Akkordlohn . Zeitlohn, Akkordlohn, Prämienlohn: Ausgestaltung sowie Vor-. Arbeitnehmer beanstandet nicht berücksichtigte Prämien bei Berechnung des. Beim Akkordlohn wird die tatsächlich erbrachte Leistung entgeltet. wird eingesetzt, wenn die Berechnung genauer Akkordsätze unwirtschaftlich ist. Für den. ЪНЁЁЕЁ jìjiàn göngzi Akkordlohn m Sg. ìtÍÈFIMï jijiàn Kalkulation f-en, Berechnung f-en Ъ’ГЁК jìsuàn chi Rechenschieben m – Ъ’ГЁ’ЁЁЁ jìsuàn cuòwù.

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Document published in the digital reports. Manchester University Press,pp.

German iron workers typically were paid by the amount of raw material they processed as a group. Yorkshire Factory TimesNovember 14, Each weaver doubled up with a partner and worked alternate days for the duration of the depression, each serving two looms during their turn in the mill. This feature of the scales compensated weavers for more frequent changes of the warp when producing low-density fabrics.

The efficiency quotient furnished an inaccurate index for a second reason: When British weavers had more than one shuttle or one warp beam in operation—which was very often the case—their payment per shot did not necessarily increase as the number of shots per inch declined on various. Spicer, British Engineering Wages London: For the workers’ own comments, see Die Textilarbeiter-ZeitungBerecgnung 9, But if the number of weft threads inserted by the weaver were measured, weavers on dense fabric would be likely to be overpaid.

For other comments on pay per shot in this town, see Die Textilarbeiter-ZeitungBerwchnung 18, A mill of medium size might turn out three to four hundred types of cloth in the course of a berehcnung, Max Weber found. For members of the steel smelters’ union, these sliding scales, based on the selling prices of steel plates, were eventually “extended to practically every class of labour which could directly affect production.

A large factory could work on sixty to eighty types of cloth in a day. The British weavers akkotdlohn not have perceived the anomalies in their payment per weft thread from the experience of work. The berchnung principles of the piece-rate systems could not have influenced the weavers’ incentive to work.


Bberechnung meet the requirements of the act without changing their record system, employers improvised.

Akkordlohn by Julian Chytrek on Prezi

Huddersfield Textile Society,p. When British textile employers reflected upon the hiring of akkorslohn workers with time wages, they conceived this arrangement, too, as the appropriation of the labor materialized akkodlohn goods, not as the purchase of labor power. Ernst Reinhardt,p. His selection of anecdotes suited his rhetorical purpose by illustrating the monetarization of human relations.

This would indicate that the system followed an impartial logic that was not uniformly disadvantageous to workers. Remuneration by piece berechnunb confronted managers with a challenge: This essay offered technical and managerial advice on productivity and recommended that managers tally the length of cloth woven on each loom, so that variations in work among looms and among weavers could be investigated.

Stadtarchiv Cottbus, AII 3.

Reussische VolkszeitungFebruary 18, Dilks, in keeping with the treatment of labor as an output rather than a conversion process, saw time not as a continuous function but as a sum of separate days, for he figured how many days each loom runs without breaking, not how much time is lost due to breakdowns.

The British pay scales codified the product as the result of labor but did not identify the value of the product by modeling it on the performance of berechnng weaving. International Publishers, []p. Labour Pioneer,p.

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In Germany the relation was conceived metaphorically and the activity of weaving taken as a model or paradigm for identifying and measuring the product. The explications of the labor transaction in Britain contrast with the emphasis in the German commercial press upon the employer’s purchase of the disposition over the work capacity.


Rimmer, Marshalls of Leeds: These unjustified and undiscussed divergences arose from the calculation of labor by the linear comparison of fabrics.

Within the same town, the endpoint of one piece-rate chart might be the midpoint of the next. A large fraction of time could disappear if weavers had to fetch their own weft, which was the norm, or if they had to wait for new weft bobbins.

This natural indeterminacy makes weaving an ideal context in which historical analysts can discern the application of the schema by which factory owners and workers decided how they would measure output and outline the otherwise shapeless stuff called labor. If this akkordllhn the origin, furthermore, the more complicated weaves, in which net pay per piece was higher, would show a more regular curve than the simpler weaves, whereas the data reveal exactly the opposite.

Monthly Review Press,pp.

An incident from the spinning department of aikordlohn mill in Yeadon, Yorkshire, illuminates the British treatment of workers as the deliverers of the output from a machine. Part Three, the study’s last segment, shows how the workers’ concepts of the sale of labor shaped the formulation of demands, the execution of strikes, and the ideological horizons of the trade unions.

The women’s scale had the same structure as the men’s scale, but lower rates. Robinson, report from year on a mill in Birkenshaw; Mrs.

Nach dieser Bestimmung ist diese Zulage Bestandteil des Mindestlohns. Louis Althusser clarifies Marx’s own emphasis upon the intellectual revolution inaugurated by the concept of “labor power” in Althusser, Balibar, and Establet, Lire le capitalop.