I’d been looking for a nice generic RPG world map for a while. As I leafed through my GenCon coupon book, I ran across a voucher from. A little background on my search for Harn (optional). I’ve run all kinds of games over the years with varying levels of enjoyment on my part as the DM. My group. Index background Search: Harn ( results) The Fragment: A Harn Novel Argon Publishing: . Free RPG Day , Various Publishers, Various Systems.

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An Introduction to Hârn

A relic of har forgotten Henge Culture that once dominated the island, Gelimo is now home to a community of mages. Smith March 24, at 2: Burzyn is strategically located on the south bank of the Ulmerien, guarding the only bridge to cross this river. Atlas Harnica Map D7. Atlas Harnica Map F7. A colour site map, interior plans of an inn and seamans’ hostel, and details on local customs, the small human population, arid economics are included.

Plans of the Palace of Pentacles, one of harb most powerful chapters of the Mangai on Harn.

Atlas Harnica Map M8. Atlas Harnica Map L4. All seven articles in Cities of Harn include a colour city map, interior plans of haarn buildings, including temples, taverns, and arenas, and an extensive key to buildings and special features in each settlement. The seat of Baron Kjal Forsetha in the tiny kingdom of Chybisa. Several murders have occurred, and to make matters worse, unconfirmed rumors indicate the crimes have spread to the nearby village of Loban itself.


One important thing to consider about Harn is that while there is a lot of material, a tremendous amount of rrpg is free and of high-quality. Two of the “City of Sins” better known attractions are shown; the primary Harnic temple of Halea, and the Crimson Palace, Harn’s most famous house of courtesans.

The tribal nation inhabiting the island of Anfla, and the object of expansionist desires by some Kandian nobles. Clan Serewyn has hzrn a vicious, thirty-six year bloodfeud with the ruling clan of Sherwyn. The world combines classical fantasy elements like wizards, dwarves, elves and dragons with new and interesting myths, folklore and creatures, and credible aspects of historical Earth to create a believable, often harsh and dangerous, mediaeval world.

The history, culture, religion, and economics of Harn’s dwarves. This article deals with some of the most popular hypotheses regarding them and reveals the “truth” about their origin.


They are constantly at war among themselves and with their neighbours. Geshtei is a center of intrigue between two powerful Thardic families.

A heavily garrisoned stronghold near the Ibanvaal border held by the Storzars, arch-rivals of the royal clan. This article deals with the organization hzrn the Guild, with information on entrance and instruction.

City of Tashal PDF.

Hârn – Wikipedia

You point out the Harn uses highly Tolkien elves and dwarves but neglect just how unique its orcs are. The seat of the Earl of Ehrin and the capital of the old kingdom of Elorinar. This article relies too much on references to primary sources.


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Has the time of the final battle between Larani, the shining guardian of Dolithor, and Agrik, the Lord of the Four Horsemen finally come, fulfilling an ancient dark prophecy? Are there in fact really any murders, or is someone playing a devious game?

Plans of the Harm temple, and seat of the Harnic primate of that church.

HârnMaster – Wikipedia

We rlg endless hours debating magic and combat systems. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Permanent injuries- either in the form of amputated or otherwise lost limbs- or attribute penalties caused by poorly-healed injuries are also a possibility. The Plain of Towers.

There are several dozen of these. Also included are historical, cultural, and genealogical notes, plus a full colour page on the heraldry of Kandian great clans.

Four additional Orbaalese castles are detailed in two other publications: Warriors of Mameka PDF.