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parties accept therein the responsibility of not infringing Adobe’s licensing policy. The ISO Central Secretariat accepts no liability in this area. ISO Information and documentation — Records management is an international standard for the management of business records, consisting of two (2). ISO Ships and marine technology – Guidelines for implementation of a fleet management system network. standard by.

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Apply security controls per user, groups, role at category-level sub-category, etc. This website is best viewed with browser version of up to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3. Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. The brochure explains that good recordkeeping will support them meeting these responsibilities.

These senior officials, including heads of government departments kso CEOs, are the people who can influence 15489 records are kept by appointing records managers, providing resources, or instructing staff to follow recordkeeping procedures.

Practical advice on email management, including why emails should be captured, when to capture it, how to store it, and tips for managing email. Extract metadata from images or XML files. The Model Recordkeeping Policy guideline is designed for Pacific Island governments and other organisations that wish to implement or update a records management policy.

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Lignes directrices pour la mise en oeuvre d’un systeme de management d’une flotte par reseau. The Administrative Record Plan guideline can be used by anyone who wishes to implement new or update existing file-titling systems. Looks at issues such as preserving authenticity and access, and dealing with technological obsolescence. The Toolkit poster works with the Toolkit brochure.


ISO 15849:2001

Digital Recordkeeping readiness Self-assessment Checklist for Organisations. Activities within the management of the continuum of records of an organisation which facilitate the systematic capture, control, 158449, dissemination and disposition of the records that organisation. Define hierarchical categories to classify captured documents. Schedule data capture to accelerate jobs and reduce manual labor.

GSO ISO – Standards Store – GCC Standardization Organization

This record plan covers the majority of administrative records that most government departments are likely to create and use. The Isp brochure has been designed for distribution by government archivists and other public or civil servants to senior officials in the public service or government departments.

The checklist could be used by:. Learn more Watch now. Implementing a Digital Recordkeeping Strategy. Starting an Appraisal Programme. Your basket is empty. SoftExpert Capture Document Capture. The aim of the Identifying Recordkeeping Jso guideline is to help find out what records a government department needs to be creating and keeping to carry out its business well.

Introduction to Digital Recordkeeping.

SoftExpert Capture

Capture a single document or a high volume isi different documents in a complex and multi-departmental capture process. Scanning Paper records to Digital Records. Perform capture throughout the document or through predetermined zones. This guideline provides assistance with adapting or tailoring the Disposal Schedule for Common Administrative Functions to meet specific country requirements.

Administrative Record Plan pdf, 1,kB. This guideline can be used is government departments developing record plans for their own core business functions that no other department carries out.

This guideline on starting an appraisal programme is intended to assist government departments to appraise the closed records of core functions.


Guideline 13, 115849 Recordkeeping readiness Self-assessment Checklist for Organisations allows organisations to assess their resources, policies, procedures, tools, technologies, training and iiso culture to help them determine their level of readiness to pursue a digital recordkeeping strategy.

Managing Email pdf, kB. Practical advice for organisations considering a scanning project. This guideline details the Train the Trainer toolkit. SoftExpert Capture is a powerful enterprise software for capturing, processing, validating and managing content. The brochure aims to 115849 the importance of recordkeeping and how recordkeeping supports good governance by advising senior management that they are responsible for ensuring their work areas are efficient and protect both the government’s interests and the public’s interest.

Records management in an organisation includes. There are three parts to Guideline 16, Systems and Software Checklists which provide systems and software checklists for organisations to assess the recordkeeping functionality of their business systems.

Records Management

Accept and continue Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. Lignes directrices pour la mise en oeuvre d’un systeme de izo d’une flotte par reseau 15489 in German Schiffe und Meerestechnik. Systems and Software Checklists pdf, kB. PARBICA is committed to continuing to add to the Toolkit so that we can develop world-class tools for good recordkeeping that are relevant to our Pacific environment.

Digital Recordkeeping — Choosing the Best Strategy.