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Inspection, maintenance and repair of rack systems to DIN EN , the DGUV rule and DIN EN Steel static storage systems – Application and maintenance of storage equipment. Buy DIN EN () Steel Static Storage Systems – Adjustable Pallet Racking – Guideline For Safe Use from SAI Global.

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Overhead conveyor Roller container conveying SichV Our well trained and highly professional staff looks back on years of experience in 115635 field of warehousing technology.

Products for the Collection Damaged crossbars must also always be replaced. Mezzanines and Steel Struct The employer is obliged to systematically and regularly inspect all warehouse equipment — i.

Sin 10 of the BetrSichV requires regular inspections of storage equipment. Damaged components should not be repaired but completely replaced. Use our contact form to request a quotation…… Quotation request for racking inspection. As the warehouse owner is responsible for safe operating conditions, they must ensure the safety of their staff, the storage equipment and the integrity of their goods.

According to the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Berlin, racks and shelves are work equipment and are therefore subject to the Ordinance on industrial safety and health BetrSichV.

The results are logged accordingly and the warehouse is assigned an inspection plaque. However, immediate action is not required.

I – Heavy Duty Long-Span We check that all required dih provisions are in place and working properly. What exactly needs 115635 be done and whether a repair is necessary depends on the danger level — classification in the inspection protocol. Bespoke packaging QX series: Self-supporting mezzanines Racking-supported mezzanine All employees have been trained according to the new guidelines. Plastic and Steel Transport Heavy Duty Cantilever Racki A fair copy of the inspection record will be sent to you by post together with a possible repair offer.


Green level Requiring surveillance only. For the safe operation of racking systems, the legislation requires, among other things, that regular inspections be carried out by a competent person at maximum intervals of 12 months.

APAC regional office addresses Site addresses worldwide. Cantilever racking systems Shuttle Systems Cuby: The results are logged accordingly and the warehouse is assigned an inspection plaque. Waste management systems System solutions Waste and recycled material The storage system inspection does not require an interruption of your operations and include the following services: Our certified rack system inspectors are available and happy to help with legally required expert inspections.

In order to provide you with an offer for the rack inspection, we need information about the running meters and the kind of racking system concerned.

Racking Inspection – DIN EN – SSI SCHAEFER

We provide you with a single contact person competent in all issues regarding your warehousing facilities idn reference to the brand or manufacturer. Essential parts of our inspections are briefings and debriefings with the operator of the racking system as well as the preparation of detailed inspection records and the attachment of inspection badges all deficiencies are mentioned including racking aisle and space number.


Repairs to damaged components shall not be allowed unless approved by the equipment supplier: Please ask your quotation via our contact form. While the weekly inspection can also be done by the operating company itself, the expert inspections require special expert knowledge. This classification level refers to damages that affect the load capacities of the components. Pallet Racking for Automate Racking systems subject to inspection are: One of the most effective means djn saving material is to reduce the thickness of the shelves, i.

Automated dib parts stora We are happy to help you – please do not hesitate to contact us. The BetrSichV applies to the provision of shelves by the employer as well as to the use of shelves by the employees.

The regular inspections are carried out during ongoing operations using visual inspections. Contact a live representative. This confirms that the operator complies with these safety regulations.

Racking Inspection – DIN EN 15635

The practice-oriented course is given by a competent team of trainers. Unstable racking and shelving systems pose an extraordinary risk to humans, machines, and stored goods. By utilizing the Schaefer Rack inspection program, we minimize the risks caused by damaged storage equipment. The regular inspections are carried out during ongoing operations using visual inspections.