Title, Atvykstamojo turizmo paslaugų struktūros Lietuvoje tobulinimas. The improvement of the inbound tourism services structure in Lithuania. Authors, Šedienė. Turizmo sektoriaus valdymas ne tik Lietuvoje, bet turizmo sektoriaus plètrą Lietuvoje, svarbu akcentuoY . jamų iś atvykstamojo ir vietinio turizmo didinimą. Title: ATVYKSTAMOJO TURIZMO LIETUVOJE KONKURENCINGUMAS BALTIJOS ŠALIŲ KONTEKSTE. (Lithuanian); Alternate Title: THE COMPETITIVENESS.

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Giving the improvement solutions of the inbound tourism in Lithuania services structure. It points up the tourism heterogeneity, i. Therefore, recommendations on how to improve Lithuanian Tourism policy are presented. It is necessary to improve the current inbound tourism services structure in Lithuania in order to use the given possibilities of the inbound tourism organization in Lithuania as soon as possible for the economical development of this country and to satisfy the needs of overseas tourists more effectively and thus to increase the services demand of the arrival tourism in Lithuania.

The inbound tourism services structure in Lithuania. The work consists of 70 pages, 10 tables, 19 pictures and 1 appendix. Institutional Repository of Lithuanian Sports University: It is noted that the lowest income of the economic crisis. The geopolitical location and the particularity of tourism resources of Lithuania determine the favorable possibilities of the inbound tourism development in this country; moreover, it is given a great attention on a national scale.

The object of the master work is inbound tourism and the aim is to present the particularity of inbound tourism, to describe the internal of inbound tourism service, to accentuate the influencing factors of onbound tourism flow, to make situation analysis of tourism, to research and to make proposals of the inbound tourism of developement.

Atvykstamojo turizmo sektorius Lietuvoje. It is important to increase information atgykstamasis publicity on Lithuania and its famous places, traditions, history, people, — in other tuurizmas, to create the Lithuanian tourism brand.

Analyzing the inbound tourism services structure and its development tendencies in Lithuania. Exploring the inbound tourism peculiarities and the First part of the master work includes analysis of the theoretical peculiarities of inbound tourism, factors, which influences such type of tourism and particularity of tourism services, also are presents service quality model of five gaps and model of tourism developement.


Inbound tourism economic impacts of income, which is derived from tourism, labor, employment in the tourism sector, balance of payments position, investment and development. Working volume – 69 pages. Exploring the inbound tourism peculiarities and the structure in theoretical standpoint. Therefore, inbound tourism is seen as relevant and important business area with a positive impact on Lithuania’s economic growth. It is purposefully to analyze the tourism as the process including the different tutizmas related activities, creating the complex of tourism services for their customer.

Magistro baigiamajame darbe analizuojami turizmo politikos formavimo ypatumai Lietuvoje. It is emphasized that the effective development liethvoje tourism in our country can be achieved only by cooperation of organizational structures at all levels and by having tight coordination. The research of Lithuanian competitiveness and image has indicated the following shortcomings of the Lithuanian inbound tourism sector: To further develop the tourism sector in Lithuania, there is a need to introduce new tourism products — new routes for the groups, European level cultural, educational, sports and political events, countryside tourism.

Analyzing the tourism conception and its characteristics.

Turizmo politikos formavimas Lietuvoje

This abstract may be abridged. The uncertainty of the tourism conception determines the variety of tourism classifications distributing the tourism under the purpose of the tour, categories of the tourists, the tourism direction and etc. Third part includes research of the tourism sector and settling situation analysis in Kaunas district. Comparative analysis revealed that, despite the fact that the tourism sector in Furizmas develops very rapidly, it is still behind the level of Estonia which is the leading tourism nation in the Baltics.

Evaluating the potential of the inbound tourism organization in Lithuania.


It created the largest share of GDP since Inbound tourism industry includes many services in areas such as catering, accommodation, recreational activities, educational activities, etc. Preparing the general conception of Lithuania development the government of Lithuania ascribed the tourism to priority directions of the economy development and undertook to create the favorable conditions for tourism development.


Tourism analyses in Lithuania, statistical data of arrived tourists and basic visitors segments are developed in the second part.

Institutional Repository of Kaunas University of Technology: They need more travel organization, settling, feeding services and they are satisfied with hotel services. Turizmo politikos formavimas Lietuvoje Tourism policy formulation in Lithuania. Remote access to EBSCO’s databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use. Preparing the general conception of Lithuania development the government of Lithuania ascribed the tourism to priority directions of the economy development and undertook to create the favorable conditions for tourism development.

The lack of cheap hotels and motels is another reason.

Turizmas Lietuvoje by Gytė Navikaitė on Prezi

However, the encouragement of the real tourism services development is minimum, which decides the partial stagnation of the tourism sector. To enhance the competitiveness of the Lithuanian tourism industry, it is necessary to develop targeted public strategies supported by adequate financial resources.

Investigate the inbound tourism sector on the Lithuanian economy. Thus, it is necessary to give a great attention to development of the outlying regions with the unique nature and cultural values, and to prompt the development of high quality accommodation, catering and recreation services in order to create in the international tourism market the competitive ability for recreation and leisure sector in Lithuania.

The relevance of the study. The inbound tourism services structure in Lithuania. Inbound tourism development of Lithuania is a significant economic factor, as foreign tourists spent a significant amount of money rather complements the country’s budget. The highest income recorded in – m. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. Based on completion of the Lithuanian tourism resources and services as well as PEST and SWOT analysis conclusion can be drawn that the most important priorities in shaping the tourism policy in Lithuania are development of local and inbound tourism.