For reliability, test-retest analysis was used, and the internal consistency of the HPLP-II was confirmed by Cronbach’s alpha. For data analysis. HPLP II. Reference work entry. DOI: 5_ Downloads. How to cite. Chinese Health-Promoting Lifestyle. The Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile-II. (HPLP-II) (16) was developed to measure the multicomponent of healthy lifestyles. It was a revision of.

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Intraclass correlation coefficient was obtained 0. The CDT is valid and reliable for the elderly of Iran;[ 17 ] it is a valid instrument to identify and screen for severe cognitive disorders, particularly Alzheimer’s disease.

Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile II | Nursing | University of Nebraska Medical Center

J Birjand Univ Med Sci. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Then, to assess of face validity, questionnaires were given to 20 of the elderly people. Clin Excell Nurse Pract. For all subscales of the questionnaire, it was in the range of 0.

Health-promoting behaviors of African-American rural women. The tree persons excluded for failing the CDT test.

Health-promoting self-care behaviors, self-care self-efficacy, and self-care agency. It has been translated into different languages including Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, and Turkish,[ 131415 ] and its validity and reliability have been verified. Health-promoting behaviors of elderly Korean immigrants in the United States.


Lawrence Erlbaum Psychology Press; To assess the absence of cognitive disorders, the elderly hppl were assessed by the clock drawing test CDT before entering the study. Regarding the large number of questions in the questionnaire, the possibility of elderly people is unable to answer all the questions. Development and psychometric characteristics.

Health promotion and health education: The Persian version of this questionnaire was given to nplp specialists five experts in gerontology, five specialists in health promotion to determine its content validity iu CVI. Furthermore, Cronbach’s alpha coefficients for its subscales were suitable too, as in other studies. Published online May Chin J Sch Health. A review of its accuracy in screening for dementia. Financial support and sponsorship Nil.

The health-promoting lifestyle li Morowatisharifabad M, Tonekaboni NR.

Development and psychometric validation of a scale hpllp assess information needs in cardiac rehabilitation: Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The mean age of the hpllp was Sampling was conducted by convenience sampling method and elderly people visiting cultural centers, parks, and health centers in two areas in the north and south of Tehran were enrolled in the study. Overall, the score for health-promoting lifestyle and behavioral aspects is calculated using the mean of responses for all 52 items and for each subscale eight or nine items.


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In the current study, assured to subjects that their information will remain confidential. Conflicts of interest There are no conflicts of interest. Item-total correlations were calculated to assess how the items of a scale differentiated the elders with regard to their HPB.

Perceived hpp in self-care behaviors among diabetic patients referring to Yazd Diabetes Research Center.

Validity and Reliability of Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile II in the Iranian Elderly

A structural equation modeling approach. A Japanese language version of the health-promoting lifestyle profile. Validity and reliability of the clock drawing test in older people. Decision-makers on health issues, prior to any intervention aimed at promoting healthy behaviors, must first make an initial assessment of the current situation.

The attitude indicating it is too late to change or modify poor health behaviors in older adults is totally wrong.

In investigating the face validity, the questionnaire was given to 20 elderly people as a pilot, and at this stage, some modifications were made. Mental health in Sharekord and its association with socio-demographic factors.