Dotyk Julii. likes. Book. Czy oprócz Dotyku Julii macie jeszcze jakieś swoje ukochane serie? Ja do śmierci będę wierna Delirium <3 ~ Julia. Image may. Dotyk Julii Trylogia by Mafi Tahereh, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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You might like it better because looking at the reviews, I seem to be one of the very few who feels this way.

November 19th, 6 9 Nov 24, Does anyone know a website where you can read free books without an account or anything? So, without further ado, here are my notes: Refresh and try again.

How can we forget our dear love triangle? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Exhausting and not very enchanting. Between the constant unwanted pet names and the really disturbing “I could just take a bite out of you”-type comments, this dude was about one villain notch away from singing a Tim Curry song.

Stays at Adam’s house. I really liked him as a character and hope he shows up more in Unravel me.

The number of times my parents walked by and asked me why I was reading a book with such a hideous cover. No, fuck you, book. If Juliette was always doing weird things happen how would it be possible for her to stay at a school for several years and only be pulled out once she killed a small child? It is about a girl who everyone thinks is insane. My world is one interwoven web of words, stringing limb to limb, bone to sinew, thoughts and images all together. He’s blonde, with emerald eyes. That Juliette, who has always been unsure of herself for practically the entirety of the book, now suddenly feels confident in herself and ready to face her problems because some guys told her she looked good?


Plus, there is no other female character aside from Juliette, and whenever girls are mentioned by names, most of them are mean, ungrateful little bitches who eagerly bully our poor heroine. I had a very strong, negative reaction to the writing and that definitely coloured my overall reaction to the book.

But Kenji was shot in his left leg beforehand, so he told her “My right leg is still good. It felt like it was missing the natural progression of things, and it went from in like, 2.

Dotyk Julii Trylogia : Mafi Tahereh :

James is at school. Later it get’s better and I read the la I love Tahereh Mafi as a person, so I wanted to love her as a writer too. Instead she chose to beat the metaphors, strikeouts, and repetitions dotuk your head so many times you just end up really, really, really, really wanting to kill yourself stop reading.

Trzy tajemnice Shatter Me 1. I was surprised I would like him at all, but well, you can’t really choose what to love, can you? The tension between them is no longer really being built, but rather just restated. Don’t even compare it. The world is interesting buuuut I feel like we didn’t learn that much about it? Juliette’s journal really disturbed me. I’m not trying to sound harsh, but that’s the truth. Shatter Me, otherwise known as: Votyk one star that I have given are not to this book, but to myself.

In my opinion, after the bullying, murder and abandonment that all featured in her life Juliette should have acted differently. Shatter Me confused me.

I know that everyone seems to be besides themselves at the “gorgeous prose” and “strong characters” in the novel and I feel like we’re either reading different books or I am on crack or something because seriously?


Well, the ending seemed promising and Adam is pretty cool. And I learned that I need to take an English course, because most of the time, I couldn’t understand what the hell was author trying to say. The story has definitely a good, strong premise especially when it came to Juliette. I don’t think he is a monster, but as I remember some of the things he said to Juliette in Unravel Me, I still don’t like him.

View all 44 comments. All the effin’ time.

For example, some reviewers thought that Lips Touch: I’m lying, is what I don’t tell him. Or maybe that dotym just me skimming. Why does that sentence need to be struck-through? In short, Juliette is annoying, insecure, negative, and self-abased. I thought about giving it one stars, but since I did like the characters, I decided to give it two stars instead.

Dotyk Julii

Then one day, Adam Kent, a boy she knew as a child, appears. Number of minutes it took me to STOP laughing at this passage because it was funniest damn thing I ever read because it was quite possibly the worst thing I had ever read. Kenji was just fucking annoying. Not only does this book lack a quality plot, it’s characters are flat, ridiculous, and might as well have been constructed from cardboard paper. Julij organ in my body falls to the floor. But Shatter Me had way way way too much of everything see what I dotuk there?

Seems like a bit short-sighted plan from someone who is supposedly extremely smart and ambitious.