Happyface by Stephen Emond. Publication Date: March 1, ; Genres: Fiction; Hardcover: pages; Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. Moving easily between cartoons and painterly black-and-white illustration, this epistolary novel of a young teen’s reinvention of self is subtle. Just put on a happy face! Enter Happyface’s journal and get a peek into the life of a shy, artistic boy who decides to reinvent himself as a happy-go-lucky guy.

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Feb 08, Ethan added it. What do you think?

He ends up facing many challenges through life including divorce, death, and broken friendships, that he must endure going through by slapping a smile on his face and pretending that nothing is wrong. Similiar to Diary of a Wimpy kid, high school version though. However, maintaining his emohd persona requires a tremendous amount of effort, and prevents him from getting close to others. And I would find the same things if I went back to the journals I wrote as a teenager although no drawings because I can’t draw for shit.

I feel it is more appropriate and applicable to a select few.

Happyface by Stephen Emond – A Better World through Books

Thankfully, as terrible as I was to people once upon a stfphen, I was never like this, and I think that’s where the book ultimately failed for me – the consequences existed, but not in the way they should have in the long term. This book was a very depressing story about the darkness of high school and all its tragic problems.

Take off the gloomy mask of emonnd, It’s not your style; You’ll look so good that you’ll be glad Ya’ decide to smile! NO, it’s not a comic book neither. Happyface is covering his sadness with a smile, a joke, a laugh–a rictus ultimately that can’t save him from confronting his past. He decides to become Happyface, and always laugh and have a fake smile on for everything that he does.

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For the fact that Happy face had to go through so much gappyface throughout his freshman year makes the conflict unfold really nicely. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

A boy is recording every single moment of first with Chole and second after he moved to new town, Gretchen. People actually bought it. The cover of this book both with the smiley face and then with the sad face under the sleeve looks like it could snuggle right in on the “Self-Help” b.

Both the art and writing varied in tone, and was used for different purposes that ranged from letting out emotions to simply documenting everyday details.

At first, this change really affects Happy Face and he was very quiet bj eventually he meets Gretchen at school. But towards the end of the book he starts to mess up with her and they grow distant to each other. Sometimes, though, the obstacles Happyface has to overcome are life changing to the extreme. However, there are many fantastic books written in the voice of an unpleasant character, right?

That I will grow and I will change. This book in my opinion would be a 13 and up book as it may have a little bit of swearing in some pages. Edmond went into good detail about the events that happened in the book, and happhface very descriptive drawings.

He is known as Happyface to his friends, which he n “Meet Happyface. Sometimes the book is Happyface and it’s a really terrible time. At home he is shy and awkward, but when he joins a new school he leaves that ver Mask. I won’t lie – a portion of my discomfort with this was my identification with Happyface from time to time.


While Stepphen is the true uappyface of the novel, there are some other unforgettable characters too. This project is successful for a while and he meets many bj friends, but obviously he finds problems later dmond. Without the art, this book would without-a-doubt be 1 astronomical star. Language – Mild Violence – Suicide, one fight scene. You can’t be happy if it rains?

I would recommend this book to teenage kids going through a hard point in their life. He then treats everyone around him horribly, can’t grasp the social cues necessary to fix the problem, and hits rock bottom. Including a girl named Gretchen.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes realistic fiction. Apr 14, Sydney rated it really liked it. I wouldn’t say this book was especially profound and some of the pacing did feel awkward, but it was engaging enough that I was able to finish it in only a few hours.

But at the TIME, those problems and those feelings were very, very real to me. Truly innovative and inspirational, Stephen Emond is a great, great writer and I really hope some of you leave this review wanting to check out Happyface for yourselves.

Happyface is a very quick read, and really really good.