D Datasheet: NPN Triple Diffused Planar Silicon Transistor, D PDF Download SANYO -> Panasonic, D Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet. D Datasheet – NPN Transistor for Color TV – Sanyo, 2SD pdf, D pinout, D manual, D schematic, D equivalent. 2SD Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SD Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics.

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Many “high-tech business” owners and their employees today are clearly woefully ignorant of the high technologies they sell including some giant electronic parts houses! Please do NOT phone us about Items of trade. Shipped in antistatic tubes.

Test Source Links only no visitor use: Popular NPN high-voltage transistor widely used in electronic circuits. Should you have items to sell or trade of these types, please let us know via email.

The TIP31C is widely applied for both linear and switching power applications. Perfect for the hobbyist, experimenter, repair technician or business, especially if you don’t like your devices easily reverse-engineered.

We have some Items in much larger quantities than offered above as usually stated in Item description.

Very smooth, clear, transparent when viewed straight on and reflective when viewed at an oblique angle mica – not that rough, yellowish, translucent, furry stuff you might get from other sources! Each silicon planar device has a small drop of red paint on it, which usually means that the silicon planar devices were screened for some important property, usually gain, so they are likely to be matching silicon planar devices.

High quality, steel TO-3 package, equivalent to popular 2N transistors. D18799 fact, a major California university bought of these CD ICs from us for its electronics laboratory as an electronics teaching tool.


Datasheet archive on 6-10-2011

We ship within 2 work days after full payment clearance period from day of deposit. Bandwidth for this microwave device is based on handwritten note attached to a box of these. Vintage s Fairchild Silicon Planar Devices. Silicon Bipolar Darlington Complementary Transistors.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise on this webpage, all applicable Techzonics organization policies are found at: Shipped in original sealed packages. For example, the 2. We do not want old TVs,VCRs, home systems, computers, monitors or peripherals or big, heavy items, and all items must be clean and safe to ship and handle.

ABQ Techzonics Transistors – Bipolar MOSFET,FET,IGBT

BoxAlbuquerque, NM Contact: Based on labeling and appearance, these are transistors. We sampled these, and found their ratings to be: P10NB20 shipped in antistatic tube or foam. Excellent high-voltage NPN f1879 for many high-voltage transistor applications.

Unless otherwise indicated, all items described on this webpage datassheet new old stock NOS and never used. Once your trade Items arrive here, we will examine them, which usually takes days. Germanium transistors are especially preferred for music applications, and are great electronic collectibles. Shipped in antistatic tube or foam. Also, a great technology collectible, transistor collectible and music collectible. Ideal for many applications. Excellent high-voltage NPN transistors for many high-voltage transistor applications.

May be transistors, we don’t know. Prices are stated below Item Description. Shipped in antistatic tube.


We bought a ton of these – so We are selling my excess. This may be the time to make sure your inventory is well-stocked! RCA is a great electronic collectible. PNP transistors have just about as many uses as NPN transistors, but are especially useful for grounded load outputs, and of course used in push-pull and complementary circuits. The is shipped in its original box. The type of box they came in is shown in image but is not included in this sale.


Money Transfer Services MTS and all business names referred to on this website other than ABQ Techzonics and Consumertronics are referred to only as totally independent sources of services or products our Clients may avail themselves to if they so choose, and to identify the manufacturers of products sold herein e. Each is labeled with “12 03” at top. Order by Title below image – Email us your order.

Great for repairing old music boxes. Many of our images of electrical and electronic hardware do not show all of the leads or cabling which the actual items have so that we can provide bigger and clearer images of the body of the items to better show part numbers, labeling, features and cosmetic conditions. BUV46 transistors are very useful and versatile for many power transistor applications, ST Microelectronics. We have also used these to provide great heatsinking for TO-3 transistors and ICs by punching a hole just slightly less than the diameter of the TO-3 part head, then pressfitting the heatsink onto the TO-3 part head.

Long gold leads much longer than shown in image. New fine, very high quality mica wafers. All foreign Shipping is by Air Mail. Germanium transistors are especially preferred for music applications.