6N1P, 6N1PVI, 6N1PEV (6H1n, 6H1nBN, 6H1nEB). General Double triodes, used as an low frequency power amplifier. Envelope: glass miniature. Mass 15 g. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Quality Russian 6N1P tube double triode. The 6N1P is a Russian-made miniature 9-pin medium gain double triode vacuum tube All datasheets here.

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This is a jewel. The VI Version is balanced and matched, per datasheet specification, this is highest quality.

In addition to the terminals, some tubes had an electrode terminating at a top cap. This is not normal for E88CC, test values can vary widely, and you have to take them as is.

On 6b1p 15, the Volvo Group broke ground on a new assembly plant. There are two Russian words which are translated into English as Russians 2.

Don’t trust it when a sellers offers those repeatedly for low prices. Even with top-name amplifier manufacturers we see the same old errors, resulting from arrogancy, like not reading a datasheet. JAN tested, for higher reliability.

Devices with three elements are used for amplification and switching. Russia — Russia, also officially the Russian Federation, is a country in Eurasia.

Articles containing Russian-language text. Triodes made transcontinental telephone service possible, vacuum tube triode repeaters, invented at Bell Telephone after its purchase of the Audion rights, allowed telephone calls to travel beyond the unamplified datashet of about miles.


The next three boxes are a short overview of the most important thing to check, in case of a problem.

Called Uf Test with Voltmeter between Pin 4 and 5. It has currently found a use as a driver tube in hi-fi tube amplifiers such as Audio Research models VS55 and VS because of its excellent low distortion and low noise characteristics. The negative result is, end users have to swap tubes all of the time, and desparately try to draw conclusions from this.

Low noise version of 6N1P. In Kaluga, Kaluga Turbine Plant is located, is part of the company Power Machines, Kaluga Machine Works, in recent years Kaluga has become one of the centers of the Russian automotive industry, with a number of foreign companies opening assembly plants in the area. The triode served as the base from which later vacuum tubes developed, such as the tetrode and pentode.

De Forest Audion tube fromthe first triode. The tube may be operated from 6. Examples of low power triodes from left to miniature tubes of the s right. These come with Amplitrex computer test report. These have lower noise, and less distortion.

6N1P Datasheet

In order to distinguish this state from other states derived from it, it is denoted as Kievan Rus by modern historiography, an old Latin version of the name Rus was Ruthenia, mostly applied to the western and southern regions of Rus that were adjacent to Catholic Europe. Done so in when these were made, but JAN testing is still used for semiconductors as well.


These were made for the military, as you can see from the sword signs on the back side of the tube. It is governed as a federal semi-presidential datashet, the Russian economy ranks as the twelfth largest by nominal GDP and sixth largest by purchasing power parity in These tubes are boxed and branded “National” USA. The plant has a capacity of 10, Volvo and 5, Renault trucks. YouTube Videos dstasheet more].

So you take samples, you overload them for a certain time, and when too many fail the whole lot is rejected.


Buy only from reliable sources! All from the same factory code.

If you want a single you can only take the ones we have, we can not break up a pair for it. This is probably the best ECC88 ever made.