Start studying AFTO Form Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. I asked my QA and they send me a power point with instructions but the form in their power point is outdated and does not match the current. Basically my flight is trying to eliminate a lot of inspections from our workload but no one can seem to find regs stating that we aren’t.

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The reason we dont use imds is the drop down menu No idea which one ,maybe shop? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

For example we have a set of jammer forks. Like say on a ladder or cart. If an item only needs a 30 day insp or something dumb like a vacuum, it probably doesnt need a Welcome to the United States Air Force subreddit. Encouraging or suggesting suicide, even in a joking way, will result in an instant and permanent ban. Or last week we had someone click update all instead of just the one job. No making fun of people based on their appearance or personal attacks.

With that being said we got the new tcmax today and it does have electronic ‘s.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. In the inspection section it will list all of the requirements. Hope this helps mane. Other photos of people in uniform should have their face and name tape obscured in some way.


I don’t think you’re going to find anything saying what your looking for specifically. Electronic may be used in place of paper forms. Please keep it civil. Want to add to the discussion? Without telling us what equipment your referring to it’s kind of difficult to help you. Feel free to discuss anything about the Air Force or military in general.

How do I properly fill out an AFTO form ? : AirForce

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The first paragraph says what needs a Look at and for starters. Log in or sign up in seconds. And a day cleaning. Read the instructions for your Humidifier and Paint shakers.

Your post will be deleted if you post it anywhere else. Not saying youre wrong just trying to explain. I’m not a work but like their others qfto stated the is where adto go. Also, your AFSC would help.

Other photos of people in uniform should have their face and name tape obscured in some way. Nothing else really does. If you use tcmax I believe there is something saying your authorized to track inspections instead of using a But if an inspection is required is almost always has a Photos of people in uniform should be a public figure, or related to a news article or current event.

Afto Form 244

Basically we’re wondering why we track the inspections digitally and also on a Friendly bashing between jobs is ok, as long as it doesn’t go too far. I know is extremely 24 in defining support equipment.


But don’t have a I could use a hand sorting this out if anyone has some advice it’d be much appreciated. Jacks, Nose landing Gear adapters, harnesses, slings etc.

Im pretty sure the last tcmax didnt have ‘s. We use the computer program TC Max to track our inspections so that should be enough right? The equipment we’re looking into are Humidifiers and Paint Shakers. AirForce submitted 4 months ago by aeternavindictus The flightline is where dreams go to die. Submit a new text post. Usually big items and safety shit have ‘s. Please keep it civil. And some shops go way overboard on them. A lot of bases do their own weird shit. afho

Submit a new link. Like the for the truck on the first of the month. There has been a few changes recently on the AFTO You can’t do this with the supervisory review but you can with everything else.

afto form –

All of the eye wash stations. Tcmax also doesnt show detailed inspections.

I could be wrong about the chapter but Im certain the is covered by