We have used HP iPAQ hx in the following illustration. to setup the synchronization, to copy the data back and to install or setup manually all else. This is. IPAQ HX USER MANUAL HMKGNIKOAC | PDF | | 06 Aug, TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction Brief Description Main Topic. HP iPAQ HX Pocket PC Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information.

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Not all models described are available in all regions. Charging with the AC Adapter Contents B Specifications System Specifications Use this guide to help you set up your Pocket PC and to learn how it works. If you lose or break your stylus, you can order extras at www.

After setting the time zone, you still need to set the time and date on your unit. All three settings are located in the Clock Settings screen and can be set ,anual the same time.

Setting the Date 1. Tap the down arrow hx470 the date. Tap the left or right arrow to select a month and year. Tap in the Name field. A keyboard displays at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the characters to enter your name. Perform a soft reset to: To perform a hard reset: Press and hold down the Calendar and iTask hx47000 1. While holding down these buttons, use the stylus to lightly press the Reset button on the bottom of the iPAQ Pocket PC 2 for about two seconds.

Understanding the Touchpad and Cursor The touch-sensitive pad on your HP iPAQ senses the position of a person’s finger on its surface to provide screen manuall, cursor movement, and interactive input. Use your touchpad to select items, scroll, launch applications, and cursor control.

If you want to remove the flip cover: Place the top pin on the flip cover in to the hinge located on the left side of the Pocket PC 1. Push the bottom pin on the flip cover into place 2. HP is not responsible for damage that occurs as a result of your failure to follow the instructions that came with the HP branded product.

Synchronizing with Your Using Microsoft ActiveSync Your device can be connected to a janual so you can transfer files back and forth. Hhx4700 this way, amnual only have to input data once.

Microsoft ActiveSync is a synchronization program you install on hx700 desktop or laptop computer to: To change synchronization settings: On the Sync Options tab, select the files and information to synchronize with your computer. Synchronization begins on your device. To disconnect, move the devices away from each other or tap X in the upper right of the screen to turn off.

Backing up and Restoring Files To help reduce the chance of losing information, you should back up information to your computer regularly. Requesting Meetings You can schedule a meeting and send a meeting request through ActiveSync.


With the bottom of the unit facing up, slide the battery lock switch to the right or unlocked position 1. Managing the Battery 2.

Push the battery release lever to the left 2, then slide the battery out 3 while still holding the battery release lever to the left. Managing the Battery 3. Insert the battery into the battery cover by placing the connector end of the battery into the battery cover first 4 then pressing the other end down 5. Insert the battery into the back cover of the Pocket PC and slide the bottom nx4700 the battery into place until it clicks 6.

Slide the battery lock switch to the left or locked position 7. Be sure to close all applications and save data before removing the battery. To remove the mabual Remove the battery from the battery cover by pulling up on the back of the battery at the finger holes in the battery cover 4, then pulling the battery out of the battery cover 5.

Use only HP recommended AC adapters. A standard battery can be charged in about four hours, an optional extended battery takes longer.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) iPAQ hx4700 PDAs & Smartphones User Manual

It is not necessary to manuxl your Pocket PC before charging it. For information on purchasing a spare battery or optional Extended Battery, visit the HP Web site at www. For more information, refer to in this chapter. Adjusting the Battery Brightness Level slider to a middle position is the most important thing you can do to preserve battery life. Standard Battery or Extended Battery.

These batteries can be charged in the optional battery charger. Tap the External Power tab to bx4700 the backlight setting for when you are using an external power source i.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) PDAs & Smartphones iPAQ hx User Guide |

You can also display it by tapping Start, and Today. Use the Today screen to view: It displays the Start button, active notifications such as new e-mail, Wi-Fi connection status, speaker status mamual current time. Use the Start menu to select a program. Tap to view online Help. Status Icons You may see the following status icons displayed on the Navigation or Command bar. Tap the icon on the screen to view more information related to the item.

Icon Active connection to computer or wireless network. Inactive connection to computer or wireless network. Microsoft ActiveSync is synchronizing. This icon displays only when there is an active connection. Provides a hx47700 center to turn all wireless activities on and off, and to configure their settings.

Pop-Up Menus Pop-up menus allow you to quickly perform an kanual. Creating Information From the Today screen, you can create new information, including: Learning the Basics 1. Select Use this picture as the background checkbox. Tap Browse to select a picture from File Explorer.

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Tap the Items tab to select or reorder the information on the Today screen. Tap an item manaul highlight it. You cannot change the placement of the Nx4700 on the Today screen. To change the screen orientation manuzl your Pocket PC: Tap Portrait, Landscape right-handedor Landscape left-handed.

To minimize an open application, tap the x at the top right of the screen. Close applications either manually or by using iTask. Applications automatically hx470 based on available memory. Closing with iTask 1. Press the iTask button. Tap and hold the program to be closed. To install more applications on your Pocket PC: Follow the instructions in the Installation Wizard provided with the program you want to install. To help reduce the chance of losing information, you should back up information on a regular schedule.

You can use the stylus to draw and write on the screen in the Notes application and from any Notes tab in the Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks applications. To change settings for word suggestions: Tap the Word Completion tab. Tap the down arrow associated with letters and select the number of letters you want to type before a word is suggested. Tap the down arrow associated with words and select the number of words you want suggested. If you do not want any words suggested, remove the checkmark by tapping the checkbox next to Suggest Words When Entering Text.

Using the On-Screen Keyboard Use the stylus to tap letters, numbers, and symbols on the on-screen keyboard to enter typed text directly onto the screen. From any application, tap the up arrow next to the Input Panel icon. Tap Keyboard mwnual display a keyboard on the screen. To see symbols, tap the 3.

Writing with the Stylus manuaal the Letter Recognizer Use the stylus and Letter Recognizer to write letters, numbers, and symbols on the screen.

Create words and sentences by writing in uppercase ABClowercase abcand symbols as instructed here. To write with the stylus and Letter Recognizer: Writing with the Stylus manuual Microsoft Transcriber Use the stylus and Microsoft Transcriber to write words, letters, numbers, and symbols anywhere on the screen. Tap Transcriber to display the Transcriber Intro screen. Write a word, letter, or symbol between the hatch marks. Converting Writing to Text You can convert your writing to text when you write with the stylus in the Notes program or from the Notes tab in: