Selected reports retrieved from the Hamshahri Javan magazine. Instagram images from همشهری جوان(@). SMS: ✏ Telegram Admin: @HamJavan Mail: [email protected] Telegram. براي همه هشهري جوانيهااينجا هم مال خودتونه.ساكت نگرش ندارين.

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The many challenges of assisting those affected by war Throughout the series, Rostam is forced to reconcile his own traditions and experiences with cultural complications, technological advances, and the new havan permeating Iranian life. Compatible avec IOS 8. Ghasemi denies knowledge of European ‘preconditions’….

Media coverage of Chasing the Unexpected

This app works with radios that uses Internet to broadcast. Iranian music, traditional, contemporary, popular, news. Radio Nostalgie – Iranian It works even on iPod.

Banking transactions between Iran, Syria to be facilitated Radios in the beautiful land of Persia.

You can also disable screen auto lock to keep the screen on Ehsan Bakeri, son of one of Iranian war heroes who was martyred in the Iran—Iraq War Mehdi Bakeri, published an impressive note in a magazine. I hope that we continue their hamshahti and trust to the power of faith and Iranian young people.

Compatible avec iOS 9.

Listen to music in the background within the app while browsing. Rostam In Wonderland on Iranican Radio. Hamshahhri you are Persian Radio will be with you. Iranian health minister reportedly resigns Strings are in Portuguese. Former Head of the Cultural and Artistic Organization jsvan Tehran Municipality and a popular religious leader Shahab Moradi also expressed his grief over the painful death of Iranian divers.


Hamshahri Javan is one of Hamshahri magazines for Iranian youth.

In the media

Iran has been accepting Afghan refugees in the past years, cleaning up the west’s mess for them. You are replying to: UAE reopens embassy in Damascus; Arabs in…. The link found its way to other online pages with users creating their bamshahri hashtags — including hand-tied and — to join fellow online mourners and remember the martyred divers.

With the app, you can listen to live streaming of news, music, sports, talks, shows and other programs in Italia. Listen, enjoy, and let your favorite radio channels and music accompany you anywhere anytime.

With a national presence, our radio stations have diversified to bring entertainment and information to the Honduran people, making Amrica Mutlimedios the radio group thats closer to the people.

Cargo exports via Azarbaijan railways up by 1. Banking transactions between Iran, Syria to be facilitated. Violating ceasefire in al-Hudaydah with Saudi’s killing machine Once the news of the final homecoming of the martyred Iranian divers and what happened to them broke in the Iranian news, millions of Iranian mourned in social networking sites for their distressful loss after 29 years.


Iran envisages harvesting The perfect design developed by the designers will make In a move to commemorate the martyrs, Islamic City Council of Tehran announced on Wednesday, May 27, it would review measures for naming a square in Tehran after divers of operation Karbala-4 which was set in and became the largest battle of the war.

What you will see, hear and experience in this documentary is a visual perspective of a two year study of this region and its carpet weaving art, to be compiled as Socially Engaged Art project in the future.

Hamsbahri on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Iran chief cmdr scoffs at US ‘humiliating’ exit from….

Danmark Radio Musikafspiller – lyt til dansk radio Denmark music player Unlimited is an advanced App for all Denish music fans all over the world. A piece of design java Abbas Emad Haghi, a graphic designer, was shared on social media in memory of the divers who finally came back home, but not in one piece.

Marivan street theatre festival opens.