HyperWorks Composite Optimization Tutorial – Formula-Student- Monocoque. Composite Optimization Tutorial – Formula-Student-. 2 HyperMesh Core Tutorials Altair Engineering. Proprietary Information of Altair Engineering. HM Meshing a Model Using Shrink Wrap. 3-D Elements. “Composite Optimization with Optistruct on the example of a Formula https ://

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During his speech Mr. The presentation will cover a retrospective, current status and an outlook. The numerous challenges with respect to NVH driven by the introduction of new technologies can be mitigated by means of extensive utilization of CAE delivering products faster to the market.

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Altair ElectroFlo is designed exclusively for challenging electronics cooling and design applications. Altair strongly believes we have all the necessary technologies required for the Product engineering digital transform and the value add being: Introduction to Altair SimSolid SimSolid is a game-changing simulation technology for designers and design engineers.

This challenge specifically important in the aerospace tuhorials where weight reduction is one of the key factors defining the success of a project.

Jan-Philipp Fuhr – Managing Partner, Cikoni talks about developing a methodology to analyze and predict composite matrix and fiber failure using Altair OptiStruct and Multiscale Designer resulting in improved accuracy and simulation efficiency of their simulations.

The popular matrix browser for easy data extraction and advanced post-processing is also covered. ESAComp for Architecture Composites offer designers the ability to create a material and engineer its properties to resist particular load cases and environments. This video gives a short introduction to the project.

For the design for mass production and optimal operational use, the Altair HyperWorks Suite was leveraged to find solutions for weight reduction without increasing manufacturing costs.

This design piece demonstrates the feasibility of his Active Grid Monocoque System AGM he uses in his work for highly curved, wide spun architecture. Composites offer designers the ability to create a material and engineer its properties to resist particular load cases and environments. Safe and Flexible Distribution: Download ElectroFlo Brochure Share: Typical challenges consist of efficiently performing MDO pre- and post-processing and solution activities.


The scripts developed take the FE model generation time down from 2 weeks of manual work to half a day. Launch the Tour Share: FEKO has been applied extensively in both commercial marine and naval applications to solve a wide range of EMC problems including antenna coupling and co-site interference analysis, cable coupling and radiation analysis and radiation hazard RADHAZ zone analysis.

Power Cables and Busbars Learn More.

See how the C process helps you to find concept challenges. Accelerate your Design Process with Flux – Dealing with Complex 3D CAD Models Flux is now fully part of HyperWorks and thanks to our flexible HyperWorks Units, users are now able to access even more tools that will help you to save time in your designs and enable powerful simulations.

Zaha Hadid Architects’ Volu Pavilion – Stunning Form Optimized through Simulation Zaha Hadid Computation hylerworks Design co de team had to create a contemporary dining pavilion that combines computational design, lightweight engineering, and precision fabrication.

HyperWorks 11.0 Composite Optimization Tutorial – Formula-Student-Monocoque

SimSolid accelerates product exploration with highly accurate engineering simulation: Still, development cycles must be shortened and development costs hypefworks. Professor Thomke shows hyperrworks an organization’s ability to innovate depends on constantly experimenting with new products, processes, customer experiences and business models. Primary goal of simulation-driven design is to provide a continuous stream of decision data to support concept design and later product development stages.

A Motivating, Inspirational Forum for Learning: After a brief introduction of the changes in the Energy Landscape, an analysis of the life of models will be presented from the viewpoint of system engineering.

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Altair HyperMesh was used for finite element preprocessing mesh generation, with Altair HyperView providing post-processing and visualization solutions. Altair also recently hypewrorks Altair FluxMotor, a new tool for the pre-design of electric machines. Hennig Holzmann and Dr. Altair Inspire Brochure Altair Inspire enhances the concept development process by enabling simulation-driven design to increase your product’s efficiency, strength and manufacturability.


Altair Inspire Cast Brochure Altair Inspire Cast brochure highlighting the features and benefits of this powerful casting and manufacturing simulation solution. To meet hyyperworks challenges of the automotive industry, they need to employ optimization to decrease vehicle weight while maintaining proper strength.

HyperWorks Composite Optimization Tutorial – Formula-Student-Monocoque – Altair University

Altair Multiscale Designer Webinar: To help the CAE team at F. What are the Concept Challenges? Simulation-driven design takes simulation and optimization into the creative design process.

A, manufactures, and distributes mounting structures, consisting of a so-called Purlin, a Rafter, and a Pole and Tutlrialsdesigned to withstand potentially occurring loads from wind and snow, as well as dead loads. Altair provides complete simulation solutions to address these hyperwkrks for low and middle frequencies.

Flux embeds its own pre-preprocessing tools but designers sometimes need to deal hylerworks complex 3D geometries generated by their CAD team. SimLab is not a traditional off-the-shelf pre- and post-processing software, but a vertical application development platform for capturing and automating simulation processes.

In order to impact the product development process, MDO results must deliver to project timescales and in order to achieve this, a number of challenges need to be overcome. Remy Orban, Mechatronic Engineer at Schneider Electric discusses a low voltage circuit breaker actuator design using Flux.

Flux Brochure Learn More. HyperWorks Brochure Learn More.