HEATHKIT. MANUAL for the. DELUXE. ANTENNA TUNER. Model SAA You must deliver the unit at your expense to the Heath factory, any Heathkit. View and Download Heath Kit SAA manual online. Heathkit SAA TV Antenna pdf manual download. Antenna Tuner SA Amateur-D Heathkit Brand, Heath Co.; Benton Harbor Select picture or schematic to display from thumbnails on the right and click for.

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When you tune your exciter, be sure to observe the duty cycle limitations, if any, 3.

Such an antenna will have low imped- ance and will reduce the changes of high RF voltages appearing on the Antenna Tuner or associated equipment. If you wish to have the front of ea-2060 chassis tilted upward, mount round feet and tapered spacers at CR and CS on the bottom of wa-2060 chassis.

Tighten the nut snugly, In the same manner connect the remaining coil wire onto feedthrough J5. Detail B Slide the inductor rearward and line up its mounting holes with those in the chassis, Hold sw-2060 inductor in place. Before you mount the sensor, refer to the inset drawing on Detail B and make certain the rotor index is at the “bypass” setting exactly as shown.

Remove the paper backing from the blue and white label and press the label in place on the inside of the rear panel in the upper right corner as shown.


Cut off any excess lead ends. Position the two contactor springs toward the ends of the tension rod. Occasionally, a “precision” or “power” resis- tor may have the value stamped on it. Similarly, wrap the other 15″ length of tape around the cores at the area opposite the one covered in the last step. Connect the free end of the orange wire coming from SW2 lug 5 to meter Ml lug mwnual S For prices, refer to the separate “Heath Parts Price List.

Slide the coupler so it is all the way past the end of the shaft. Turn a second nut onto each of the maanual threaded rods of the capacitor assembly. No Electronic Parts Cont’d.

Set the rotor assembly aside temporarily. Be sure to tell us: Discard the excess cable.

Start a nut onto the end of each threaded rod. Always use rosin core, radio-type solder The Tuner uses a roller inductor along with two variable capacitors to provide an almost unlimited matching range, and features meter through meter coverage without band switching, A 4-to-l balanced-to-unbalanced balun coil, on the output side of the Antenna Tuner, permits the use of balanced manua, lines.

Heath kit SA-2060A Manual

Adjust Ll, the roller inductor, until there is a drop in the reflected reading on meter Ml, Then tighten the lug hardware, if heathoit has not already been done. Before you use a water pipe ground, inspect the con- nection around your water meter.

Be sure the small holes in the strap line up with the corresponding hole in the inductor end plate before you tighten the hardware. Be sure in each step that mxnual proper part has been wired into the circuit, as shown in the Pictorials. Push each pushbutton in and out to make sure none of them bind in the front panel. Then, working from the center outward in both directions, smooth the label firmly onto the front panel.


Antenna Tuner SA-2060

NOTE; You will use these wires to continue wiring your kit. Make sure the first and the last turns of the winding are pushed firmly down against the cores.

When you install the cabinet top on the hesthkit in the next step, make sure you position it with the wide space as shown.

Be sure the resistor leads touch only the designated switch lugs.

In the following steps, you will connect the previously installed. Tighten the coupler setscrew onto the shaft.

Full text of “Heathkit SA A Deluxe Antenna Tuner (+ Parts + Schem.) (manual)”

You can now use an amplifier without retuiung the Antenna Tuner. Slide a 10 flat fiber washer onto the end of each threaded rod. Match the hex shaped hole in a second rotor plate with the hex shape on the shaft. For end-fed wires, random-length wires or Windom type antennas, use the following tuning procedure. It is easy to make a good solder connection if you follow a few simple rules: