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What is the muscle relaxant of choice in this patient? No paper can defeat you until you accept defeat.

2007 MBBS Batch

The likely diagnosis is: Popliteal Aneurysms are most common peripheral aneurysms 4. The specific condition is associated with enlargement of the: You can either download or view the milestones below.

Which of the following statements is applicable when administering a drug to a paediatric client? Which is the nucleus of masseteric reflex: A 27 year old female was brought to emergency department for acute abdominal pain following which she was shifted to the operation theatre for laparotomy. Difference between typical cervical and thoracic vertebra: Why is it important to assess the number of medications an elderly client is taking?


What is the approximate half-life of this drug assuming zero kinetics? There will be more bound form of the warfarin available, leading to an increased bleeding tendency. Reduction and hydrolysis of a drug.

There will be more unbound free form of the warfarin available, leading to a decreased bleeding tendency. It is advisable to go through each option one by one and keep excluding the ones that are not appropriate.

SS Surgery Mock Tests. About posterior cruciate ligament- true statement is: Sai Pardhu Create Your Badge.

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There will be more bound form of the warfarin available, leading to a decreased bleeding tendency. Tributary of the cavernous sinus includes all ffmge the following except: Which of the following is not a pharmacokinetic property of a drug? Comments Off on Census of India: Morphine and pentazocine both act upon similar receptors in the central nervous system and produce analgesia.

Physiology app by Dr. Sai Pardhu January 23, at 6: Straight tubules- efferent tubules- rete testis Straight tubules are seminiferous tubules.

Despite the best preparation and hard work, candidates may be baffled by some tricky questions. Oxidation of a drug. What kind of action does pentazocine have at opioid receptors? How to utilize the final 45 days fmgge FMGE.

What is the basic mechanism of action of an osmotic diuretic such as urea? It does not supply any muscle derived from the somites.


Most common site of Morgagni hernia is: This site uses cookies. No fade on train of four stimulation B. Blood cell lysis is associated with which type of hypersensitivity reaction?

fmge | MBBS Batch

The parameters that contribute to determining the drug half-life are: Primordial germ cells are derived from: Which of the following physiological states would be expected to result in higher plasma levels if the drug was hydrophilic?

Individualised medication education B. Thorough assessment of clients Solely to minimise adverse drug reactions C. Brain stores everything in its subconscious mind, therefore, by reading the options again and again, answer will automatically click in your mind.

The sperm passes through the rete testis to reach the efferent tubules ductules. Mfq of the following are the signs and symptoms of additional harm: Posted in DiscussionGeneral 2 Comments Tags: Last but not least at-least 2 minutes to Almighty per day.

All of the following physiological processes occur during the growth at the Epiphyseal plate except: Arterial Aneurysm is Infra renal part of abdominal aorta 3.