You are thinking about owning this one of a kind Priceless Uber-Rare White Fender George Fullerton. This Hand Made Fender custom Shop collectible. ’49 Snakehead Esquire Prototype 1 Tribute light relic I did not build this one. I was planning my own Snakehead project ever since I saw the Fender Custom. Took me a little searching to find a Snakehead neck, but Warmoth stocks Nocaster to Telecaster is the most pleasing of the Fender range- but.

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Make no mistake, in this era the Telecaster was pretty futuristic and innovative.

The Snakehead Telecaster

Weights a very light 5-lbs 5-oz on my digital snaoehead. Fender Snakehead no truss rod?? The fret work and build is very good, especially for a guitar at this lower price point.

The Telecaster Custom in three color sunburst with bound body appears. I don’t like one pickup guitars. So if wanted I could always swap out the neck. Pickup is pretty decent.

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Fender-Rhodes electric pianos and Electronic Echo Chamber. Pretty amazing that anything has been in production this long with so few changes. TheFullMontyMay 23, ObsessedMar 3, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Yes, my password is: Swapping these out or changing the pickup is easy enough to do if desired.


Broadcaster also featured two pickups. What do you think? These prototypes were super important for Fender to get things right. Fender prototype 2 dnakehead in the Experience Museum in Seattle. May 23, 1.

Fender Snakehead (no truss rod??) Is that a bad thing??

Ranchand23Mar 3, RonkirnMar 3, Mar 2, 4. Mar 3, snalehead Your name or email address: Mar 2, 6. The bolt-on neck was innovative and very controversial.

If you are looking for a snakkehead guitar like this I recommend contacting GuitarsByDesign. When I bought it, I planned on a barn caster. The player could easily add the second pickup to the Esquire like the Telecaster had anytime they wanted to.

Rick Kelly’s been making rodless necks for years and people seem to love em. Sunburst finish become available. Jun 28, There aren’t only Snakeheads out there without truss rods Mar 3, 8.

I did not build this one. If it was fine without a truss rod, Leo wouldn’t have spent the money znakehead put one in.


Fender introduces the Jazzmaster guitar. I snakehesd my guitars truss rods at least 3 time a year for weather changes. Do you already have an account? I like to dial in my setup to the exact measurements and you just couldn’t do that with out a truss rod.

Is that a problem for a guitar that I would play often? These Esquires were routed for two pickups. Fender early lap steels had same pickup, wiring and knobs. May 28, All Broadcasters have truss rods, where all Esquires have no truss rod.

Invention of the transistor at Bell Labs. The necks had moved almost into the next building. Bridge saddles change from brass to steel smooth saddles.

I’ll watch the video. Jun 27, The Vibrasonic and Concert amps are introduced. A guitar that only could have been built by an innovative American company like Fender.

Not my fav, but I like historical stuff.

Jun 18,