Author’s address: Josef Dalik, katedra matematiky a deskriptivni geometrie atiky a deskriptivni geometrie strojni fakulty VUT, Technicka 2, 69 Brno, Czech. Rozvrh předmětu Deskriptivní geometrie (design) v zimním semestru a. r. / 15 [en], Design – Descriptive geometry, Courses, Department of. Found it Kolomajzlik found Deskriptivni geometrie. Monday, July 25, Jihomoravský kraj, Czechia.

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The article assessed the quality of general initial training general training and initial training at the workplace on-the-job training carried out in selected business entities related to the hard coal mining industry.

The aim of this paper is to show the role of geometry and mathematics in the cartography and different options for access to the distortions of the territory, such as optimization of extreme value of distortion, summing and integral criterion on area deskrpitivni, in some case using criterion with the requirement of a minimum mean value of scale distortion in a given area.

Equilateral quadratic cones are characterized by a vanishing trace. The reason might be difficulties when visualizing various objects with different movements. An actual problem affected by the precision of positioning geodetic points using new GNSS technologies in coordinate systems is the precision of the map projection. Nevertheless, we aim at low degree interpolants, and therefore, we choose the lowest possible n in any case.

Závěrečná práce: Mgr. Jindřich Červinka: Rotační plochy

Except for the most simple loci such as lines, circles ddskriptivni possibly conics, this topic is not contained in most geometry texts.

The case study is preceded by the presentation of general principles regarding cost accounting in mining companies as well as the use of multi-criteria assessments. When geometrically analyzing an already built building, it is very difficult to distinguish whether an oval was constructed using circles or ellipses.


Sign in to annotate. Springer Spektrum, Heidelberg G. The associated equilateral spherical conics have the property that the three vertices of a regular right-angled spherical triangle can simultaneously move along. Moderni matematicke metody v inzenyrstvi. Therefore, the question arises, what are the conditions which a figure should fulfil to visualise what an author aims at.

We propose an alternative adaptive subdivision scheme, which ensures the approximation degree 4 both for the inflection—free segments and the segments with inflections. If cones of this type are tangent to a regular quadric then their apices are located on a sphere. The first tensegrity structure was constructed in by Kenneth Snelson, the young student of deskri;tivni.

We describe this function using an implicit algebraic equation and the rational Puiseux series of its branches. First, we model the famous hyperbolic football manifold, and restrict ourselves only for Cw 6, 6, 6 manifold as in [2]. Their mixtures with the analytic use of homogenous coordinates is applied on projective theorems. beometrie


Our main goal is the interpolation of Gk data at the boundaries of ruled surfaces and canal surfaces. We show the correspondence between the degree of the approximation of the primary curve using Taylor series and the degree of the approximation of the support function using Puiseux series.

The paper presents the possibilities of applying one of the multi-criteria assessment methods the development geometre method in the processes of multi-variant design of technical and organizational solutions on the example of selecting equipment for a newly designed mine working in a hard coal mine. The corresponding conics are the spherical analogues of Thales circles. Therefore, the lecture takes up the cudgels on behalf of a solid education beometrie Geometry, including Descriptive Geometry.

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Choice of cartographic projection is determined by the geometrical characteristics of the territory and choice criteria for distortion of map elements. Fundamentals of the analytic hierarchy process.

All the time the idea of tensigrity structure is focusing deskeiptivni of scientists connected with architecture. That means each point has a ball-like neighbourhood. The Universe of Conics.

Application of the AHP method allowed to perform a diagnostic comparative assessment of objects business entitiesboth objects and accepted assessment criteria were compared in pairs with each other the evaluator’s preferences subjectivity of assessments are treated in the Analytic Hierarchy Process as a natural phenomenon.

Issue 1 First Online: As an answer it has to be stated that a proper visualisation is only one part, the other, more important, is the addressee.

Rotační plochy

We also analyze the approximation degree of this kind of dual approximation. We dwskriptivni that for a rational surface the Gram determinant of its tangent space is a perfect square if and only if the Gram determinant of its normal space is a perfect square. Nowadays new groups of scientists are looking for the best and precisly definition for tensigrity and they are trying to defined true or false tensigrity structures.