FG7R-0,6/1 kV. FG7OR-0,6/1 kV. Structure and electrical, physical, mechanical requirements: CEI IEC CEI UNEL (cables 1 to 5. , La Triveneta Cavi has recently “revolutionized” two of its national cables suitable for fixed wiring (indoor, outdoor and underground). FG7R/1kV 1 Conductor. FG7OR/1kV 2 Conductors Tratos Cavi S.p.A. reserves the right to modify at any time technical dimensional and weight.

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You can monitor the system remotely through a monitoring software that is able to e-mail alarm status, from a virtually unlimited HELP-AC devices. N07G9-K Cables for indoors and halogen free wirings, emtting a very low quantity of opaque Fumes More info.

Milano Cavi

Distributors are involved as they must when making a cable available on the market, and shall act with due care in relation to the requirements of this Regulation and pass downstream the foreseen documentation e. Close You must be registered to access this service. Fire resistant vavi cable insulated with elastomeric moisture g In case of non-standard applications, we develop ad hoc versions, designed on specific customer request.

Davi AC, anti-theft for copper and aluminium cables. Taking advantage of an innovative xavi system, it checks the cables by electromagnetic induction.

Cables and Construction Products Regulations. FG7OAR Flexible power and control cable for fixed wiring with armour in galvanized steel wires braid and insulation in g7 quality hepr. Construction product means any product or kit which is produced and placed on the market for incorporation in a permanent manner in construction works or parts thereof and the performance of which has an effect on the performance of the construction works with respect fg77r the basic requirements for construction works.

In addition to this main classification, the European authorities have also regulated the use of the following additional parameters.


Compatible with any type of conductor: Fire resistant cables 1kV. See the complete description. G7 quality HEPR insulated. Name Conductor diameter Nominal insulation thickness Nominal outer sheath thickness Maximum outer diameter Approximate weight 5 products by page 10 products by page 15 products by page 20 products by page 30 products by page.

Classe di reazione al fuoco. This site uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience. Find out on how we use cookies and how to change your settings to refuse them by clicking on the link on the right hand side. It protects all electrical systems where large amounts of copper are concentrates: Your Account Username Password.

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N07V-K Cables for indoors and wiring. Highways and tunnels Railway lines Industrial sites Streetlights Renewable sources Water network purifiers Telecommunications networks. Flexible power and control cable for fixed wiring with armour in galvanized steel wires braid and insulation in g7 high quality hepr not propagating fire, halogen free and with low emission of smokes toxic and corrosive gases.

Red copper flexible conductors with a mica fire barier. High level of security: Not propagating fire and with low emission of corrosive gases More info. Wires and cables 1kV. Low fire hazard cables ffg7r. Nominal outer sheath thickness. The protection is at two levels: How the alarm communicates: Torna alla Home Page. In the case there is only one conductor is disconnected or truncated, if there is a length change by means of a bridge or HELP AC device is tampered, the system detects a difference between the control signal and the value stored in the calibration phase, instantly generates the alarm and alerts the control personnel or the Police.

Its unique patented system protects lines with no electrical contact. HELP AC to fit the length and characteristics of the cables, which varies from system to system, performs an auto-calibration procedure during the installation phase in order to adjust power and frequency of the energy pulse of each individual channel.

  ARMY TB 55-46-1 PDF

UG7OR Rigid power control cable for fixed installations not cagi fire and with low corrosive gas emission.

Low voltage cables

Obviously more cross-section increases, more it diminishes the resistance. Find out more on how we use cookies. Just type “Theft of Copper” on any search engine, to run into an endless list of articles documenting every day raids of this metal, also known as “red gold”.

All the stages from design to production are made in Italy and in accordance with ISO Conductor diameter Nominal insulation thickness Nominal outer sheath thickness Maximum outer diameter Approximate weight. Flexible or rigid power control cable for fixed installations not propagating fire and width low corrosive gas emission. There is no electrical contact between the sensors and cables to be protected.

The resistance is related to the characteristics and to the length of the cable not wrapped. Not propagating fire and with low emission of corrosive gases. FG7OHH2R Low voltage multicores cables with concentric shield flexible power and control cable for fixed wiring with copper HELP AC has an RS port with ModBus communication protocol, for remote monitoring; is also available a relay with changeover contact, programmable in its functionality and timing.

Halogen free, not propagating fire and with reduced emission of smokes. Core identification skin coloured: The device has an insulation of 4kV compared to the cables.