writes well and sprinkles in a good dose of humor, which is always appreciated when you're pregnant. However, I disagreed with so many of her opinions that I had a difficult time really liking the book.

She also mentions buying as much of your baby's layette used as possible, but most modern books agree that you should not buy a crib used if you can help it. Losing your Body: This is the first pregnancy book that actually scared me that I would forever lose my body.

She basically tells you to get over the fact that you're going to lose your waist, your abs, your thighs, your bladder control, and your breasts- forever. She throws in one token sentence that says your post-pregnancy body MIGHT be better, but never the same. Instead of finding this helpful or insightful, I find it discouraging. Breast Feeding: She even details stories of her girlfriends not breast feeding in an attempt to save their breasts, which she just goes on to say won't help since you're doomed to smaller, saggier breasts anyway.

Natural Birth: She doesn't see the merit in making it through delivery medication free and states that an epideral can't come early enough. Her attitude is, if you can do it with less pain why wouldn't you? She even supports the planned C-section for no other reason than convenience.

I can't get on board with that. I feel sorry for Vicki because she portrays her husband as unhelpful, unsupportive, and unsympathetic throughout her pregnancies and deliveries. She goes on to talk about how her husband was down the hall talking with friends while she was alone in her hospital room contracting. Or my personal favorite, how he may need to be taking pictures instead of helping you through the pushing stage of delivery.

Overall, if you really want another pregnancy book to read and believe me, I know what it's like to want to devour every piece of writing out there on the subject go ahead and read this one, too.

But, be forewarned that you may not agree with many of her opinions and might be frightened by some of her comments. May 05, Sarah rated it did not like it Shelves: I wasn't going to read this book, but then it was VERY enthusiastically recommended to me by my dentist.

Free guide the girlfriends to download pregnancy ebook

And then my hygienist wrote a little note about how funny I would find the book, and included it in the bag with my free toothbrush and toothpaste. It was about the cutest thing ever. Good things about this book: It also acknowledges that a lot of pregnancy information is more I wasn't going to read this book, but then it was VERY enthusiastically recommended to me by my dentist. It also acknowledges that a lot of pregnancy information is more anecdotal than medical -- stuff you'd hear from mothers, sisters, and girlfriends -- but that nowadays a lot of people live far away from those support systems.

To pregnancy download guide free ebook the girlfriends

Bad things about the book: Turning your personal anecdotes into a general information book is sort of The author thinks that pregnancy sucks, that epidurals are a must-have, etc. Like I think this should be the Girlfriend's guide and not the Girlfriends' guide because you're really only getting one perspective.

The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy by Vicki Iovine on Apple Books

I consider "Don't do thing not associated with pregnancy loss while pregnant because you might lose the baby and blame yourself! Your mother buys you baby clothes. Four-time delivery room veteran Vicki Iovine talks to you the way only a best friend can—in the book that will go the whole nine months for every mother-to-be. In this revised and updated edition, get the lowdown on all those little things that are too strange or embarrassing to ask, practical tips, and hilarious takes on everything pregnant.

Pregnancy is Down To a Science—from in vitro fertilization to scheduled c-sections, there are so many options, alternatives, and scientific tests to take that being pregnant can be downright confusing!

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And much more! Vicki Iovine is the mother of four teenage children. Since the success of The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy , she has gone on to write several books in the Girlfriends' Guide series, has lent her expertise in columns for the Los Angeles Times and Child magazine, and has served as a relationships correspondent for Redbook. She has also been a parenting correspondent on the Today show, Oprah , and The View.

Vicki lives in Los Angeles with her children and husband, Jimmy Iovine. By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. Must redeem within 90 days.