Specifically designed for Automotive applications, this HEXFET®. Power MOSFET utilizes the latest processing techniques to achieve. IRF Transistor Datasheet, IRF Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. MOSFET. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Component Catalog. IRF Datasheet, IRF MOSFET N-Channel Transistor Datasheet, buy IRF Transistor.

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IRF1405 Relay/Switch

That datasheft not surprising. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Great, that is good to know. Using the transistor to drive the gate with higher voltage solved the problem.

No, create an account now. If for instance you want to switch 5A in a 12V circuit and you only want to waste 0.

International Rectifier IRF Series Datasheets. IRF, IRFL, IRFS Datasheet.

Very good article, thanks for talking about a subject often overlooked by many. The standard mosfet IRF series etc is designed to run from 10V.

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For example, when used with a high frequency PWM and high amps, careful testing must be done, because high frequency means more time spent in the linear zone, and these parts can quickly get hot and burn, differently of TO parts, that can also if1405, but only after some minutes of overheating.


I just touched the gate pin to turn motor on. Hi, really interesting your information!!

Perhaps one of the wires is corrupt. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your adtasheet here Two H-Bridge driver will control the power to each motor. The only caveat using those AO parts, is their size: So if yr gate voltage is 5Volt, your source voltage will never be above that.

But you’re dealing with some whopping currents and I don’t have any particular device to recommend. Content is available under Attribution 3. Thanks a lot for this excellent article.


If I parallel two devices can I connect the two gates together or should I separate each with a resistor? Im actualy pondering the same question as Legolas.

I will try source a IRL I had a IRF Mosfet but now i understand why it became very hot. Perhaps it is a lose wire or something.

I want to put around 10A of current trough a coil to make a partical accelerator. Or am I overlooking something? Who can tell me what should I improve i my schematic? The device will be either fully on or off as selected. Well what an amazing article. Hello — Great post! I am actually using it with octocoupler connected to 12V. Mar 30, 1. For the IRF it is even worse.

IRF Datasheet PDF – International Rectifier

An attiny85 could do that as well. It is not a true logic level mosfet, it needs some 10 volts.


The IRF is a better choice: You May Also Like: So, mistakes during development can be fatal. It has a pretty hefty gate charge, so you won’t want to be turning it on and off very frequently. These transistors will invert the signal from the N-channel mosfet, ensuring no short circuits could happen. Please help me out. As Pete points out, sensing load current is non-trivial depending on drive mode: Here’s another; the Rds on is 1.

I am not sure what datasheet you looked at but I do not see a max of 4Volt, I see a max of ca 20 Volt. Normally the impedance of a FET is high enough to not lose any signal over that resistor. At 10 volt it is 4mohm and the fet can take 45 amp, but at 4. The datasheet indicates max Vgs 4V but the curve shows that at 5V the mosfet can deliver current way above my requirement Thank you for your help.

I guess what you really need to pay attention to is Rds on at 7V, and the datasheet will usually divulge that.