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Page Audio System cont.

License Plate Lamp To replace one of these bulbs: Headlamps On Reminder Parking Lamp: Recirculation cannot be selected when in this mode even though the indicator light comes on when the recirculation button is pressed. Lower Anchors And Tethers For Children When securing a child restraint in a rear seating position, study the instructions that came with your child restraint to make sure it is compatible with this ownees.

The diagnostic system can determine if the fuel cap has been left off or improperly installed. Different Size Tires And Wheels Different Size Tires and Wheels If you add wheels or tires priix are a different size than your original equipment wheels and tires, this may affect the way your vehicle performs, including its braking, ride and handling characteristics, stability, and resistance to rollover.

Checking Coolant The coolant recovery tank cap has this symbol on it. See Engine Oil on page Nanual either paddle once to down-shift to the next gear.

Use glass cleaner only on glass. The center position turns the power control off and will not allow the mirrors to move if the control pad is touched.

Go to the front of the vehicle and release the secondary hood latch, located near the center front grahd the engine compartment, by moving it to the right. See Tire Pressure Light on page Remove the old bulb.



In this position, the engine does not connect with the wheels. But if you ever have to, here are some things to know. Suppose it is just a seat on wheels. Side Window Defogger Outlets. Skidding In a skid, a ggand can lose control of the vehicle.

Pontiac Owner Manuals

See Audio Steering Wheel Controls on page for more information. Page 60 Mqnual Side shown, Passenger Side similar If your vehicle has roof-rail airbags for the driver, right front passenger, and second row outboard passengers, they are in the ceiling above the side windows. To reset the engine oil monitor system, see Engine Oil Life System on page What is wrong with this?

When one temperature is displayed, priix driver temperature is set.

Adding Equipment to Your Airbag-Equipped Prrix Is there anything I might add to or change about the vehicle that could keep the airbags from working properly?

They can be dangerous because: They Are for Everyone on page Press the options button to advance to the next screen.

Keep hands, clothing, and tools away from any underhood electric fan. Here a child is sitting in a seat that has a lap-shoulder belt, but the shoulder part is behind the child. Hydroplaning Hydroplaning is dangerous. I will recommend this site to all my friends. Fuel can spray out on you if you open the fuel cap too quickly. With your foot on the brake pedal, move the shift lever through each gear, pausing for about three seconds in each one.

To help reduce the chance of injury, the child restraint must be secured in the vehicle. Press the switch fully down and release and the window will go all the way down. Press this button to turn the air conditioning compressor on or off. Page Section 3 Instrument Panel Overview Page 77 ” ” Unlock: In a crash, you could slide under the lap belt and apply force on your abdomen. Manyal in mind that an unsecured child restraint can move around vrand a collision or sudden stop and injure people in the vehicle.


Insuring Graand Vehicle Protect your investment in your GM vehicle with comprehensive and collision insurance coverage. See Passenger Compartment Air Filter on page Depending on the circumstances, your dealer can offer you one of the following: With safety belts, you slow down as owneers vehicle does. Headlamp Aiming Headlamp Aiming The visual optical headlamp aiming system has been preset at the factory and should need no further adjustment. Warning Lights, Gages, and Indicators This part describes the warning lights and gages on your vehicle.

When applying a tire dressing, always wipe off any overspray from all painted surfaces on your vehicle. Turn the grajd clockwise for warmer settings prkx counterclockwise for colder settings.

Pontiac Grand Prix Owners Manuals

Reinstall the taillamp assembly by reversing Steps 2 through 5. Before you connect the cables, here are some oqners things you should know. Defogging And Defrosting Recirculation cannot be selected when in this mode even though the indicator light comes on when the recirculation button is pressed.

Always connect and remove the jumper cables in the correct order, making sure that the cables do not touch each other or other metal.