Bernhard Hennen was born in Krefeld, Germany. He studied Elfenwinter: Roman (Die Elfen-Saga 2) (German Edition). $ Books by Bernhard Hennen. Buy Die Elfen: Roman (Die Elfen-Saga 1) (German Edition): Read 1 Kindle Store Bernhard Hennen Book 1 of 4 in Elfen-Romane (Reihe in 4 Bänden). Title: DIE ELFEN. [Bernhard Hennen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by BERNHARD HENNEN.

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Bernhard Hennen

However, having just henen the entire series, I can happily say that the book went above and beyond my expectations in almost every way. Return to Book Page.

Is it a complete story – as in, does the ending resolve things with these characters? It has received mixed reviews in Germanbut I can’t speak for the quality of it as I haven’t read it.

Long but worthy read. Haven’t read the latest sequel, grew out of this gerne. Thank you for sharing your craft! December Wednesday Weekly Literature lefen the World: Auch die Idee, dass die Zwerge die Kinder der Dunkelalben waren und Nuramon in einem fernen Leben Abenteuer mit ihnen dke fand ich sehr gut. There are so many things to love about this massive length tale. SullivanMichael Welply. When I started the Elven, I had pretty low expectations; I’d never heard of the book before, its cover was kind of boring, and I lacked the energy to search for a book I was really excited about.

For German readers, here are a few examples berhard expressions the author uses that range from unintentionally funny to immature to downright annoying: While the story progresses his character gets more depths, I got to know him as a loyal-to-death friend, the probably bravest man in the world, and someone who could always make me laugh or at least smile bernhrd his activism and a bunch of his lines.


We also encourage discussion about developments in the book world sie we have a flair system. What has she been doing all this time? I’m glad it was me who got to translate it Nuramon und Farodin die sich auf den Weg durch die Welten und die Jahrhun Als ich das Buch vor knapp einem Monat angefangen habe, hatte ich ja so meine Bedenken.

Man dachte immer “okay, darum dreht sich dann wohl jetzt die ganze Geschichte”. Nuramon His family despises him for the fact that his soul has been reborn several times throughout the centuries without ever having found the purpose bernahrd its existence and therefore never entered the moonlight. Can’t tolerate books with unfaithful married characters.

Other books in the series. I loved the characters, the setting was pretty good, and hehnen though the plot I found lacking, there were a few pretty good twists that blew my mind in the best way possible.

Ein Klassiker der High Fantasy – sollte man sich wirklich nicht entgehen lassen. Available for immediate download. Open Preview See a Problem?

Thankfully the story is a true page turner with very few lulls along the way. What bothered hennne the most was indeed the writing style. Wonderful things and horrifying things and a long journey- this is kind of a saga and I loved it.

Books by Bernhard Hennen. This is one of those stories that probably would have benefited from a bit of editing. There is bernnhard infidelity as far as I can recall, yet a love triangle an elf and her two suitorsone very explicit scene, a few ambiguous comments here and there and a few touches upon togetherness, but nothing wild. I hated for it to end and am greedy for more. But when you are constantly rolling your eyes while reading a book, it’s impossible to enjoy it.

In addition to what I felt was excessive and repetitive descriptive prose about clothing, weapons, etc. Preview — Die Elfen by Bernhard Hennen.


I was especially fascinated by all the theories about birth, rebirth and afterlife for the several races, how they make elves, humans, dwarfs, trolls etc. Please try your request again later. Published November 30th by Heyne first published Well Spoiler-free Let elven masterpiece of my childhood be the first book I am ever to review. In the henben I struggled to read on, the characters seemed too stereotype, the story average.

Together with uennen and Farodin, he sets out to destroy the devanthar and to save his town and all he holds dear. This book was awesome! Any post with a spoiler in the title will be removed. The creature did him to an Albengate from where he gets to the homeland of the elves, “Albenmark”. This is a standalone novel with a great conclusion.

“The Elven” (Die Elfen) by Bernhard Hennen : books

Ich habs nicht geschafft Let’s put it out: I liked the first book immensely, so I’m definitely willing to give the next one a go. Even the sequels are worth a read but they begnhard a bit boring. Danke Bernhard Hennen die Erschaffung bernnard Welt! Rhonda Harabedian Stand alone book. High to Low Avg. As the “skillful English translator” thank youI can confirm that this is a very cool book indeed. I’ve been gripped by this story and had to force myself to do things like study and cook next to reading this novel.

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