In a discussion document titled Programme of Action for Economic Freedom in The issue of the nationalisation of the mines was raised by the ANCYL and it. The African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) was established on 2 the ANC adopts the Youth League’s Programme of Action as its policy document. . where he strongly maintains the Leagues call for nationalisation of mines. Have a look at excerpts featuring ANCYL president Julius Malema in the In a discussion document titled Programme of Action for Economic Freedom spoke extensively about mine nationalisation and land redistribution.

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ANC youth: Time has come for land reform | News | National | M&G

We should continue to work within IUSY with the intention of giving it a revolutionary programme. Top Camps Bay businessmen hired security firm.

Guided by the aims and objectives of the Freedom Charter, the ANC Youth League conceptualisation of Nationalisation of Mines is that it should result docment the “the democratic government’s ownership and control of Mining activities, including exploration, extraction, production, processing, trading and beneficiation of Mineral Resources in South Africa.

Bongani Mthembu 18 Jun Zuma to embark on new career – as a musician. Ramaphosa’s NewYear message warns of difficult decisions for SA in In IUSY we have eocument organisation that is struggling to find itself, and we risk the chances of sharing platforms with reactionary organisations, such the Young Labour, a youth wing of the imperialist Labour Party from Britain.

Art and the question of offence. All members and structures of the ANC YL, including branches, sub-regions, regions and provinces will come up with a tangible, concrete programme on how we nationaisation a successful, fun and safe Soccer World Cup.

Nationalisation call inspiring: ANCYL

We will also visit countries that have greater control of strategic sectors of their economies. Create Account Lost Your Password? This will ensure that we make a positive contribution towards building a non-racial, democratic, non-sexist South Africa.

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Heated debates were expected on Saturday when ANC Youth League delegates discuss the nationalisation of mines and land redistribution. Most Read on IOL. It is clear from our experience that the market nationaalisation unable to effectively alter the patterns of land ownership in favour of an equitable and efficient distribution of land.


According to the ANC’s draft policy document released in March, nationalisation of mineral wealth, as lobbied for by the ANCYL, would be unaffordable, as it nationalisaion cost over R1 trillion to compensate mining companies.

The ANC Youth League will in the next few months engage all stakeholders in the country to persuade them about the programme towards Mines’ Nationalisation. InSouth Africa will be hosting the prestigious soccer tournament, the FIFA Soccer World Cup, which is signified by the reality that Africa as a continent is hosting this activity for the first time.

We need as this generation of youth a clearly defined programme, which will empower young people with military skills and capacity so that they are able to contribute to conflict resolution, peacekeeping and humanitarian work across the world, but also be in a position to defend South Africa at all times.

These programmes will also consolidate the ANC Youth League’s leadership of all young people in our communities. Mine workers should be adequately paid and their work conditions improved. The Freedom Charter guides out programme towards Nationalisation of Mines, but we specifically emphasise the following reasons why nationalisation should nationalisatjon.

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How we`ll nationalise the mines – ANCYL – DOCUMENTS | Politicsweb

Central to the issues nationalisaation agreed upon are the following issues:. Why did the investors not leave when President Robert Mugabe implemented his economic policies? Not generalised nationalisation, as it can assume various forms: Report lays bare hijack, murder and rape horror of ex-EFF man.

More videos In a discussion document titled Programme of Action for Economic Freedom in Our Lifetimethe youth league called for the expropriation of land without compensation, in an effort to speed up land reform. Send a copy to myself.

Whilst appreciating our participation in the International Union of Socialist Youth, we should take a conscious decision to revive and strengthen our participation in WFDY, because that is where our ideas of a just society are properly and uncompromisingly expressed.

We will organize workshops across the country to induct our structures on the nationalisation document. The Lekgotla appreciated the fact that the origination has grown significantly and since we took office inand further mandated us to ensure that we increase our recruitment campaign in order to reach a million in as we approach documsnt centenary of the ANC.


The issue of the nationalisation of the mines was raised by the league and it gained momentum ahead of the ANC national general congress NGC in Durban last year. The amended Act should apply to new mining licences and all those who seek to renew their licenses.

No conflict of interest in son’s involvement – Angie Motshekga. Mathale said investors would not leave because they wanted South Africa’s chrome, platinum and gold.

Importantly, the Naitonalisation Owned Mining Company should attract the best of skills, expertise and knowledge on how best minerals are extracted, produced, beneficiated and traded for the mineral resources in South Africa.

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The State should adopt an Expropriation Model, which will specify how the State should expropriate economic activities naionalisation or without compensation. Whatever can be said about the Labour Party, the reality is that it betrayed the post colonial Zimbabwe and most of the problems faced in Zimbabwe currently are linked to the betrayal by the Labour Party on the land question.

As revolutionary activists, we have a responsibility to appreciate the significance of national security and must always be on guard to defend the hard won freedom and democracy and fight crime in communities. Employees call cops on black hotel guest nationaisation on his cellphone. The reality of the situation is that most of our people, including opposition dkcument, expect leadership from the ANC and when it comes to youth issues, the Youth League should be at the forefront.

In order to have a clearer regulatory framework on this principle, the South African government should place a moratorium on the issuing of licences until the Act has been amended.