Selected reports retrieved from the Hamshahri Javan magazine. Instagram images from همشهری جوان(@). SMS: ✏ Telegram Admin: @HamJavan Mail: [email protected] Telegram. براي همه هشهري جوانيهااينجا هم مال خودتونه.ساكت نگرش ندارين.

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Pro – Gratuita- Pi di 1. While listening a song this application will recognize the singer and the name of the song.

Imposed War War Veterans. Until recently IR theory had little to say…. Banking transactions between Iran, Syria to be facilitated This art practice is a series of collaborations in public domains,where social exchange matters. Listen your preferred radio station while doing something else with your mobile. Iran On Air Stockholm Those pieces of findings that were impossible to be put in any form of writing or depicted on any page of a book are being portrayed in this film. This application requires a reliable internet connection in order to load the contents of the website.

Hamshahri Javan, weekly magazine press ad on Behance

This app provides you with a free, simple and friendly app for all your IOS devices. One of the ”. What you will see, hear and experience in this documentary is a visual perspective of a two year study of this region and its carpet weaving art, to be compiled as Socially Engaged Art project in the future.


Iran has been accepting Afghan refugees in the past years, cleaning up the west’s mess for them. Ghasemi denies knowledge of European ‘preconditions’….

Rostam in Wonderland Click on the image for larger view. Ehsan Bakeri, son of one of Iranian war heroes who was martyred in the Iran—Iraq War Mehdi Bakeri, published an impressive note in a magazine. Radio Javan is completely free.

The Last Fiction on Hamshahri Javan

Europe stuck in crises. Trump traded Syrian Kurds for Erdogan silence…. Rostam in Wondelarnd by Pouya Afshar.

Interview with Soroush Rezaie, founder of Sooriland. The movie by Nargess Abiar was extensively welcomed by the public. Wherever you are Persian Radio will be with you. Throughout the series, Rostam is forced to reconcile his own traditions and experiences with cultural complications, technological advances, and the new ideologies permeating Iranian life.

Radio Jazz night of Tehran Each episode is unique, highlighting everything from social customs to simple complications experienced by every day Iranians. Select javxn favorite station and enjoy your program, please Radio Persia in his heart.


In every episode, Rostam learns something new about modern Iranian culture and other issues jqvan everyday life in present day Iran.

You can find your favorite music and listen to it 24 Hrs.

20 Best Radio Javan iOS Apps

A group of Iranian artists, in a spontaneous campaign, paid tribute to martyrs of resistance by publishing photos captioned with heart-rending and javab posts in their memory. Almost all popular stations. Ill-planned operation in Syria could land…. Iran hopes talks with Taliban will help maintain peace in Afghanistan God bless us every one.