Os cimentos de ionômero de vidro (CIV) são um dos materiais mais estudados e utilizados na Odontologia moderna. O objetivo deste estudo foi revisar os. de molares decíduos restaurados com cimento de ionômero de vidro modificado por resina (Vitremer, 3M) comparando duas diferentes técnicas: a técnica. LIBERAÇÃO DE FLÚOR DE QUATRO CIMENTOS DE IONÔMERO DE VIDRO RESTAURADORES. Rev Odontol Univ São Paulo [online]. , vol, n.4, pp

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Cimentos de Ionômero de Vidro na Odontologia Moderna

Effect of using selfetching primer for bonding orthodontic brackets. A total of 60 bovine incisive teeth were used, where sixty Class V cavities were prepared in the middle of the buccal surface. This abstract may be abridged. An in vitro evaluation of four materials as barriers to coronal microleakage in root-filled teeth. Microleakage of several class V anterior restorative materials: Atraumatic restorative treatment ART: Curing contraction of composities and glass-ionomer cements.

Surface finishing dee resin-modified glass ionomer.

Marginal leakage of two glass ionomer cements: J Bras Clin Odontol Int. The clinical development of the glass-ionomer cements. Longevity of glass-ionomer restorative materials: Microleakage in bonded amalgam restorations using different adhesive materials Braz Dent J. Effect of cavosurface treatment on marginal leakage in class V composite resin restorations. Scand J Dent Res ; The effects of glass ionomer cement on carious dentine: A new translucent cement for dentistry: Iionomero was used 10 upper premolars, where mesial and distal slot preparations were confectioned.


Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. Two-year clinical evaluation of four polyacid-modified resin composites and a resin-modified glass-ionomer cement in class V lesions.

Synthesis and evaluation of HEMA-free glass-ionomer cements for dental applications. It was concluded that there was no significant difference in marginal leakage between both materials evaluated. Gateau P, Dayley B.

Longevity in glass-ionomer restorations: Microleakage of resin-modified glass ionomer cement restorations: Kerby RE, Knoblock L.

Evaluating the effects of fluoride-releasing dental materials on adjacent interproximal caries. Resin-modified glass ionomer restorations in primary molars: However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. Abstract Glass-ionomer cements GIC represent one oonomero the most studied and used materials in modern dentistry.

J Prosthet Dent ; J Dent Res ; A clinical comparison of a light cured uonomero ionomer sealant restoration with a composite cjmento restoration. Sweed Dent J ; When chlorhexidine is administered under the ionomer glass and the cavity is not cjmento, significant infiltration occurs. Estudo in vitro e in vivo.

Cimento de ionômero de vidro: revisão de literatura | Spezzia | Journal of Oral Investigations

In Vitro evaluation of microleakage of different materials used as pit-and- fissure sealants. Hotta M, Hirukawa H.

Glass ionomer cements used as fissure sealants with the atraumatic restorative treatment ART approach: The specimens were sectioned mesiodistally and ionoero for marginal leakage. Remote access to EBSCO’s databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use. Dental plaque and occlusal surfaces of first permanent molars in relation to stage of eruption.


Strength characteristics of glassionomer cements.

Fluoride release from glassionomer cements in de-ionized water and artificial saliva. Users should refer to the original published version of the material for the full abstract.

Cimentos de Ionômero de Vidro na Odontologia Moderna

J Am Dent Assoc. Estomat cult ; New trends in glass-ionomer chemistry. Nevertheless, microleakage occurred in all groups. Mechanical properties of glass-ionomer cements affected by curing methods.

O cimento de ionômero de vidro na odontologia

Abrasion resistance of restorative glass-ionomer cements with a light-cured surface coating. Fluoride-releasing dental restorative materials. An update on glass ionomer cement. Abstract The aim of this in vitro study was to evaluate the marginal lea-kage in proximal cavities restored with two different glass ionomer cements, specially designed cmento Atraumatic Restorative Treatment.

When chlorhexidine is administered for 2 minutes with subsequent rinsing of the cavity, the result is similar to that to the control group. In situ transformation of glass-ionomer into an enamellike material.

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