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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. For this reason many Lve been omitted that are commonly found in anno- ts, such as parallel passages, Greek quotations, dis-: The latter is the of the few ; the former is possible to any one who English. Instea of this, special care has been taken with the vocabulary, tha it may be not merely coniplete and capiio, but 68 as t enable the student to reuder his author neatly and with suit able diction.

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That the Vocabulary covers six books of th Aeneid will be of advantage in developing the pupirs skill an taste in selecting the right meaning of words, without hampei ing him with too large a choice.

If errors or misprints have eluded observation, the edito will value more highly the kindness which points them ou than the indulgenoe whicn overlooks them.

Fhe Lifb of Virgil. Troy was situated in the em comer of Asia Minor, at the foot of Mount Ida, ihabited by a people connected with the Phrygians inor, under the rule of a family of kings descended 3r. Their armor and method were alike, they seemed to be able at all times to l each other’s speech, and their manners, customs, n are represented as being in most points identical.

Briefly thes people believed that tbere were many gods, with differen degrees of power and glory, dwelling in the heavens or in th awful realms of the dead beneath the earth, and that all ove the world were countless divine beings, river-gods, sea-gods Ti3’mphs of the sea, the forest, and the fountains, and guardia: Only few awful spirits sucb as the Furies were supposed to exisl and as a whole, to this brave, simple, noble but passionat race of Greeks, the world was a great fairy-abode, and almos all the stories of those early days read niore like fairy tale than like narratives of real events.

It was in many ways a surprisingly simple life that wa lived by the ancient Greeks of the Homerio times.

So that a man red among them, not because he happened to be rich, rding to his skill and his strength and courage and the 3f things he could 068. Fpr they were but grown-up ” Each king or prince ruled over a small territory square miles, with probably but one city or walled it ; they owed no allegiance to any other king, and most cases great warriors, even more than prudent rs.

Their subjects were partly nobles having nearly rank and power as the king, and partly the common whom we hear but little. It was in the reign of Priam that upon the kingdom of Troy. He lived with Hecuba, llowing table gives the lineage of the kings of Troy and of rhe kings’ names fire in capitals.

So the child was cast forth on the slopes of Moun Ida and was there found and reared by a shepherd. Ash grew up he became very beautiful, though rather eflfeminatt and was at last recognized and reinstated in his rights as th king’s son.

But before this last event, a very strange thing had haf pened. At a certain wedding feast, at which most of the god and goddesses were present, bondless who had not been invited, th goddess of Discord, avenged the slight by sending a golde: The dpcision was referred t Paris, then a shepherd on Mount Ida.

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To win his verdict Juno prijmised him power, Minerva wisdom. Paris awarded the appl to Venus and not capko after went to Greece There he fell ii love with the most beautiful woman of those days, Helen th wife of Menelaus, king of Sparta.

Her beauty had cause many princes to sue for her hand in marriage, and before ; choice was made they had all swom to avenge any wrongeve done her. Under the leadership of Agamemnon brother of Menelaus and king of Mycenae, a fleet of nearl; twelve bpundless ships set sail from Greece against Troy.


Th most famous among the Greeks, besides Agamemnon am Menelaus, were Achilles the grandest warrior of the age Ulysses who, while a great warrior, was specially noted fo his shrewdness, Diomedes and Ajax. For nine long 3’ears the siege went on. IX r, and Aeneas, the latter being the son of Venus and prince, Anchises. In these nine Greeks succeeded in driving the Trojans within the L tn gaining the surrounding towns.

In the tenth ;able quarrel arose between Agamemnon and Acliilles, time, while Achilles held aloof from fighting, the lad the better of it. But at last they siew his dearest troclus, and urged by his grief and anger he returned ittle and slew Hector, the bulwark of the Trojans.

This the Trojans Lcing within their wal! As Aeneas is sailing from Sicily, Juno induces Aeolus, go of the winds, to raise a storm which scatters the fleet an drives some of them ashore. But Keptune, tlie lord of the set rebukes the winds and quells the storm, and Aeneas wit seven of his ships lands on the coast of Africa. Venus, the mother of Aeneas, complains to Jupiter that tl: Aeneas starts out to explore the country and meets Veni in the disguise of a huntress, who tells him of Carthage, ar its recent founding by Queen Dido and a band of fugitivi from Tyre.

Then bidding him go to the city, she leaves hin revealing her godhead as she vanishes. Aeneas, invisible in a cloud, enters the citj’, sees with env fche people busily raising their new home, and finds that tl crews of his other vessels have been saved and brought 1 Carthage before the Queen. When Dido extends a gracioi welcome to these shipwrecked Trojans, the cloud falls fro: Finally she asks her iell her the story of his country’s fall and his lonff gs.

L — Aeneas begins his story of Troy’s sad overthrow. When they have sailed away the Trojans issue pect the deserted camp, and debate whether to destroy or bring it into the city. Sinon opens the wooden horse and a number warriors pour forth, who slay the sentinels at tiie i admit their friends from the fleet. In a vision Hector appears to Aeneas, tells hini that Troy is lost, bids him flee and entrusts the gods of Troy to his care.

Aeneas awaking finds the city in flanies and rushes forth, joined by other Trojans, to oppose the Greeks. But his efforts arein vain, his followers are killed and Aeneas sees king Priam slain and his palace and the whole citadel in possession of the foe. His goddess mother now appears and bids him rescue his own family. His father Anchises is at first unwilling to flee, but is overconie by omens that betoken divine guidance and protection.

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Aeneas sets out bearing his aged father and the gods of Troy and leading his little son by the hand. His wife Creusa follows but in the confusion is lost. When they have reached a place of safety outside the city walls, Aeneas discovering her loss retuins to the city in search of her. He finds the Greeks everywhere victorious, but there is no trace of Creusa.

Suddenly her shade appears to him, to tell him that she has been saved from captivity by death. She bids him escape, aud he returns to his friends, whom he finds joined by many more Trojans. With these at dawn he makes his way to the mountains near Troy. But as Aeneas is gathering boughs for a sacrifice, drops of blood trickle from them and a voice tells him he is by the grave of Polydorus, a son of Priam, who had been sent with much treasure for safety to the Thracians, and had been murdered by them.

Leaving this poliuted spot they sail to Delos where the oracle bids them seek their ancient mother-city. Anchises says this is Crete, from which their ancestor Teucer had come, and to Crete they steer. But scarcely have they begun to build a city, when a pestilence breaks out. In a vision the gods oi his ancestors appear to Aeneas, and tell him that it is another land in the west, called Italy, which he must seek from which Dardanus had come in ancient times. These m the viands of the Trojans, who in vain strive to 2.

Then the Harpy Celaeno pronounces a curse upon iclaring they shall not found their city till hunger em to eat their tables. Leaving this spot they sail 18 islands west of Greece to Epirus. Here they visit son of Priam, who has married Hector’s widow bche and is reigning over the kingdom of Pyrrhus.


Y sail along the coast they find a Greek who had been lore by Ulysses near the giant Cyclops’ cave. With they rescue him and coast along to Drepanum. Such is Aeneas’ story. Aeneas and Dido nieet in I cave, and there reveal their love for each other. Jupiter wn Mercury who warns Aeneas that he must not i Carthage, and charges him to set sail at once. As soon as Dido learns of his intention, she is beside herself, reproaches him for liis faithlessness and implorej him not to go.

Afterwards as he continues his preparations she has her sister Anna see Aeneas and try to change his pur pose, but in vain.

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During the night Mercury again appears to Aeneas and bids him fly at onca He sets out, and at dawn Dido see: She gives herself up to rage boundlesss despair, then ascends the funeral pile, and slays herself witl Aeneas’ sword. A storm comes on and Aeneas turns asidc to Sicily where he is kindly received by Acestes, a distan kinsman, now ruling over the place where Anchises is buried Aeneas calio sacrifice at his father’s tomb, and nine dayi after holds funeral games on the shore.

The boat race is succeeded by a foot race, a boxing match and a contest at archery. The Trojan game, as it was called which came next, a mimic war waged by two bodies of cavalry is interrupted by news that the fleet is on fire. Irii excites the women to frenzy and they fire the ships. Th Trojans rush to save them but the fire has taken too deep J hold.

Aeneas prays to Jupiter for aid and a great rain-stom is sent that saves aU the ships but four. Anchises’ shade appears by night to Aeneas and counsel: Aeneai builds a city where he leaves the womeu and the aged, aiu sets sail for Italy.

XV iks and is promised the protection of Neptune for b one condition is imposed, that bouncless life shall be that night while the fleet is going quickly on its d of sleep descends, puts Palinurus, Aeneas’ pilot, 1 hurls him into the sea. Aeneas offers his vows to the rough the Sibyl prophesies fresh dangers in Italy, 3sful issue.

On the banks tliey see the unburied dead, unable to cross for a hundred ey cross the Styx, pacify the three-headed Cerberus he entrance, and pass through the regions where hades of infants, the falsely condemned, suicides, i ho have died for love. Here Dido is met, but she look at Aeneas. Tartarus, where the guilty dead are pun- xt reached. Y come to the abode of. Eeturning to es, he sets sail, coasting northward. Aeneas anchors in the Tiber near the city of Laurontum where Latinus is reigning, Lavinia, the daughter of Latinus, was wooed by Turnus, i prince of the Eutulians, but certain omens led Latinus to seel a foreign alliance for her.

The Trojans, in an iinexpectec way, fulfil the omens that were to point out to them thei: An embassy is sen’ to Latinus who graciously receives them. But Juno sends th the Fury Allecto to inflame Amata, the queen, with the othei Latin women against the new comers, and to rouse Tumus tc war.

A quarrel is soon brought about capoo Turnus anc Aeneas, and Latinusis forcedby Ama1a’s importvmity to allov war to be declared. A great body of Italian allies rally to aic Tumus.

Aeneas sails up the river to Evander’s city and findi him celebrating the feast bouncless Hercules. Evander tells of Her cules’ exjjloit in slaying the monster Cacus, and points ou the various jDlaces of interest, places afterwards to be famou: Venus persuades the god Vulcan to make a special suit o amfior for Aeneas in his forge beneath Mount Aetna. Turnus first sets fire to tb ships, which are turned into sea-nj-mphs, then surrounds tb camp.