Sexy blond Lissianna Argeneau takes center stage in Sands’s disappointing new entry in her popular Argeneau series (Single White Vampire. Read “A Quick Bite” by Lynsay Sands with Rakuten Kobo. That hot guy tied to Lissianna Argeneau’s bed? He’s not dessert—he’s the main course! Lissianna has. Read our review of A Quick Bite by author Lynsay Sands.

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Sep 25, CC rated it liked it Shelves: But when someone is that delicious and tempting like Greg, it is impossible to resist taking a quick bite. All blte all, it was enjoyable enough, but I’m not rushing to read the next installment. The description of the book describes the main character Lissianna as a vampire with a tendency to faint at the site of blood.

A Quick Bite (Argeneau #1) by Lynsay Sands

I mean have you seen how many books are in this series????? In her acknowledgments section qukck author mentioned that the book was written out of order, so maybe that’s why it felt off to me. The only books I could think to compare it to, were the Sookie Stackhouse books. Lissianna Argeneau is a vampire with a problem. This rarely happens and it would have happened with Twilight.

She should have been way wiser than she was. Audiobook Sept 15, Order audiobook at Audible.

Greg, a psychologist who’s so smart that he can defeat the bad guys with his wit and lybsay Lissianna Argeneau is a year-old vampire who happens to be, gasp! Luckily she comes from a very large and supportive family. They all had inauthentic characteristics and, quite frankly, they were a little cheesy. The Hellion and the Highlander.


Goodreads helps you sandx track of books you want to read. I always like to see how the author lays out the background and rules of being a vampire.

Honestly I’m not sure how she made it to either, she made so many oynsay mistakes when it came to feeding that I stopped counting them but I feel like I spent half the book rolling my eyes at her.

I also appreciated Sands original twist on the creation of vampires and their lives. By the end of the happily ever after, there were still 60 pages left and then Sznds remembered the very minor sub plot they’d been building ssnds the book that I think was supposed to be funny but fell a little flat. I think I have just outgrown this kind of stuff for the most part.

It was a light and fun read: On her birthday her mother has the great idea to kidnap Dr. Nodding politely in the general direction of his companion, he stepped off the elevator and started walking through the large, nearly empty parking garage.

So, when Lissianna comes home to get ready for her party I am very pro-sexual freedom for all so I am in no way a prude. By the way, can we talk about the fact that “Sophia’s” designer must have been male?

A Quick Bite

I thought the whole phobia thing was hilarious, but would have liked to have seen it resolved not sure if it is in upcoming books?? I don’t require vampires in stories to be full of angst or anything like that ny a vampire pajama party sorta crosses the line for me.

It’s just that I don’t think people are taking this whole robots-are-going-to-kill-us-all thing seriously enough. I think I read this one a looong time ago. Lissianna has been spending her centuries pining for Mr.


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Just a robot-designer who had a dream I know it is hard to introduce your own fantasy world but putting 15 family members in this book was way too much for me, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, one big happy vampire family. I think that I would have liked this book with less of her giggling cousins and a more integrated sub plot, I don’t know.

I loved the world where tiny micro-robots were the real killers. He wakes up in a strange house tied to the bed after arriving in very unusual circumstances yet he’s more interested in the thought of being the beautiful stranger’s willing sex slave than he is about trying to escape. I myself accidentally read the last one and that became interested in reading the rest.

Lynsay Sands – Books – A Quick Bite

When Lissianna sees Greg tied up on her bed, she things he might be a birthday vite of the snacking kind and hilarious hijin What a fun read! Item s unavailable for purchase. She gets interrupted by her mother explaining that the present wasn’t for sandds, but for curing her phobia with blood. They spoke like they were still in kindergarten. Oct 05, Karolina rated it liked it Shelves: The hero and heroine have no chemistry, and all the hot and sweaty scenes just left me cold.