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The right Is reserved to reject any and all bids. That the Tokio Government It seems to us that all such matters will be adjusted took any very vital interest in the handful of Japanese without difficulty, now that the Legislature has changed children who were applying to the San Francisco its position.

Steel common has been pressed upon the market, with the result that it has declined nearly 5 points. The bonds are guaranteed by the Southern Indiana R y. Bonds are free from all taxes. Net Change in Bank Holdings. All the officers of the company were re-elected at this week’s annual meeting, and in addition John II. H ill, Jam es N. OM lines would probably have placed more orders had it been possible to secure deliveries desired.

Eastern Ohio Traction Co. The falling off extended to all of the various points and to all of the different cereals, with one exception, namely barley, as will be seen from the following table in our usual form.


Morton of Winnipeg and Wira H. The postponement was granted as a result of another motion for continuance put in by counsel for the State of West Virginia. Changing con stru e. The annual report of the Pressed Steel Car Co. Old Colony R R.


In co m es. Seemingly in S a t. C 59, 15, 15, UluV So Pac Coast 1st gu 4s tr.

In this step Mr. Ohio Fuel Supply Co. D ecem bera M exican C e n t r a l.

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The railroad named as salary for the person hitherto filling that man will be able to see from month to month dti the position. J Housatonlc R con g 6 s.

C incinnati N o rth. Exporters were unable to accomplish anything notew orthy because of the higher figures asked, especially for winter low grades. Importations and Warehouse Withdrawals of Dry Goods. Enslen, President; Charles E. The following are the receipts and shipments for the past fto and for the corresponding week of the previous two years: The India Council offered for tender on Wednesday lacs of its bills and the applications exceeded lacs, at prices ranging from Is.

Already there has been a marked rise in Consols. We have said that the threat of war, as a consequence of the international friction involved in the incident, has never impressed us seriously. Some effort, it is said, is being made to bring wheat from Duluth to Chicago.


Louis S a t. Please ignore the naming convention, sorry it is being copied from legacy application. Prices of merchandise have been somewhat irregular, but on the whole steady. The bonds, issued at 92, are now 95 in London, Berlin and Amsterdam. Shattuck, Ellis County, Rto. On Wednesday long rose 10 points to 4 85 3 4 and cables fell 5 points to 4 3 4 ; short was unaltered. Januarywhile the receipts at the Southern Allison and Thomas J.

Hops quiet but steady. N ovem ber Jan u ary. D ecem ber D ecem ber. Franklin, Manager of the bond department.

Prices and particulars upon application. The debentures are dated April 1 For daily volume of business see page J-J P ortlan d B y 1st 6s Vto a result good milling-wheat was hard to buy in the interior and consequently millers were compelled to refuse better bids than a week ago.

Time loans on good mixed Stock of material. It is thought likely, too, that new interests may become affiliated with the bank. In order to relieve the service over the line between Denver and Golden, Col. A -0 C on 4s