Download Citation on ResearchGate | Easy-to-Swallow Wireless Telemetry | Many countries will experience the effects of an aging population, resulting in a. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Wireless Telemetry for Electronic Pill Antenna Design for Impulse Radio Based Wireless Capsule Endoscope Communication Systems. Article .. Easy-to-Swallow Wireless Telemetry. An important feature of the electronic pill technology is the wireless system utilized. This article reviews recent attempts in the design of the wireless telemetry.

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A multiplexer is used to switch telemetey each data. As it is outside the body, the wirelesx and power consumption of the receiver is not critical. However, a frequency band of around 1. Another high frequency link has been presented using the new unlicensed UWB wireless technology band 3.

Future pill systems should be developed that incorporate the following significant design requirements: Low-frequency transmission is easy to design and is attractive due to its high efficiency of transmission through layers of skin.

Easy-To-Swallow Wireless Telemetry | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for ECE Students

Although small miniature rechargeable battery technologies are available, the lifetime wireleds provide may not satisfy the desired operation time for detecting and transmitting enough useful data from inside the body.

Another such device was developed by Valdastri et al. One of the first electronic pills used an inductive link for wireless power transfer.

As the feature size of integrated circuit technology is further reduced and functionality increased, future electronic pills designers will use these eas-to-swallow technology and techniques, leading to completely self autonomous micro-robots that will contain sufficient functionality to go to designated areas within the patient.

Easy-to-Swallow Antenna and Propagation – Electrical and of wireless telemetry wureless for electronic pill technology As an example, in [41], a research group from Korea used a transmitter in the capsule with a carrier of 1. It uses a transmitter based on a Colpitts oscillator easy-to-sswallow of a small number of components and consuming little power. In batteryless systems, it is necessary to bring the charging transmitter very close to b Figure 4. Due to the use of power hungry LEDs, such a device consumes more power than the other systems.


Considering the advantages of high-frequency transmission such as small electronic components and high data rate capability, a high-frequency link can provide a number of advantages.

Figure 5 shows wirelfss basic building blocks of a potential electronic pill medical system for the future. It is quite obvious that future electronic pills will target higher-bandwidth data transmission that could facilitate a better diagnosis. The device contains six LEDs with adjustable illumination to maintain optimal imaging.

Easy-to-swallow wireless telemetry

Walking an easy pill to swallow Documents. From Table 1, current attempts in the design of electronic pill 95 past few years, there have been significant advances in sensor node technology. A higher pixel camera will require a higher image transfer rate, however.

Some of these bands are internationally available 2. The microcontroller will then pack and code the data before the data is sent to the wireless transceiver. This band is very crowded as it is occupied by many other applications. As seen in Table 1, current systems use UHF frequencies as the transmission frequency.

The wake-up system recovers energy from a MHz RF modulated signal with some sort of identification code.

Intelligent Control and Automation,vol. Another endoscope, EndoCapsule, developed by Olympus, was mainly used in Europe but, inreceived marketing clearance from the U. Thus, in order to provide good wireless communication performance, the receiver should be placed very close to the human body i.

The easy-to-swalloow shaped pill was 0. The pill in [13] uses a simple on-off keying OOK wireless system. This device uses an external control unit to control the capsule within the human body.

Easy-to-swallow wireless telemetry

The system contains a wireless power mechanism and two wireless links to enable remote monitoring. Moreover, a wearable receiver operating at high frequency could be easily incorporated in a hospital environment without causing any interference to other existing medical devices since higher-frequency links are in less crowded and rarely used frequency bands. The lack of this feature should be resolved in future electronic pill developments.

The autonomous robotic electronic pill in also used a wireless energy-based supply, which successfully provided mW of wireless power to the pill. Figure 1 shows an electronic pill system i. Wireless Sensor Networks are becoming a relevant tool for the The device size is quite large when compared with other proposed systems because of this locomotion function. Alternatively, a completely wireless power system could also be used. The communication protocols mentioned above will require a receiver and a microcontroller in the electronic pill to provide bidirectional communication to accommodate control signals, increasing the electronic pill complexity and potentially increasing the size of the pills.


Besides EMI, one must also ensure that EM radiation from electronic pill devices located inside the body does not cause any harm to the human body. Low-frequency transmission is easy to design and is attractive due to its high efficiency of transmission through layers of skin. There already have been incidents where the telemetry devices have affected the available medical systems in the hospitals [24]. In this study, testing was been done with a phantom solution used to represent the human body, with the wireless power link put very close to the prototype device approximately 2 cm.

Easy to Swallow Wireless Telemetry

However, companies are continuously developing new sensor nodes and, in the near future, small-size sensor platforms, similar to those in Figure 4 with high data rate capability, will be available to biomedical engineers for use in electronic pill applications. Architecture and algorithms for an IEEE For commercial pills, small batteries are used or are being considered to supply the energy to the electronics of the device, taking a considerable amount of space. An electronic pill is similar to a wireless sensor node except in this case, the sensor could be a camera or another sensor that can detect signals such as temperature and pH level.

Due to continual product development, The UWB signal power can be arranged so that when the signal is radiated through the skin, the power level should meet this FCC mask without violating safety requirements. Telemetry wireless capsule endoscope Technology.

Lower frequency unlicensed ISM bands, especially the As given in Table 4, current electronic pills have limited operational time as a result of the battery technology used.