The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) Code of Ethics () sets forth the values and principles that guide professional social work practice. Although the official Code of Ethics for social workers in British Columbia is the BCASW/BCCSW Code of Ethics, the Code of Ethics developed by the Canadian . Ethical behaviour lies at the core of every profession. The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) Code of Ethics sets forth values and principles.

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In joining with the Aboriginal position we need to be clear about the ideological stance we are embracing. The revised Code does, but is limited. However, he is not necessarily calling for the abandonment of ethics, but the rejection of ot modernist ways of going about moral problems, including the search for absolutes.

Unravelling codification of ethics Reasons identified for codes of professinal ethics include a contribution to the professional status of an occupation, to establish and maintain professional identity, to guide practitioners how to act and to protect users from malpractice or abuse Banksp.

The project emerged as we questioned the role of social work ethics as an arbiter with students who were floundering during the fieldwork practicum. What does our critique of codified ethics in the Australian context mean for practice? The Practice of Social Work: She found that ethice on the modernist theoretical perspectives did not deal with the contradictions facing her in fasw to provide explanations for the inconsistencies and concerns she experienced when dealing with complex and extraordinary events.

This paper takes the work a step further by applying our reflections to the situation of Indigenous people in Australia, Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders.

Ethics Articles

Professional associations based in Canada Social work. CASW was founded in [3] to establish standards of practice for social workers. Our Foundation for Growth. The new clauses fail to unravel the complexities of cultural diversity, anti-oppressive practice and discrimination. History of Canadian Social Welfare: It was the concern that codr work in the main continues to give credence to universal principles, which attracted us to a postmodern analysis of social work ethics.


Enhances the value and credibility of the profession so that it may more effectively advocate for social change when deemed necessary. The AASW needs to change its image from an Anglo-Celtic institution to something else’ The Code could be improved to be less tokenistic about difference, more specific and taking account of the diversity of practitioners.

Reconstructing an Emancipatory Project, Sage, London. These codes incorporated at best, global assumptions based on general notions of social justice, elimination of discrimination and self-determination. Establishes professional expectations as the basis of responsibility for social workers so that they may develop, control, evaluate, and improve their own practice.

For example, the Standards of Practice incorporated in the Australian Code of Ethics includes a statement under the umbrella of commitment to social justice that:. This means social work has to rise to the challenge of dealing with competing voices Flax and embracing an ethic which asserts a responsibility to those who have been reduced to objects and acted upon by those with knowledge Cod Although social work has always had a progressive element in its ranks, it is in the past two decades that a perspective has developed which challenges the hegemony of conventional social work theories of ‘person cass and ‘social reform’.

Social workers recognise and respect the racial sthics cultural diversity of Australian society, taking into account the further diversity that exists among the individuals, families, groups and communities with indigenous and other cultures. Non-registered and registration-inclined social workers who have completed a social work degree use LSW or LMSW, the licensed social worker designation is a common designation for career generalists and licensed master’s social worker to those entering the profession with a postgraduate ethicd.

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Provides a basis for professional development and continuing education within the profession. Yet we argue that as social workers we need to work to find pathways to act on that wisdom and to apply the lessons of the postmodern paradigm to practice.


Social workers will act without prejudice, seeking to prevent and eliminate negative discrimination based on grounds such as: One Code which leads the way is the New Zealand Code which incorporates detailed provisions about Maori people. Discussing the Indigenous situation, Dodson refers to the ‘societal stability’ argument which is posed by those who, in order to promote the dominance of a chosen system, actively discourage, suppress, marginalise or neglect benignly other competing systems, with such sacrifices required ‘in the name of justice, stability and the majority interest’p.

Yeatman, Allen and Unwin, Sydney. It is aspirational and provides an ideal to strive for.

CASW Code of Ethics

We interviewed a small group of social workers in Melbourne and Sydney – practitioners we identified as coming from a progressive or critical perspective, for their views. The Code could be improved to be less tokenistic about difference, more specific and taking account of the diversity of practitioners.

This paper presents research which I have undertaken with Carolyn Noble from the University of Western Sydney for ethids than five years. Codes of ethics have been reified and upheld as one of the defining aspects of the social work profession Banks The exploration has been part of a journey to see the formulation of a more relevant moral framework for the profession. In the main, the conventional and the progressive views stand in opposition to ethhics other, representing conflicting philosophies and ideologies.