Justin Bere is a British architect based in London. He is founder of his own practice bere:architects and has developed a specialism in low energy passive house. Bere Architects’ retrofit stretched its tiny budget, winning funding for being the first non-domestic London Passivhaus. They ran a competition, and Justin Bere Architects won. Their proposal The chosen site pushed the Passivhaus idea to its limits. 1,ft up at.

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The house uses non-toxic materials to avoid polluting the indoor air and, together with a heat recovery ventilation system saving ten times the energy it uses air quality is very high. Lark Rise certified Passivhaus Plus Living in a large cold farmhouse, the pasaivhaus needed little persuading of the merits of aiming for Passivhaus when building a guest house on their land.

Philippa Stockley, Evening Standard, Of course while the former is absolute, the later is very much subjective! Los Angeles New York.

And that is where the strength of this book lies for passivhaus architects. A water filtration system ensures perfectly clean water for both drinking and bathing.

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Justin Bere, Director, bere: I agree to receive emails from the site. Throughout the book there are reminders, directly and indirectly, that architecture must also be beautiful to be successful.

The client had strong ideas about the design of the house and to maintain the integrity of the vision, and the visual alignment of certain components, the architects had to rely on ultra-thin vacuum insulation in several areas.

Concrete basement structure, exterior Foamed glass insulation. The Passivhaus Planning Package PHPP was used from the very start of the project to determine the optimum position for the house on the site and the optimum percentage and orientation of the glazing.

  IC M505 PDF

Low-energy heritage retrofit Dyne Road. I can withdraw my consent at any time by unsubscribing. Bere Architectsthe firm behind the design, used PassivHaus principles to inform their process. Lark Rise is an all-electric, two-bedroom guest house designed to Passivhaus Plusproducing at least twice as much energy in a year as it requires, while maintaining a very high level of comfort all year round.

I agree to receive emails from Inhabitat. CO2 emissions are minimised Perhaps it should have been built somewhere else!! The m2, two bedroom, family house is constructed with a heavily insulated prefabricated timber frame set inside 3m retaining walls and clad in European larch.

Passivhaus or Passive House? | bere:architects

Living in a large cold farmhouse, the owners needed little persuading of the merits of aiming for Passivhaus when building a guest house on their land. Justin identifies six methods that form the essential basics of passivhaus design. Sign up for weekly newsletter. By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein. The economic foundations that the Passive Standard is built on are covered concisely and clearly.

Camden Passivhaus – User Guide. All architects would benefit from a copy of this book and should certainly familiarise themselves with the content of it before their clients start asking for the benefits Srchitects provides!

The building has a concrete basement substructure with timber frame superstructure. Each one of these would be an incredibly valuable paper in its own right and together they make a hefty contribution to the technical guidance of the book.

Lark Rise certified Passivhaus Plus

The scheme joins a small group of certified UK Passivhaus Plus projects pushing the frontiers of building energy performance with carbon lite renewables. The six methods are:. This will be carried forward in our future work. Log In Sign Up. We need to confirm your email address. I highly recommend visiting and educating yourself.


Added to an end-of-terrace house in North London, Focus House is a delightful prefabricated eco-home for a family of five. Prefabricated timber frame, with mineral wool insulation, and larch cladding. Focus House passlvhaus a unique design that embodies the prefab principles of waste reduction and efficiency, and raises the bar on energy-efficient building design. It mainly covers research comparing some completed bere: All the buildings presented were selected on the basis of being certified to the Passivhaus Standard and having considerable architectural merit.

There is then a short chapter on architecgs and whole life costs. And as Justin makes clear, well-designed buildings that also perform well provide both short and long term value for the clients and occupants. The term Passivhaus refers to an advanced architedts energy construction standard for buildings, bdre have excellent comfort conditions being both cool in summer and warm in winter with minimal additional heating, with perfect air passuvhaus levels all year round and excellent winter ventilation, whilst being completely free of winter draughts.

You can click on the image above to go to the Amazon page for the book, or visit my Passivhaus Books page for more information about this book and other passivhaus books. And then they can dig deeper and learn about integrated design and the benefits of passivhaus. The site is located in London which means that the over-shadowing of adjacent buildings had a major impact on the energy balance and design decisions.

Built with high-performance off-site construction.

This section is full of stunning photographs.